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When, or if you do have children, do you intend to give your dolls away to them?

Jun 25, 2009

    1. I'm not sure if this subject has already been brought up and if it is please tell me. I am basically asking that if you do, or if you already have children do you intend to give your dolls away to them after a period of time or keep them with you.

      I have decided for myself that if any of my children show the same intrest in dolls that I have, I will buy them there own dolls ( or make them earn it ) and let them do whatever they want to their dolls, but keep my dolls with me until I pass away ( :( ) and leave my dolls to my kids in my will.

      Discuss!! :)

      I just wanted to make sure that I didn't make it sound like I was going to give my dollfies to my children when they are like 5 or 7. I also meant that I really won't give my dollfies to my kids till I die, so in any case they would have to earn their own till I do die ( which won't be anytime soon.)
    2. I think my dolls will go to the grandkids/great grand kids x'D Pretty much before I die :D
    3. If/when I have children, and they show interest in dolls as I have...I'll likely make them earn their dolls as I've earned mine (I only have one, but I'm working on earning the funds for another. Yay being jobless - money is hard to earn. XD)...Because I have the feeling I'll be highly attached to my doll(s) my entire life. XD
    4. Heck no! My dollies are mine! xD Lol.

      Actually, if any [future!!] children showed an interest in BJDs, I'd be totally thrilled, but I'd greatly encourage to choose their own---sculpts and dolls that would mean something special to THEM, not my own dolls. ^-^ Of course, I might buy a doll for them if they truly wanted it and genuinely showed an interest in BJDs beyond "those are pretty".

      Actually my dear little niece loves dolls, and is an awe by my MSD-sized boy...so maybe in a few years if she continues to show an interest [she's only 7 now. xD] auntie might buy her a BJD of her own! ;D [Provided auntie's college finances aren't murdering her money supply.:sweat:thumbup]
    5. I would if I see my kids taking proper care of the dolls and toys they have now! My dolls precious to me and expensive and I'd give to my kids if I know that they appreciate the dolls what they are worth - both in the monetary sense as well as sentimental value!
    6. Hahah thanks guys
    7. I think about this sort of thing because I'm not going to have kids and I wonder what'll happen to the dolls (and the rest of my stuff!) when I die. Of course, I guess I won't care when I'm actually dead ...

      I would consider willing them to a friend's kid sometime down the line except, oh, my friends don't seem to be on the mommy track either. I guess if I did have a friend who had kids or grandkids (of a reasonable age--talking 20+ here) who seemed really artistic and responsible, I might put that in my will. But this may be assuming my dolls hold up for the next 80 years or so. (Longevity is in my genes so goodness knows how long I'll have to live.)
    8. I have boys. They can't take care of the dolls and action figures they currently have. Of course they are only 6 and 4 years old... but still.

      Who knows...
    9. Same thing a lot of people have said...if I have children and they show an interest, I would encourage them to save for their own. My dolls are, well, mine. And they're not exactly toys for young children to be playing with in any case.
    10. It depends if my children like them or not- however, i've always kinda planed to have my dolls buried with me
    11. Depends how many children I have and whether it's a boy or girl...

      From what I've observed from my 2, 5 and 6 year old cousins, children and expensive dolls are pretty much incompatible. If I get married and have children, I'd probably have to sell the dolls - unless the children are the really quiet, gentle kind.

      If I have a daughter, I suppose I could keep one in the attic or something until she's old enough to appreciate the value - not that I have any preconceptions about sex of child and playing with dolls. Statistically, girls just seem to like dolls more than boys do.
    12. Good grief no!

      If I were to have kids, they would get their own dolls and have occasional play-rights on mine when I said so - I'd probably adopt a friend's policy with her kids - they get to play with their mother's dolls as a special treat if they have been good.

      My dolls do get played with by friends' children. One toddler took one of my Petite Ai home for a couple of weeks until I was next over there to babysit and snagged her back.

      But they remain *my* dolls.

    13. For now they are mine but when I die my kids know they will get my dolls. I told them to sell them if they wanted but they said they couldn't sell something that meant so much to me.
    14. Hum if I ever had kids I don't think they'd get my dolls but more likely if they're interested they should learn to save for their own (with my help of course XD) But I mean my dolls are well mine, I don't plan on abandoning the hobby even if kids come around...
    15. I'm keeping my dolls and when I die, we'll all sail away to Valhalla together. (Lol, not really.) I'll probably sell them before I go and give the cash to my son.
    16. I would be happier for my children to sell my dolls after my death and use the money for something they would appreciate more. Once I'm gone, I'm gone, and I'd hate to think of my descendants having to keep my collection together even if they hate BJDs. I'd like to be buried with one and if my children liked my dolls as heirlooms, that's great as well, but I wouldn't want them to feel pressured into liking dolls.
    17. I have a 13 year old computer and gaming geek son.... he wants my dolls like he want the plague.

      Actually I think he'd PREFER the plague! :lol:
    18. If I'll have a child, I'll don't give him/her nobody of my dolls. I'm very possessive whit my own things, expecially the dolls. But, if he/she shows some interest, I think I'll buy an his/her own doll. :lol:
    19. Both my daughter and Daughter in law own BJD so when I die I am hoping they will take the one that means something to them and will sell the others to good homes and split the funds. If they like all of my boys I will be very happy.
    20. Good question! :) I think overall, it depends on the situation... Some kids are careless and won't take proper care of what ever possessions they have... then again, you'll come across the opposite as well, where you'll have a youngling that will treasure their loot!

      It will also depend on if the interest is there. As for myself, I'm not sure what would happen in that situation... if I'd forfeit my own doll, or if I should teach the art of responsibility by making them save up and earn their own cash so that they can fully benefit and appreciate the hobby. I can also help them understand this as a possible investment as well, which would hopefully teach them to take of their doll ((and other possessions)).

      An other possibility might be to get them started with a 2nd hand doll, as well... just to get them kick-started into the hobby.

      As for giving up my own doll(s) ... that would really depend. Who knows, 10 or 20 years from now, I may loose interest in the hobby all together... so I might not be so reluctant to hand mine down... and then, the opposite could be true! I might be even more into the hobby then I am now, and then I might not be able to give my Zeek away!!!