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When do you have too many dolls?

Dec 16, 2010

    1. This is something that has been discussed over on one of the Swedish forums I'm on, and I find people's answers interesting and sometimes frightening. ;) Either way, do you think there is such a thing as having too many dolls?

      Personally, I have never felt that I have too many, even when I've had over 20 of them at home, mainly because all of them have a place to fill, a role to fill, a character and a name and a purpose of "living" with me. The only times I've felt there's been too many in my home are the times when I haven't bonded with a specific doll. But once I have sold that doll and am certain that it will have a good home with its new owner, I never feel like I should sell the rest because I have too many.

      I feel it's a very individual thing, from person to person. Collecting something doesn't always mean you have to have as many as possible, but it also doesn't mean you can have too many, right? Think of stamp-collectors, in the sense that you really can't have too many stamps (my dad collects them and thinks like this). :lol:

      But, even though I don't feel like there is such a thing as having too many, more than when you feel it in yourself, I'm interested in hearing about what you think. :fangirl:
    2. You have too many when you feel you have too many ;) It's going to be really different for everybody. I've gotten to the point where my wish list has shrank a lot, and I'm not wanting to acquire lots more dolls. I couldn't have set an exact number going in (though I tried several times), it's just one of those things that you know you have enough when you get there -- or at least that's the way it is for me. I've kind of switched over from want want want, to wanting to spend the time perfecting the resin people I have.
    3. There's no such thing as too many dolls. However, there is such a thing as bringing too many of your dolls to a meet. :XD:
    4. I think its up to someone personally when too much is too much. So in my mind there is no too much so long as you're able to care for all of your dolls properly. But then again that is also subjective because its your dolls and as much as it break my heart to see dollie abuse.. it's their doll to do with as they please!

      So I say there is no too much and only you can tell when you have enough.
    5. When you can no longer beat a path to your bed, when every time you open a cupboard a ton of boxes falls on your head, when you're constantly tripping over things, when your wardrobe is mostly filled with doll clothes and you have hardly any yourself. When you're bankrupt, when your dolls occupy the sofa and you have to sit somewhere else. When your real life relationships are seriously threatened. When partners complain about all those EID males watching from the shadows. When someone says to you, "It's me or the dolls," and you say, "The dolls." When your fridge is permanently empty because you'd rather buy dolls and doll accessories than food.

      I'm guessing here, you understand, cos I only have three and two spare heads. ;)
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    6. NEVER! lol once I brought all mine to a meet. I didn't have nearly as many as i have now, but it was quite a few.

      There is a topic about this in the debate thread, but it's kind of old...

      Personally, I'm not sure where my cutoff is. I have more dolls right now than A. I ever thought I'd own, and B. I actually think I have...if that makes sense. I have 6 Pukis and one Brownie, two YO sized hybrids and I sometimes forget to count them in my collection. I also don't know about counting my floating heads (current count: 3).

      Buying and selling are both a huge part of the hobby for me, but right now I don't have any I want to sell, and my wishlist has shrunk a great deal. this is the "dolls I actually intend to own" list as opposed to the "dolls I like but will probably never own" list.
      I do know for sure that my next doll will be a girl, and a hybrid as I'm trying to shell a character (for the third time), but after her...I'm unsure of what I want to do, so there may not be very many more added. Then I could be wrong. I tend to get freaked out by numbers when there are dolls in my collection that aren't working out. When they're gone, they're usually replaced by other dolls and suddenly that same number is ok.

      Going by that, I may not have a "too many" in my collection...as long as I like them all, it might not matter how many I have.
    7. I don't know why, but I suddenly imagine someone pulling a ton of dolls in a little red wagon.... possibly with an added double-deck.

      @_@ I think I'd have too many when I can't give my dollies enough attention, though I can't imagine myself getting more than 10. Double digits feels like a big deal to me... I don't have the room for that many and I'm not sure if I can get them enough wigs/wardrobe to satisfy myself. My dolls' characters are always in-flux so I like having lots of eyes and outfits for them.
    8. When you run out of room to put them.
      When you realize one of your dolls has not had clothes for the whole year you had him/her.
      I tried to set a max number, but it is so easy to keep pushing it. So far I am doing well. XD
    9. Heehee...I love this...I think that would be a definite time to stop collecting dolls!....I go without things so I can spend it on dolls, I have 3 good ones now, so It's time I stopped....for now anyway,Lol
    10. I think you're right, linnlinn, it really does vary for everyone. I think for me, when I look at the shelf and feel a bit overwhelmed by what I need to get and do to make each doll complete, and realize that I don't want to make time to do anything for any of them that I think I have too many. Though, this is also probably a sign of losing interest in the dolls I do have, perhaps. Also, I've become a bit more mindful of the amount of space I have for my dolls so when they start to look way too crowded then it just feels like too many.
    11. For me it's when I have so many I can't remeber how many there are without counting them in my head... and even then I can't remember who I own. Then it's time for a clear out!
    12. For me, my max would maybe be 10. However, my boyfriend has told me 8 is my limit. *sigh* Well, at least he said I could get another if I sold one
    13. too many.... thats kind of hard to say really.
      Right now I have more then I ever planned to have already... 5 dolls and 3 floating heads... so when they finally have bodies there will be 8! YHikes!
      In some ways I feel like this is too many already, I don't have enough space for any more as is. And the ones I have are incomplete, so I know I shouldn't buy more until I manage to get the ones I have whole and satisfactorally clothed. Then maybe I can look into others. Of course...that's my logical approach, theres always the "omg I want one of those!" reaction to some dolls. But I have a list for ones I'm fairly certain I really want and who knows, if I end up with ones I don't want then I can sell them!
      I've only sold one doll before now, and it was kind of grating, but then once the doll was gone I couldn't have cared less... I think My total aim will be for 12, with a little leeway. But I think if I reached 20 I'd feel the need to cull the herd.
    14. I'm in the "whenever you feel it's too much" camp. I have 32 dolls, and am planning another5 or so. My husband also collects dolls so we have 38 in the house at the moment.We're running out of room but we are moving to a bigger place next year. >.>

      I really enjoy the variety of a large collection, and I'm well past that guilt of not spending heaps of time with every single doll - I pay attention to the doll I feel like at the time. Sure some don't have the right clothes, but the marjority of my dolls have an ever growing list of what I want to buy/make them. I just find that part of the fun of dolls for me.

      There's a thread about those owning large collections here that's quite interesting to read too - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?322950-The-experience-of-owning-many-dolls

    15. I think that sounds like a fun game thread. xD "You know you have too many dolls when..."

      In all seriousness, this is a highly individualized concept. I mean, too many dolls for my friend is when she no longer has time to handle each one for a decent amount of time. As a doll collector (of both BJDs and a myriad of OT dolls), I don't feel guilty when a doll sits on a shelf for awhile ,and in fact, my BJD is the only doll I really 'play' with. Space is an issue for some people, whereas I think I'd run out of money before I ran out of space to put dolls.

      That being said, I really don't want any more than fifteen at a given time....and even that number makes me cringe in thought. But then, like the witty member who posted what I quoted, I only have one BJD so far.
    16. I would say I have too many when I begin approaching 10. But I'd probably cut myself off at five because my boy still needs better clothes, and I mostly like girl sculpts and I'd hate to have him so horribly outnumbered and still with only a few half-finished outfits.

      On the other hand, that's my personal limit, and I may exceed it when I finally start getting paid to work, or if a friend gets into it, we'll see. :sweat
    17. When you have no more space in your room for them. I can just about manage my 4!
    18. For me personally, I'll feel I have too many dolls when I can't take care of them adaquately. If I can't keep up with keeping them clean, fixing their stringing issues (or begging someone to help), and keeping them dressed in clean clothes and wigs, then I'll start to feel like I have too many. I want to keep my dolls (in theory, since I technically JUST got the one) looking nice as possible, to be clean and just well taken care of. If I can't keep up with that than I MAY want to scale back.

      But, this threshhold is probably higher and lower for most people. So, I pretty much agree with everyone that it's up to you how much is too many for yourself. Though, I found myself watching "Hoarders" the other day and they had a woman on there with about 5,000 dolls, all strewn around and not taken care of through her house. I have to admit, I cringed. In my defense, I totally didn't mean to. :-D
    19. I don't think it's really possible to have to many dolls. Untill maybe you think you have to many. Or when you have that many there's no more room in your house for yourself? (though that could be fixed by moving to a bigger house, right?)
    20. I have no limit honestly, it's only when.....

      - I do not have any room at all in my dolly room for more dolls....
      - My dolly shelves had/has collapsed several times from the sheer weight of how much resin-kids you pack them on....
      - Your closet is filled with nothing but your resin-kids clothing/shoes/asseories....
      - Your Husband/significant other has left you.

      ...That I will consider it too many dolls.