When is it okay to buy a doll?

Dec 14, 2016

    1. So, I pretty much think about this all the time and wanted to hear your guys views.
      Also, I think this might have been touched on before, so feel free to delete if so!

      I earn my own money and am at an age where buying a doll would be my own choice, and I wouldn't have to ask my parents or anything. Yet, I can't help but feel like I'm being really frivolous for wanting these dolls.
      I bought my first doll with my tax rebate but from then on, I've found it really hard to decide when is the best time to buy dolls.
      So I guess what I'm saying is; when do you buy dolls?
      Does it have to be for a Birthday or Christmas?
      Do you buy then whenever the feeling takes you?
      Or does it have to be a special occasion or something like that?
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    2. I'd avoid holidays from whatever country your doll is coming from to avoid extra delays. I put in an order for a doll that I can pay in full when I've solidified my choice in sculpt. I guess it's the same as buying anything else expensive like an outfit or new lenses for my DSLR. Just make sure you really, really want it. You don't have to wait for your birthday or Christmas if you're already sure. I feel like if you wait for a special occasion if you're already ready to buy earlier, you just make the long waiting time even longer.
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    3. As long as you are paying your necessities (food, dependents, bills, etc.) and are not digging into emergency funds and going into debt, I believe there's no reason not to if it's what makes you happy. All hobbies require some kind of money to get into them- as long as funds are used responsibly why hold yourself back from happiness? :horror:

      So personally, if I have some extra funds I can burn, I weigh my options (be it new clothes, eating out, savings, etc.) and see what option will bring me the most utility (happiness) from what I spend- and sometimes that is dolls.
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    4. I've never bought a doll for a special occasion. If I see a doll I really, really want and I have the money, I just buy it.
      Then, the day the doll arrive become a special day.
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    5. Usually it is a special occasion (bday or christmas) when I buy a doll- simply because there are a lots of company´s discounts. Even thou I also have my own income and I do not have to ask anyone for a permission to buy me a doll, I always have this thought in the back of my head whether I should really buy it ^^ So it is a a good topic you have mentioned there!
      I dont usually buy dolls that often, but when I have funds and i really want a particular doll, I buy it or wait until there is a sale.
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    6. I think only you can set your priorities on what to spend your money on, so it's really a personal choice when you feel you can splash out on luxury goods and hobbies - no 2 people will have the same opinion because we all have different circumstances and financial commitments :daisy
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    7. I think when you feel you have found a doll that is worth the price, it would be a good time for you to buy the doll. You said you have your own money. If you can buy the doll, but also are saving and being good with your money in other ways, then its not frivolous.

      You just have to ask yourself is the doll worth the cost? For me $600 on a doll is worth it. I like having the doll and making the character. I like making clothes. I like doing the faceups. I like taking pictures. The dolls for me are an outlet for many of my hobbies, so I can justify the expense. I also do not buy dolls left and right, so I don't think I am frivolous about it. But other people enjoy the hobby in different ways to justify the purchase.
    8. My view:- If you can afford to buy a doll then what difference does the time of year make?

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    9. I save up, so I set aside a certain amount each month or sell other things and use that money because I feel like i've "earned it", I earmark it for "buying a doll" and that helps a bit.
      I don't actually work, i'm a stay at home mom but I get a monthly stipend for frivolous stuff. Even then, I still get the guilt because i'm not good at convincing myself I deserve nice things. A lifetime of low self esteem right there.
      So the only way I can do it without so much of that guilt and "you're wasting money" feeling is to "earn" it and earmark it.
      I get £75 a month which is my "can do whatever you want with" money, so I save that up along with anything I earn selling on ebay (I fix up old fashion dolls) and when I have enough money saved up, then I can order a new doll.

      Maybe you could do something similar? Set aside a certain amount of your pay cheque as your "frivolous things" fund. We all need one I think for our mental health.

      The way I justify it is that I do earn my monthly stipend because being a stay at home mom is a thankless hard job anyway. Especially with two ASD kids. I also suffer from ongoing health problems and mental health problems so treating myself to distractions every so often is good for my health. I don't drink, I don't smoke, we seldom go out. I don't buy myself new clothing very often (I'm not a clothes kinda gal, I get all my stuff from charity shops because I blanch at paying £30 for a blouse lol) and we're actually pretty frugal. I do all the household budgeting and we never want for things, even when husband isn't working we still have enough savings to be okay.
      We aren't rich, we aren't well off, but we survive just fine. We can afford £75 a month each of silly whatever things and that's fine. Given the joy new dolls bring me, I think it's well worth the money. Some people have far less healthy habits or addictions, at least with dolls I can always sell them when we need money right?
      you can't sell drunk wine or smoked cigarettes or eaten dinners out in posh restaurants lol.

      So yeah, that's how I justify it to my silly brain and actually this time of year it's the easiest time for me to "justify" it because I HATE christmas and get super depressed this time of year. Having something to actually look forward to during the most stressful and anxiety inducing seasonal period is very good for me. Honestly having a doll on the way in the new year is the only thing keeping me going right now on those nights where all i want to do is curl up and cry because i'm overwhelmed and stressed and feeling miserable.
      Ooo I hate december so much.

      So you know, when is the right time to buy a doll? When you want something to look forward to, or when you have the money. *shrug*
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    10. The way I see it, unless the doll you want really badly is a limited edition, there's nothing wrong with waiting for the seasonal sales-you can save up (let's say 500) and then spend it with one company to take advantage of the gift dolls.

      Maybe set aside some money for doll things each month, and use it when you really want one. As long as you taje care of inportant bills first, there should be no reason for you to feel bad about spending money on yourself or your hobby.

      I decided to buy two dolls I really loved since both were time sensitive and available right now. I had been expecting to spend that money during the sale, but since the ones I had planned for are not limted edition, I feel comfortable waiting until I have enough saved up again.
    11. The girl I just got wasn't bought for any special occasion, necessarily, I just found her and really liked her. So after a few days of considering, I decided I could afford her. I have referred to her as "my Christmas present to myself" and I will admit that I was dealing with personal-life stress when I decided to go for it, but I feel like my next doll will probably be a very similar situation of "I like this doll and I think I can swing it."
    12. I tend to buy during events for discounts if I want a regular release doll. But I also try to keep a special fund just in case a company hits me with a can't-live-without-it limited. I also will jump on a good deal in the MP if I see one. Mostly I just try to time it so I save a little bit of money here and there. Every penny counts with these guys!

      Really my only rule for myself is that ideally I fund hobby purchases with hobby money. I have what I consider an "initial investment" in my collectible hobbies and when I want to add something new, I try to sell an equal dollar amount of stuff I already have to fund it. That helps with feeling guilty.

      Also, I won't lie, I do tend to "treat myself" around my birthday. But usually it's with non-BJD dolls or nice outfits for my BJDs that I wouldn't normally feel ok spending lots of money on. :)
    13. I've always paid for my dolls myself. Some of my dolls have been a reward or a gift to myself, and sometimes it's more like "Oooh, pretty limited doll! Must have!" My most recent order is from Soom so I won't get it for a few months, and I don't think I would have ordered her if I hadn't had to spend a night in the hospital after having a seizure and getting second degree burns. So since real life threw me a curve ball, I decided I deserved it.
    14. I bought my new doll because I made extra money specifically for buying a doll. So I guess when I want one I make extra money until I can buy it and that's when. I don't tend to have extra money all the time though, so making extra is hard work. I don't know how I would limit myself if I had extra money to spend all the time... maybe make a hard goal to strive toward and I have to reach it before I can buy one!

      Really though you have to decide yourself... if you want more and you think you can enjoy more and you wouldn't be buying on impulse alone, then just buy! Nothing wrong with treating yourself. Even just living day to day can be hard work, so do what you want with extra money and enjoy life!
    15. I can be really patient when it comes to getting a new doll... as in, I can put it off for years. But limited editions tend to snag me in their evil web. That's the time I'm usually buying dolls. I couldn't say if that is the best time or not. Technically, I'm not sure there is a good time to do it. I have to really step back and examine how I feel about it.
    16. I like to limit my amount of dolls according to time, such as no more than three per year. They feel more special to me if I order them few and far between. I also have a small living space, so I don't want it to get too crowded here.

      Another way to decide on when or if to buy is to tie the purchases to other events that are meaningful. I do this with fountain pen purchases, but it can work just as well for dolls. I only purchase a fountain pen if I have published something (whether short story, nonfiction article, book, etc.). This keeps the population under control and gives me extra incentive to work towards my goals. :)
    17. Personally, I feel it is "okay" to buy a doll when:
      -You have the spare money to cover it (not savings/emergency/borrowed money)
      -All of your financial obligations (bills, rent/mortgage, groceries, care for any pets or people who depend on you, etc) are taken care of and you have money left over.
      -You know what doll you want and it is available for purchase.

      I am more likely to buy a doll for holidays or birthdays just because that's when I'm usually financially able to get one, however, if I do come into money during other parts of the year, I will buy then too if I want to. Most often, I get my money to buy a new doll from selling an old doll. When I was new to the hobby, I only got dolls as rewards or gifts for myself--my first was a wedding gift to myself, my second was a reward to myself for a promotion at work. Over time though, I've really relaxed on that.
    18. I only buy things for my own pleasure (old books, tv-shows, dolls, bjds, manga) when I know I can afford it. It's fairly simple in my mind. Necessities come first before any of my collecting hobbies.
    19. The only time I buy a doll is when I have the full amount saved up. I also limit myself to one doll a year, since that's all I can afford.
    20. I only buy dolls when I have the extra cash available (or saved up) to do so. It's okay to buy a doll whenever it feels right for you, as long as it's not causing you financial arrears and you have the spare money then you can buy whatever you want with YOUR money. Essential bills have to be given top priority (yep they are boring but it's vitally important they are paid first) but any remaining money you have left over can go towards anything you wish to buy. You don't need approval from others, it's none of their business.