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When does it end, the doll acquisition stage?!

Jun 15, 2007

    1. Okay, so I made up my mind to have my Baron sometime in October. By the time everything got sorted financially and all the artist's work was finished, it was February when I received him.

      It's June. I now have four, count 'em, FOUR dolls. What the heck?! I went through a point in May where I was DEAD broke because of paying off two dolls on layaway and sending away to DOD for a third. What possessed me?

      And more importantly, why am I still coveting more dolls that I see on the Marketplace?!

      This...drive to buy...DOES slack off after awhile, doesn't it? My wallet is on the verge of running away and never coming back :...(

      Anyone else have this problem?!
    2. I have the same problem. @_@ I do hope it cuts off, eventually. I have at three dolls, a head who needs a body, and at LEAST four more planned right now..then of course, come more later. xD
    3. For me it hasn't ended. I honestly don't know if it ever will! I just love them so much, and I cannot resist a sculpt that appeals to me!
    4. It ends... or at least slows to something much more managable and easy to resist. At some point you just become really happy with the ones you have. You'll still find ones that you think are really gorgeous, but you don't have to own them yourself.
    5. Heheh... Sometimes it ends, sometimes it doesn't... depends on the person. Some people have the resources and desire to have a lot of dolls. Others will cycle through them, buying some, selling some, so it doesn't end for them. Others will reach a point where they are less interested in buying--whether by setting a limit or just because they are more content with what they have and have less desire to get more...

      After several years, I'm still interested in getting dolls, but I think I'm getting a little less interested in having a lot more (there are still those I have my eye on and I do have a mild want-list, but it's not as urgent!). I was thinking I really should go after the Gift Luts Nanuri Head... I could use another girl body for the heads I have... But then... I thought I shouldn't because I already have heads without bodies (males, like the free head offered). If I didn't have other heads that are actually somewhat similar (dreaming vampire elves, even!), I'd go for the offer, since it's a FREE head and it's lovely. But so far I'm resisting! But a year or two ago, I wouldn't even think twice...!

      Edit-- Two years later... Well, I've resisted the free Heads from Luts, although I have one I got with an order that I'm trying to sell. I got a mess more dolls, but am still trying to NOT BUY... I THINK it's getting easier because I have a TON of them already (well, 14, plus heads). I'm trying to focus more on just playing with what I have and maybe getting some cool outfits now and then... I did buy one doll this year (and a half--one that arrived this year, though I purchased it last year). I'll see if I can go without buying ANY doll this year!!! *_*
    6. I'm definitely in the new doll acquisition stage. 0 to 4 in less than six months (3 large dolls, and one tiny) with a head on the way, and two more tinies on layaway *_*

      This may partly be because I have a lot more disposable income right now than I've been accustomed to in the past, but still...

      I also notice that my first priority is the dolls themselves, with eyes and wigs being a lesser concern, and clothes not even a priority. I keep saying, "well, I can make them clothes some weekend, no problem". Of course, I work weekends :doh

      I'll probably move from doll buying to clothes and accessory shopping in a few months, but I'm not sure. The arrival of a new doll is just so thrilling! And there are so many beautiful and interesting sculpts that call to me :aheartbea
    7. I've hit a plateau at four. I still desire more but there's no terrible urge to like there has been. I'm at the point where it's like, "Okay, you got four of these things. Now spoil them before bringing anyone else home."
    8. I guess I'm lucky I'm picky with what dolls I actually see I want to seriously own. o_o

      Just stop buying? *shot*

      Ya I know, that was like asking a drug addict to just stop taking drugs. Just in this case its a doll addict. >_> (btw I'm not being serious with that example xD;; )

      I can understand buying limited editon dolls on the rush, but others aren't really going anywhere anytime too soon... >_> so..

      Goodluck and I hope you don't end up getting in money troubles. I think its up to you. o.o
    9. Everyone says it's impossible to only have one doll. I still only have one, with no intention of getting another...

      I want to know I can give her all my love.:)
    10. It all depends on the person. ^__^ I've gone 2 years without getting more than 4, but I'm very very happy with the ones I do have. (Now, I've actually gone through around 10, but the 4 I have are the ones I've kept and don't have much plan of selling.)

      Some people can buy a lot at first, then kind of dwindle down... some people just buy slowly over-all (like me), and then some just always buy and buy without ever really slowing down. ^^
    11. Oh believe me, I make sure the bills are paid and the animals are fed. (Me, on the other hand, I can always skip a meal...^.~) I'm not really a "limited" edition buyer. I mean, I DO have one, but I'm owner number three of her currently, so there's that.

      It's just that both Irian and Rana hit the DoA Marketplace at the same time, and I wasn't expecting to want them both so badly, at the same time DoD got things sorted with Paypal so I had to get on with my group order. :...( Bah. Just bad timing.

      I've tentatively got another on a very long layaway (I am a sucker for poor lonely dolls in need of rescue), but the owner's out of the country currently and we're going to settle up when they get back. I do want at least two more MSDs after that, but those are regular CP dolls, neither going anywhere any time soon. There's a tiny on the MP that I so crave, but can't have because I have conventions to go to this month and well, eating is important =/

    12. I intended to only have one, but...well, I'll only have one complete and two heads. Maybe I should make a three-headed dollie so I can say I only have one. :lol:

      I hope it ends soon because I'm seriously broke now. But I do love my baby (and future heads), and I think I have the three molds that I really want (with the exception of one that I am content with just looking at from other owners).
    13. I am horribly horribly lacking in self control sometimes... So in seven months I've managed to get seven dolls(with an eighth on the way) and two floating heads(with a third on the way).

      Mind you I do have a lot of disposable income at the moment. And I'm taking advantage of that. Because come winter, I likely wont have that anymore.
    14. Well, I've been very determined in my acquisition of dolls since I first discovered BJD's a year ago. At first, it was the sheer creativity of it all that grabbed me. I'm an artist, so I loved doing my own face-ups and costuming. I had all these dreams of gorgeous elves decorating every nook and cranny in my home. (I'd been a doll collector for a long time, so I was sort of conditioned to think about dolls mainly in terms of "display" and there were just so many gorgeous sculpts out there.) But along the way something really changed for me. We had dollfie meet-ups here in Arizona...with a really great bunch of BJD lovers. And I learned something really wonderful from them: how to PLAY with dolls again! It was an absolute epiphany! So I spent 3 weeks absolutely agonizing over my collection...where I wanted it to go, what I wanted it to be like, all geared toward actually "playing" with my dolls, not just displaying them. Then I sold everything that was for "display" only and used the money from that to reconfigure my collection to only those dolls I would truly interact with. I made 10 my limit (including tinies) and I've stuck to that. It made my collection far more managable and a whole lot more fun. Everyone of my dolls now has a story and a personal connection to me, so my collection means so much more than it ever did before. Gone are all the gorgeous display models. When I feel the urge to "buy" now, it's eyes, wigs, outfits and accessories. My budget is in line and I'm so much happier...and so, I am sure, are my dolls! We don't always know what our collection will be right off the bat, and hindsight is certainly 20/20. But never fear...we can always recycle anything that doesn't work once we figure out what we really want our crew to be. It's a process, so just let yourself go through it and you'll find your own limits.
    15. I think I would be content when I embody some of my favorite original characters. But, who is to say that I won't make more characters. When it comes to dolls and doll things, I'm compulsive and excessive (I'm running out of space to store clothes!) I would never get so many that I would not be able to play with and give attention to each and every one of them. These dolls are too expensive to just collect and not have any fun with.
    16. It doesn't usually "wear off", you have to decide to stop it. Once you really commit yourself, it's not too bad. I was up to 9 at one time and knew it was too many, so I sold a few and am at 5. Now with only that many I have freed up money to use on my other hobbies :)
    17. *blinkblink* It ends?

      I thought I was done in January. Then I fell in love with CherishDoll's Chubby-Demon. Now I want to change Tim to a larger doll. I don't think it ever ends for some of us.
    18. It really depends on the person and how they relate to their dolls, IMHO. ;) I've been in the hobby for about 5 years and I have "only" six dolls -- but, I have purchased many, many more than that over the years! These dolls are so expensive that I really cannot justify keeping any doll that is not just perfect to me. I have to not only love the sculpt, but the doll also has to either fit a character I have in mind or gradually develop a personality of their own, so I can properly bond with them. If a doll doesn't work out just right, or if I'm iffy about it, or there's one I like better for that particular "slot", then that doll is gone!

      I'm picky and perhaps a bit ruthless when it comes to culling my doll crew. But I've never regretted it -- I am completely happy with every one of my dolls. And I don't have too many dolls! There are so many other dolls out there that are gorgeous and I would love to own, but due to monetary, space, and time limitations I can only have so many. So I will buy almost any doll that I think I could love, but I only keep the ones that I really *do* wind up loving. Its like buying jeans -- so many of them look perfect on the rack, and a lot of them fit when I try them on, but there are only a few that are a truly awesome fit. ;)
    19. I agree with you boleyn: I had started with one, and said to myself and everyone else I knew, "OH, I'm only going to have one and she will be special." now 22+ dolls later...:):). If I see a sculpt I like and I can make it fit in with the storyline, he/she will be coming home. :)

    20. I've been involved with bjds for almost 2 years, and I'm still aquiring but it's slowed down. Right now, most of the ones I plan on definitely buying are bodies for characters that I had planned on for a long time. But, I've got most of them covered now. I find that I have an easier time turning down oppurtunities to buy non-character dolls than I used to. I don't know if I'll ever be completely done with buying, but I think I will continue to slow down.