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when going overseas to study....

Sep 3, 2009

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    1. or for long periods of time.... do u guys bring your dolls?

      if so how many, i am just wondering cos i am going overseas soon, just wanted to see the general consensus

      oh and thoughts about the danger of having them and natural disaters would be good too XD [i know there;s a thread on it but well...]
    2. I don't quite have plans to study overseas anytime soon, but if a time comes where I could, depending on the location, I would most definitely bring one. I never get homesick, but I do like having a certain few comfort items with me if I'm away (usually a loved book and a stuffed animal, or something like a doll is just enough).

      While I certainly can't speak for everyone, traveling with one doll is probably the best idea. It may be more difficult to bring more than that, or they end up being shipped poorly or a burden to carry around.
    3. I think I'd most definitely bring atleast one doll with me, along with some other home comforts, I'm very much into 'making a place my own'.
    4. When I do my year overseas, I'll be taking at least one doll with me. Then again, I'm going over to Japan so with all the amazing dolly stuff over there, I'll have to take a dolly with me.
      Just have to make sure you take them in your hand luggage I guess.
    5. I was lucky enough to buy my first doll while I was studying in Japan for a year, and I'm glad I did... (even if he ended up with tons more stuff that he ever would otherwise: having Volks stores half an hour away from where I lived wreaked havoc on my wallet! :lol: )

      I'd definitely miss my guys if I were sent overseas for a long time nowadays, which is always a potential issue with my job... but in general I'd say 'yes' when going overseas to study, 'no' when going overseas to work - no real place for them in a professional setting (especially as my work makes me share company apartments with strangers whenever they send me on projects away from home :/ )
    6. next year I'll be moving to Japan for a little over a year... and I'll be bringing all my dolls with me XD simply because I'll be gone for a year, and I doubt I'll want to return to my parents house when ever I do return to the states..
    7. I moved here a couplefew years ago and brought my dolls with me, of course. If I knew I was coming home in a year, I don't know if I would, though--if I was here to WORK, that is. Not study. Studying, I might want the dolls with me to reduce temptation to buy another doll. Working, I might as well just buy another doll and get my fix and then bring it home.

      I bought my first doll when I was studying here, so I haven't even been abroad without my dolls ... so it's hard to say for 100% certain. But I think that's about how I would do it.

      And now, if I ever move home it's going to be such a pain. :/ Keep that in mind, too. Coming home you'll probably have loads more than you came with. And you have to fit the dolls in there somewhere.
    8. In probably 6 months I will be shipped off with the Peace Corps for over two years and I have been tossing this decision around for a while too and I think I will possibly take one of my boys with me when I go.
    9. Good question.

      I'm hoping to go to Liverpool for my final semester next June. And I'll be gone for at least three months - more if I decide to head north into Scotland and do some Scottish Gaelic courses.

      On one hand, I'd really really like to have my dolls with me, and they're MSD and smaller, so I still can manage transporting them. On the other hand, I'd be afraid to take them with me for fear of damage.

      Also, Ealasaid, my first doll, has a backstory practically connected to the places I plan to be in, and that is probably the reason why I will take her with me.
    10. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't have my kids with me. I suppose taking all three of them would pose difficulty...I would have trouble picking just one to take. u.u

      Glad I'm not going overseas any time soon. lol.
    11. I did - though at the time I only had one and he was MSD-sized, so it was pretty easy. (On the flight over I had him packed with my luggage, but that terrified me and he went with me in my carry-on stuff on the way back.) Although I hate to think of leaving any of mine behind, I think that unless I were moving permanently I still wouldn't bring more than two or at most three with me, and probably just my smaller ones; the big boys I'd leave at home, probably packed up to keep them un-dusty.
    12. If I'm going someplace for the WEEKEND, I'll take them with me even if they don't get out of the bag. So if I was going overseas for a long period of time, they would DEFINITELY come with me. I lived in Japan as an exchange teacher with the JET program several years ago. If I had my boys then, they would have been with me. I sent a couple boxes of stuff from home, just to make my new place HOME while I was there (posters and other decorations, etc).

      I suppose if I was going to someplace less developed, I might find someone to leave them with if it would be safer... but then again, I don't know. They are my boys, in a way they are my children, and I'd want them with me.
    13. I think I'd most definitely bring atleast one doll with me, along with some other home comforts, I'm very much into 'making a place my own
    14. when i moved overseas I didn't bring any of my dolls with me, but I regret it.
    15. If I were going overseas for an extended period of time, I would definitely bring my dolls with me. Perhaps not my SD, but my smaller ones, without doubt.

      ...and you can bet, if I were to go overseas to Japan or Korea, I'd be bringing BACK tons of dolls and doll stuff. X3
    16. I see taking a doll along as sort of burden (for myself). It can really depend on how you are, where you're going to study, and if you'll have a roommate or not.

      I definitely wouldn't because I know I'd want to bring back lots of stuff and then I'd have to worry about where to pack him and worry about him getting home safely without getting broken.

      Roommates can be really iffy. You never know if they're going to respect your space and things, because you never know what type of person you'll end up with. I just wouldn't bring something that valuable with me (unless I really knew it wouldn't be safer at home).
    17. I would bring at least two of them with me without a doubt. I know at least my Shoyo would come with me as I wouldn't want to be without her at all. If I could pull off bringing more, I would. I know if I were going to Japan to study or stay over there or whatever amount, I would try to bring my Volks dolls with me. Otherwise it just be choosing who I would want to bring with me more than the others. In bringing any of my dolls I know I would invest in a small locked box to place them in if I couldn't get my own room.
    18. I would bring my BBB mei with me, i have bigger dolls, but she was my first doll that i was really in love with >.<
    19. Yup. I went to Japan for a year of study abroad, and I brought my dolls along.
    20. Haven't gone away to a foreign country, but I'm currently in Honolulu, Hawai'i for school and I ended up bringing six of my dolls with me. Two SD, two MSD, and two tinies. XD And if I go overseas again to a foreign country, I'd totally bring a tiny or MSD or two. :)