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When someone replies to your sale post: your item is for sale for less "here"

Apr 6, 2012

    1. For example: I bought an outfit from Y!J using deputy service for $105. Later, another shop released the same items for $65. I sell this same item for $105 because I ended up not using it and that's how much I paid. Then someone comes to post in my sale saying: you know your item is for sale at [shop A] for $65. This happened to me several times now. I get very upset and offended when people do this.

      Here how I feel: I do not think it is anyone's business how I want to price my items for sale. Just because it is for sale at [shop A] for $65, does not necessarily mean that's where I bought it nor does it mean that's how much I paid for it. And whether I choose to sell it for $65, or for more is my choice. I'm not forcing anyone to buy. I would never write something like that to someone about something they are trying to sell. It is very rude. If it's through PM or something private, I wouldn't mind it so much. But to write stuff like that directly at someone PUBLICLY, is extremely rude.

      The first time this happened to me it was through a private message, which I thought was not a problem. The rest of the time it was not private. One can argue that maybe it is all in good intention and they are trying to help you by letting you know people can get it for less but, I never think that's really what they are doing.

      I know that people can do whatever they want and write what they want to your post. But do I think it is the right thing to do? No. It's definitely not something I personally WOULD do. Just because this item is for sale at [shop A] for $65, doesn't mean everyone that has it and is trying to sell it HAVE to price it at $65 or less. Maybe it's just me.

      What's your opinion?

      PS: Fortunately it is not on DOA. If I cannot start a discussion because of that, I'm sorry mod please delete this post ^^
    2. Is that happening here on DoA? Isn't it against the rules to quibble with the seller over their price (unless they are open to haggling)?
    3. I agree, it's rude. It's very very rude indeed, to quote the Mad Hatter. To send someone a PM about it isn't quite so rude, it's just unnecessary. If you think someone is selling something too dearly when you could get it cheaper elsewhere- simply buy it there! I can understand it if it's done over PM, in a friendly way, as a heads-up if your item isn't selling when you really need it to. But to actually post in the sales thread about it- ugly behaviour there. It doesn't seem friendly or discreet or anything. Because people who may have been considering buying your item will now most likely not buy it from you, but elsewhere. Good for them- not so good for you.
      But I thought people other than the seller could no longer reply to sales threads? >is now confused<
    4. Fortunately it is not on DOA. If I cannot start a discussion because of that, I'm sorry mod please delete this post ^^
    5. I don't really get what the problem is. Why do you consider it rude when people point out an existing cheaper price openly? I'd get it if they verbally attacked you, saying that you rip off your buyers or something like that. But just the price seems more unneccessary than rude to me.
    6. I think it is pretty much putting me on the spot pointing fingers and saying I'm overpriced/ripping people off when they post openly and states the price in my sale post. It's too in your face and confrontational. Which really is the same thing to me. It doesn't have to be in those exact words, but the action they did already speaks for itself. So I think it is unnecessary and rude at the same time. It is not easy to sell these days. They are also driving away some of my potential buyers. They can always tell me in private and not out in the open. I think is common courtesy.

      If they verbally attack me or something MORE it just adds more to the rudeness. Either way I find it rude and uncalled for to different degrees.
    7. If it was in a PM and politely written then it might just be someone trying to point out why you haven't had any bids yet, they might be trying to be helpful rather than trying to knock your price down for their own gain.

      I agree that it is unnecessarily rude to point that out to you in public. It seems a bit vindictive, like they are trying to show you up. Especially if it's somewhere that you can't delete their post, effectively they have just killed any chance of a sale!
    8. if you put a basic item way overpriced, no one's gonna buy it *shrug*
      maybe the person was just trying to warn you, in case you were not aware. it could have come from a good intention...
      if it stays in PM, it's usually not that bad (unless, obviously, the person goes all "WTF ***hole! are you trying to scam me???" ). it's when the person makes it public that it's a bit...weird. to me if feels like they are trying to put pressure on you; "now everyone knows what it's really worth so you'll have to lower your price! "

      in the end it's mostly a matter of interpretation and intention. it can get annoying if it happens often though.
    9. I have my husband's DD Nanoha posted both here and on figure.fm for sale. Someone else proceeded to comment (on figure.fm) that they had one for sale for cheaper and that person and another person were working out the details of that sale on my sale post!! WTH?!
    10. what a rude and weird thing to do Ô_o
      I suppose you can't hide/delete those kind of posts?
    11. I think it is in extremely poor taste to post that in someones sales thread. I think that the poster is just trying to be inflammatory and purposefully mean. I sometimes see something for sale and wonder about the price, but I would never question why they're trying to sell it for that amount. Like you said, you never know how much someone paid for something. I would have gotten annoyed too. Especially after it happened a few times.
    12. I wish, but no, I can't.
    13. silverholly: Yes, and I think it is a good rule.

      Harlequin-Elle: Yes. I feel like they are sabotaging my sale.

      vonbonbon: Exactly how I feel! I kind of want to retort back and say why did you write this to put me on the spot. But I didn't. I feel they could careless.

      sahoma: I think if it's publicly I find it hard to interpret it as good intention ^^

      Yumeko-chan: WHAT?! What in the world.........there are strange people out there indeed.

      Bubble Gum Goth: My feelings exactly. T_T
    14. If you have a problem with someone's price, simply don't buy from them. That's really all your business as a customer is. However, some people may feel they should "alert" you, incase you weren't aware rather than trying to make it seem like you were intentionally overpricing. Sometimes people price items without being aware as to what the "going rate" is for them and can seriously under or overcharge.

      I had someone let me know through pm I was severely undercharging for a doll when I first started the hobby- she wasn't telling me to change the price, but rather giving me the information I needed in case I wasn't aware, which I wasn't. It was very polite, and I never considered it a bother. She didn't complain about my pricing, just told me I may want to look into it because the doll sold for more than what I was charging. I was grateful for that because I didn't want to be ripped off as a seller, either.

      Of course, I do take issue with obvious price gauging, but again, if the item isn't worth that much to me, I simply won't buy. There have been many things from clothing to jewelry to dolls that, even though I wanted, I've not bought because I didn't agree with the price.

      But, as a seller, there's the risk of people complaining publicly about price (well, unless there are rules in place like there are on DoA). It's a shame they did that to you. It was in bad taste.
    15. I agree, it's very poor taste to even mention it to a seller. What is the buyer trying to get it a lower price? If the buyer wants the item at a lower price then they should buy it at the other store and leave the higher priced seller alone.

      It's pure human stupidity.

      Then again There are people who rise the price on items, merely because they are hard to get hard to find limited items. Now personally I would not buy from these sellers unless it's an item that I really really really really really really really want to own and I can afford the prices they are asking.
      (After doing my research to looking for a lower priced same item or if it's closer shipping wise.)

      Again, People can be greedy idiots. they want their stuff as lowest price they can get it, and happen to think that bulling a seller into lower their prices is going to help(Them).
    16. pinksugar, Elysion gear: I really was very upset. So I wrote back and explained that I paid a lot more for the item and bought it right after it was released, so my price is set this way. Then this person wrote back and said she/he is not looking to barter and she/he is just telling me that if I wondered why it wouldn't sell, this is the reason (then added a lol in the end). I feel even more upset after I read that. I REALLY want to write back to tell this person how he/she made me feel and they shouldn't write stuff like this in someone's sale post out in the open, but I don't want to blow it out of proportion and make a huge deal out of it. So I am thinking of just deleting the sale thread all together later. -_-++
    17. As has been indicated now, this is not an issue on Den of Angels. It is no longer possible for any member outside of the original poster or a moderator or a virtue to post into marketplace threads now - but even before that software implementation DoA had a rule in place regarding "price policing". We don't allow it.

      Great points made in this thread. Thanks for understanding the lock.