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When Natural Disasters Attack

Sep 2, 2009

    1. dear mods of DoA,if this kind of thread has already been started by someone else, please feel free to delete.

      sooo..what if there was a natural disaster going on? what would you do to your dolls? obviously, you would grab them and look for a safe place immediately right?

      but what if you were at work/school/ec. when this happens? and what if you're one of those people who have alot of BJDs? you cant bring all of them at once right?

      oh, I made this thread because just awhile ago, when I was at my tuition center, the building suddenly started to shake, and we all had to run out of the building immediately without bringing any of our belongings, I was so scared and glad at the same time because I was thinking of bringing my doll along with me to the tuition center :o they would've just told me to leave my poor doll inside :(

      Indonesia tends to get earthquakes, thank God i aint a big one (yet) :(
    2. My bed is metal and pretty sturdy. So if there's an earthquake they SHOULD be pretty safe. My new apartment is wooden, but it's small (two floors only), so maybe it'll be okay. I'm more worried about fires. But with the "big one" predicted for the Tokyo area ... well, of course I'm a LITTLE worried. Though I feel like they've been predicting it for a long long time.

      Back home it was tornadoes I worried about. The sirens went off once or twice and I packed my dolls up and waited to see if I would have to go into the murky basement. But I didn't. Thankfully.
    3. We're going through a fire crisis right now in LA. I'm not in danger right now but if I was my two big dolls would be the ones I'd save. I can always replace my 23cm, 27cm, 11.5" and 12" action figures and fashion dolls. Yumiko in particular has a fair amount of sentimental value because she was my BFs doll before he decided to give her to me.
    4. When it comes right down to it, an individual's safety and well-being far outweighs protecting one's dolls!

      I think the best option would be to make sure that your dolls are stored in a place that would be safe for a natural disaster in your area. No high shelves in an earthquake area, for instance, or under the bed or in an inner closet for a tornado zone, or a second floor or higher location in a flood zone.

      This way, if you have little or no time to gather your belongings before an evacuation or an emergency, you'll have given your dolls the best chance of surviving the disaster.

      I wouldn't risk my life or my safety for material possessions, dolls included.
    5. We don't get that many earthquakes or bad storms here, mostly flooding. We got our dolls insured. We would still miss them if they couldn't be replaced bout it helps to know that we would get the value back.
    6. Our biggest natural disasters are tornadoes, and my room is on the second floor of our house, so if one happens to hit my dollies are probably toast. If I happen to have one sitting with me downstairs during a storm and hear the tornado siren, I'll just pick her up with a flashlight and radio and head down to the basement because it's that easy. But I don't think I'd run upstairs for either of them because (1) it's actually pretty rare that anything comes of the siren, because of exactly where I live in relation to the nearest river and things like that *knocks on wood* and (2) as my mom puts it, that siren could be going off because a tornado is fifteen minutes away, or fifteen seconds away. Better safe than sorry, and human lives always come before doll... er, existances.
    7. This is going to probably be an odd response, but I've already had to consider what to do in a crisis situation in regards to my chinchilla's (proud mom of three fuzzies). I have a car carrier by their cage at all times, plus a spare cage in the basement should they need to be moved there.

      Wouldnt it make sense to keep something you could store and go? Even with your dolls? I know some collections it would be very difficult if you have upwards of more than 5 dolls (or more than 10 of course). Mind you it really wouldnt help to have it if you were say at work, but if you were home it would be easy to grab em up store them in a bag you've made just for that and go? Mind you it also depends on what you mean by would you save your dolls lol, after all...are we talking about grabbing doll + clothes + accessories, because id just be happy to get the doll itself out, everything else can be replaced (even though id die a little inside lol).

      Mind you where i live doesnt get any earthquakes that i can recall...we dont really have to worry about hurricanes or anything like that either, and tornado's...it hasnt been until just a week ago that we actually had a legitimate emergency with 9 of them (go figure). Fire would likely be the worst crisis i would have to contend with. Im going to be thinking on this for a while lol!
    8. The only natural disasters we really get here are tornados, and even those are uncommon in my area. If one did come around, I'd probably just toss my guys under the bed.
      If it were something like a fire, though, my first priority would be to get my dog out, then if there were time... my computers. .^^ Then the dolls.
    9. It would really depend on where I was in the house if a disaster were to happen, if I was in my room OF COURSE I would grab my doll but if I wasnt.. I dont think I would go running back to get her, I would only do it for something like.. my dog if she was in one of the back rooms.

      Though I dont have to worry about really... any disaster except for possible flooding as I am on an island or a fire.. So I dont really like to think about losing my things at all.
    10. Poland is pretty safe, thankfully. In my city usually only bad storms happen.

      I honestly doubt I would think about my dolls during a crisis. I would rather make sure my family and cat are safe. If I had the time, I would also try to save my laptop, dolls and other valuable items but I certainly wouldn't put the dolls first.
    11. Down here in hurricane country we're so used to the storms we usually just stay in our house and ride it out.. so if we died, we'd all die together, lol
    12. I don't really have to be afraid of floods or earthquakes. Even the weather doesn't get so bad it might utterly destroy buildings. That's perhaps a merit of living in a western country on a relatively sturdy part of a continent with a moderate climate (Netherlands). I don't live in a potential flood zone below open water levels.

      But I am afraid of what people might do to my house. The neighbourhood is plagued with vandalism and last newyear celebration, a lot of windows got smashed around here. I was celebrating newyear in Belgium with Fénicia and several friends and meanwhile, my front door was being molested and one of my windows got smashed. When I came home, I was very tired from little sleep and long trainjourney and I had great trouble opening my front door as the lock was damaged. And then I saw what they did to the window in my living room and had to go and clean up everything, report to the police (they wanted to register an attempted break in which meant more paperwork than just report via police website) so I had to go through all that and then a couple of cops were sent over who decided it was just vandalism. Honestly, those bloody bureaucrats could have saved this stressed out autistic person a lot of trouble.

      I thank God nothing was stolen ( I am quite particular about all my belongings because I feel safe when they stay where they are) and no fireworks had gotten through the broken window because who knows it could have set my house on fire!
      What has happened might also have to do with the fact that the corporation from which I am renting this appartment, had the emergency light above my front door repaired last year. Before that, I hardly had any vandalism on my front door. After the repair, I've had to report vandalism a couple of times, including the newyears' incident. So I'm going to request the light to be disabled as it is probably drawing attention to vandals. I've promised my friends to come to Antwerp again for the newyear celebration but I'm still not sure. Of course I'd be taking my doll with me, but I still feel unsure whether my house will be in tact when I get home. If my place were bigger, I'd invite everyone over here.

      If undesired human behaviour is to be considered natural or not, I leave that debate open, but some people display potentially disastrous behaviour because they're either careless or don't care about other people's feelings.

      I hope all those bushfires will end quickly. They're not just a threat to people's homes and precious dolls, but also to forest life.
    13. Well, if I needed to evacuate I would take my dolls and my dog with me (we can all squeeze into my car). There aren't a lot of disasters in my area, though unless you live in a spot prone to flooding, which I don't. I live in a basement apartment, so in terms of tornados, we're already where it's safest.
    14. I'm with twinklingfae on this one.

      However, in my area the biggest natural disaster we have to fear is fires. I mean BIG fires. Usually we have a warning for evacuation, and before that we have news of which fires are burning where, so we are able to pack whatever valuables will fit in a vehicle. I will bring my tortoise, my keepsakes, my guitars, my documents, computer, and I now include my dolls in the short grab list. Everything else is insured against fire.
      It's all about being prepared, especially here now that fire season has come early.
    15. Hurricanes are the biggest disaster concern down here. If it's a low category they will probably just relocate to the walk-in closet downstairs on a shelf incase there is any chance for water damage from a broken window. Otherwise, after the pets, family photos, and laptop - they certainly would be somewhere in the car pile if we did have to evacuate.
    16. Well we get thunderstorms and tornados on a super rare occurence. So we are mostly pretty safe I would do everything i could to protect all my dolls though I dont care if there alive or not there all very important to me. And of course id protect my cat as well. Id risk my life to save my cat.
    17. I would try to save my doll, but then again, there are many other things I would also try to save...
    18. CT rarely has to worry about anything...although tornado warnings are so rare here that when there is one I do gather things for the basement.

      But if I'm not home...only Macchiato would have a chance because she's usually on me...if I'm home I'm more interested in saving my dog first :D Then Macchiato.
    19. Where I am, we really only get small tornadoes and light flooding, which I consider myself lucky.
      What isn't so lucky is that my room is in the basement, as is my doll, and if I'm ever at work if it starts flooding, I'm not sure what would happen to my doll. My family certainly wouldn't get him out of there. u__u
    20. The worst disasters here (I'm on the coast of South Carolina, really close to the beach) are hurricanes so thats the only thing I've really thought about. If a big one was coming, our car is small so I suppose we couldn't take much and my rabbit and her carrier takes up a lot of room and then the computers would be a priority... It would be ok to take my dolls because my largest is MSD sized but I plan on getting SDs and once I have a few I suppose I might not be able to take them all. What I would take would probably actually have to come down to price rather than sentimental value in case I need to recover losses. :(