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When do you prefer to think of a character?

Nov 22, 2007

  1. Before actually getting the Doll.

  2. After getting the Doll.

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    1. ...Before or after recieving your Doll?

      I've created quite a few characters for the Dolls I plan to buy, and yet I don't even have one yet. XD Is that weird?

      But, I can see why somebody would wait to create a character after they get their Doll. because then the way the Doll looks in person can really determine what their personality/character is like.

      So, when do you think of their character?
    2. I actually need an option for both. Sometimes when I see the doll I just have the character in my mind and get that doll. Other times I simply buy I doll I like and wait for him/her to introduce themselves to me and let me find the character.
    3. Hum....I have only one doll and he's telling me about himself little by little~ X3
    4. For me, it is definitely after. So far with my dolls I have fallen in love with the pictures based on nothing but their beauty. It is only after I get my mits on them :lol: and spend time with the actual doll that I start to discover their character.

      Good question.
    5. Before :) It's giving me something to do while I save, and I just *love* making a character and THEN trying to find a mould for them that I like.

      Of course, like all good characters, they change over time or because of their form, so theres no garuntee that a character I make for a doll will be the one that it ends up being.
    6. It depends.
      With some, the character comes first and I seek out the doll to fit.
      Others, I see a doll I must have, and the character comes after the doll arrives and tells me who he wants to be.
    7. I need an option for both. One of my dolls, Edward, is based on a charater from a book, and he is the only sculpt I considered for him. And he was Edward right out of the box.
      My other dolls charaters have formed after they arrived. Even when I've planned out a story line for them they've refused to conform:doh I never thought hunks of resin could be so stubbon.;)
    8. I have a bunch of pre-existed characters already
      and since my first chara end up being a CP..somehow I want the rest of the crew to be CP too O_o just because CP has this distinctive features about their dolls that you can just tell its a CP ^^ In that way..my characters will look like they're actually related and all

      I kinda like other molds from different companies too..but I let go the plan of getting them coz I don't have a character for them XD
    9. I make a character and then shop for a sculpt that fits it. It's from being a tabletop roleplayer--just like I wouldn't walk into a game with a blank character sheet and then pick my character's stats and abilities based on whatever pages of the core book had the prettiest pictures, I'd never purchase a doll without a character, background, personality, and story for it in advance just because I thought it was pretty.
    10. Doing it before is fun, but usually their character changes immensly when I get them. So most of the time I have a loose concept of what they are like but then after they arrive I fill in the specifics.
    11. For me it is a combination. I almost always have a character in mind when looking for a new doll but when the doll shows up I end up learning more about that character and they change. For example Jadeziah was supposed to be a redhead but when her "shell" arrived it became apparent to me that she is a brunette.
    12. For me it's definately always before. Both my current boys and my planned future boys are the resin forms for RP characters I have long since created and continue to work on to this day. So while I am in a sense 'fine-tuning' them constantly all the time, I do have a very solid base as to who they are before they even get here. I know what they look like in mind, so I just search around until I find the perfect sculpt that suits them. :)
    13. I haven't been able to buy any yet, but I already have two planned... Although, I create characters a lot; this one in particular is just pulling my hair out to be a doll, so... *helpless*
    14. Haha the weird thing is, Kotori and Knox (future SD I'm getting) Already had planned personalities, but the other 2 im getting are just 'wait and see'
    15. Ever since I ordered my doll, I just had an idea of what he'd
      be like. So I have this slight image in my head, and when he arrives,
      I can still bend things around, and create someone unique.​
    16. I'm new to the BJD scene and don't have a doll yet. But, as SOON as I found out about them, I thought 'Hm... I would LOVE to see Kinami as a doll!'

      Kinami is my (most loved) OC for novels/RPs, and I naturally cling to her adorable-ness. She's innocent, shy, and stammers when she gets nervous. <3333 I love her soooooo much.

      I've been looking for a doll to fit her, and I think I've found a good match for her while not spending a RIDICULOUS amount of money. (It's a Bobobie doll ^^)
    17. It varies for me. ^^'''''' Doll to doll.

      Bat told me about himself after I had ordered him - he was my first. <3 It was interesting, because I hardly expected something so intricate to form.

      My second was Trinkette, and she...well, I know I wanted a broken tiny to be a little Marionette. I formed most her character AFTER I got her, though. XD'

      Sylar - well, he's based on Sylar from Heroes. XD' So I had the character already and searched for the mold.

      TickTick - now SHE was a funny case. XD' I formed her around a BC LSG Pepe. After a little time, though, she switched to the same character with a LSG Kumi. Then she changed to an Elf Cookie. And NOW she's home as a White LadySaiyuki Ted. XDDDDD'''''' Same character, different mold.

      The two girls I have coming, Alessa and Lorelei, were created after choosing the mold. ^^

      Basically, I CAN buy a doll without knowing their character...but the doll has to speak to me. There are a load of dolls I think are gorgeous, but who I just don't hear from.
    18. I have two dolls and I've done it both ways...my first one didn't reveal her personality to me until after she arrived and my second one, well, I felt like I knew him a month before he got here. I guess it all depends, huh?
    19. It depends, sometimes whne I see it the first time, sometimes when I see owner pictures, sometimes the character appears randomly or when I create one character that needs another.
    20. Well, 3 of my future gang, I have their characters. I write about them all the time, and I want to see them because I love them so much (which is wierd because I usually never get attached to my characters. But these 3 just..I could spend time in my head with them everyday). But there are at least 3 dolls on my list that there's something about the face that is pulling at my soul. I don't know them, but I'm drawn to them. So I figure, they'll tell me about themselves when I get them- because if they're calling me so loudly and incessitantly, they must have something to say.