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When the character of your doll grows up...

Jan 18, 2009

    1. Sorry If this is a repeat topic, I did look for anything else on it ^^;;

      So Lately I've been seeing just one or two dolls doing this,a younger ( usually MSD ) sized doll getting a so called 'older version' (SD) of themselves! 'Grown up' was sometimes used I thought it was a very cute idea and wanted to hear other tales about this if they're out there.

      It really made me wonder, Do dolls need, eventually, to 'grow up' at some point? I'm sure most of us are happy with our dolls eternally in their teens or so but what happens if the character seems to 'grow' itself? It falls for an SD, It begins to feel lonely and isolated in the small sculpt it was given, develops it's own taste and suddenly it's not the small 40cm doll you brought home to be the 'child' of your doll family. Does that even happen? o.O

      Would it be odd to have both younger and older doll together? They're the same character, Just in different times of their life. Would you WANT to keep both dolls or would it be weird? Would you keep both and turn the 'younger one' into a whole new character? Would you sell the 'younger version'? What would be your IC reason to have your dolls younger and older self in the same timeline? Would it effect relationships?

      It seemed like a really good concept and I'd love to hear other people's opinions on the whole idea of 'growing your doll up' so to speak.

      EDIT: Just to clarify. It is my opinion that when compared to a 60cm doll a 40cm doll will always look the part of a child. Their younger faces don't help this fact. It is on that idea that this thread was formed, of course anything from pukipuki-luts delf kids can be counted a 'child' and likewise I suppose one doesn't have to count 60cm as 'adult/young adult/youth etc' since 70cm-90cm dolls are also around. But for the sake of keeping everything and everyone on the same page let's assume that anything below 50cm is the 'child' version of a doll and everything above is an 'adult'. Hope this helps instead of confusing.
    2. It's probably a horrible thing to say in a topic like this haha, but I've never considered having a child version of the dolls I plan to have at all. I suppose this is a valid opinion, really... that I never intended to have a child version of any of the six dolls I'm trying to put together and collect (all from the same verse and timeline). Their ages run from a minimum of 22 to around 37?

      That may be weird, I guess... but if I DID have a child version and it was time for them to grow up story-line wise, I'd probably sell the younger version if I had no other plans for a smaller character.
    3. I have an adult and a child version of the same character. I don't find it odd or weird at all; it's actually kind of nice because I can stick the little girl in lace and ribbons without feeling like I'm betraying the adult woman who is very much no longer a lace and ribbons kind of girl. There's no particular IC explanation [aside from maybe TIME PARADOX] and I don't feel the need to have one at this time.

      And speaking of the dolls themselves, the child is a limited and I don't have any plans on selling her any time soon - not after what I went through to get her in the first place! *_*
    4. I have a doll I grew up. She was always SD size though. She is a Happy Doll Dorothy and when I got her she was about 16 in my stories. She wore jeans or skirts and t-shirts. I started to hate the limited poseability of the body (and she was my first doll a few yrs ago) she is the most spoiled so I got an SD16 body for her. It is a perfect match and she now wears more sophisticated clothes. Silk blouses...even suits sometimes. So she went from teenager to early 20's while her High School friends stayed in high school LOL I also have a friend that has many child versions of her SDs and has them in stories together...I don't think it is wierd just interesting :)
    5. I did exactly that. When I got Kiyoshi originally he was meant to be 13 an MSD (a DOD Si to be exact) sized, well as he grew up I decided at 15 (Three years after I'd had him)that he should be a SD sized doll to fit scale-wise with the rest of my dolls. I got a DOD Sha head and a angel region body for him and and he's never felt more perfect as his age.
    6. I think it's a perfectly fine thing to do--dolls don't need to age, but it can be an interesting take on them and their story lines. I don't do it personally, as I don't think of my minis as young kids (sorry, I just can't automatically consider everything under X cm to be a kid and everything else to be an adult). However, I do have two dolls that seem to be older now than when I first got them, but that's more of a character thing and not related to physical appearance.
    7. I've got two dolls who are technically the same person, myself... Gabriel was the first doll I got, and is the adult version of Luc, who just arrived a couple of weeks ago. Admittedly, I'd never really had plans to do this, and it was more of an excuse to get a LittleFee into my doll family :D But I have no problems with having the two versions, they exist to me as two separate doll families.
    8. i've been thinking about doing this myself. it's mainly down to timeframes within a storyline though. i think seeing the young version and the old version of the same character is pretty cute. it's also useful for putting the doll with its parent dolls if you have them.
    9. I don't think I'd grow my dolls up. I don't think it'd feel right. One day they're a 'child' then the day you get the grown version, they're 'adult'. Overnight. Just not normal. Also, I think I'd have to have the doll long enough for them to 'grow'. I mean, years. To me they are little people. And people just don't suddenly grow or grow so fast.
    10. I've been planning sort of the opposite--eventually I'd like to get a doll of Yachiru Kusajishi from Bleach, but first I want to get her as an adult. I want to keep a smaller more-childlike version of her around (as she is in canon) for flashbacks, hallucinations, and what have you.
    11. Oh, thanks for the BJD-Opedia link, it's pretty amazing!

      I'm actually going to agree with Chaos Aroura on the 'instant growth' problem. It would be a bit of having a doll do that indeed o.O Then again I suppose some dolls really do just seem to somehow grow in character and fit a new sculpt without too much of a pasue to think 'gee, when did I get this tall?'
    12. My current and many of my future dolls are based on my original characters so I plan the doll around how I designed the character to look. If I were to design a character who was 6 years old and wanted a doll of him/her, I would buy a doll that suited that character in the time frame I was writing about.

      I don't think it's necessary for me to buy one doll in a smaller size only to replace it later with a larger version. Besides, I want to buy them based on how I think they will work for the character and you can't always find a doll in MSD or tiny size that looks exactly like another doll in SD size unless you want to stick to Luts/Fairyland sculpts. ^___^

      I like the idea of using dolls to represent characters of any age, no matter the size. I have a tiny right now and he's a 16 year old imp! :3

      The only character I would consider having a smaller and larger doll of is my faery boy Chimera and that's only because there is one night a year where he has the ability to transform into the size of a "normal" person/elf/whatever. That would be kind of cool if I could find an SD sculpt to match (at least somewhat) his tiny sculpt.

      Otherwise, if you want to do it (and I've seen several people do it too) go for it and have fun!!! It's just not for me. XD
    13. It would be hard for me personally to look at two dolls and go "Joe and Joe" or whatever. I would only consider doing it for my Angelion boy Sai because I can't seem to find an SD that fits him and I know a MSD that looks like him as a child.
    14. I already had one character who had a baby form and a younger-teen form...he switches back and forth between the two, though, it's not that he's grown up. (He's on that thread linked above, actually....=3 )

      Just a little bit ago, though, I did grow up another of my characters. My Bobobie Sprite boy was supposed to be thirteen-ish, but his being so small didn't work in context with the rest of my dolls...so I decided to grow him up just a little bit in age and a lot in size. XD He's now a Lu-Wen vamp on an FDoll body, and is supposed to look 16-ish. The new form suits him a whole lot more than the old one did. ^o^

      Now, though...I keep contemplating growing up two more of my minis...and I am definitely going to buy an alternate adult form for the third, though like Raym he will keep both forms and switch between them. (Woo, magic. XD)
    15. My minis (here and planned for) are all adults (from 19 - mid twenties or so), so no plans to "grow them up" there - they're slim minis and in no way childlike to me (though they are definitely on the "cute" side). I might have 1 child doll in the plans, but he'll be a Littlefee Shiwoo and the baby brother of one of my grownup minis. I'm not going on the "compared to SD's" part, since if I ever get any SD's they'll be in a different storyline/universe than my Minis.

      If I won the lottery or something I might consider trying to get SD versions of all my characters, but it wouldn't be "growing them up" it'd be "making them larger".
    16. I intend to have multiple versions of a character. :)

      Every form my characters take are perpetual in my head, whether it be the 4-year-old version or the 24-year old, and it's almost as if each one is it's own character anyway. Even though I have reached the conclusion of my books, with Hikaru at 27 years old, Hikaru at the age of 14 is still fresh in my mind and still capable of "talking" to me (in other words: I don't make anything happen in the story, the characters "tell" me what happens). Same goes when I'm drawing the characters. I draw each one at whatever age I feel in the mood.

      Right now, I have Lady Atsuko, who's basically the evil adult version of the 8-year old Atsuko--a child version the Volks MSD I'm in the process of ordering will represent. And it's not gonna stop there.
    17. One character was a super-tiny i-elf Peaches, and after I'd had her a while, Peaches was just tooooo young.
      So now, Hippolyta is a Bobobie Sprite, but still a child, and Peaches is a different young elf.

      Ann in CT
    18. I only plan on "growing" up one of my dolls. She'd have possible three verisons of herself. the "baby", the "toddler" and then the "teenager." Mainly for photostory purposes and such. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, and it does give them more...life
    19. I actually made my one doll go from a 5yr body by company to a 7 year body from same company. Thus rising her height so she was I believe 3 cm taller. As far as having a doll MSD go to SD not yet, but would be interesting.