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When the Doll arrives... - [your regular activities?]

Jun 6, 2009

    1. I really would like to divide this thread into two different aspects concerning your BJD's arrival. First one - purely "technical", second one - "emotional".


      What do you do when your dollie arrives?

      1. Technically - do you take her/him out of the box, put to wash (as I've read some dollies have resin dust left and we all know, Safety First! ;O), prepare for customizing (if you're one for it)?

      2. Emotionally - do you take her/him our of the box and hug? Greet? Put straightaway aside and get back to dinner? Do you dress her/him up and pose or put away?

      Please, share! What are your regular activities when a brand new BJD finally arrives? You can put it into one, short story about particular doll! :aheartbea

      I'm also really interested, since I'm waiting for my first ever BJD to arrive. And I wonder, what I will do. :)
    2. ohh, great ideas. I'd like to see the answers, too.
      I don't know how I'd react, but I doubt I'd take her apart the first day to clean! waaaph~ the thought of that makes me nervous.
    3. 1. Technically - I tear open the box with great zest and vigour! Like a human shredder *shredshredshred* I then peel carefully off the bubblewrap and gaze happily. Then dressed up and put in a safe spot before I begin the great RP process in which I build character.

      2. Emotionally - A usually do give a great big hug and do the photo process of him / her and the character. Then I start posing for the box/arrival pics :D
    4. Technically- When I got Daichi, I took him out of the box and took pictures. XDDDD That, and I put his wig and clothes on.

      Emotionally- I was giggling and hugging him and kissing his head. XD I was extremely happy, and Daichi was my first doll so I was basically just all "YAAAAAAAAY"
    5. Technically- Opened her box quickly but carefully, immediately had to know if she could stand (which she did n__n) and then dressed her and took pictures of her the rest of the day.

      Emotionally- I was just in awe for most of it, I couldn't believe how big she was and that she was mine. I carried her around all day in my arms, close to my heart :aheartbea
    6. Technically - Well I simply open the big ugly brown box, take the lid of and begin the battle with the hydra named bubble wrap, and I hold my doll proudly, indicating my victory and that the monster bubble wrap had been slayed.

      Emotionally - I examine the doll carefully, making sure it had come out of the bubble wraps womb safely, I then embrace it tenderly, quickly dress it so that poor thing will not be cold, give it it's hair and hug it for the rest of the evening.
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    7. hahah as soon as I opened both my dolls boxes I screamed, gave them hugs, washed them, clothed them, and did photostories lolz
    8. Well... I only have one to offer my experience on... but here it goes.

      Technically - When I got Sanyu I frantically searched the house for any sort of camera (since somehow the digital one had gotten lost). I then opened the box. I had to pull out her carrying case, which I took pictures of, unwrapped, and set aside. The I pulled out her box. That was about when that shining light from the heavens began to sparkle with a 'hallelujah' chorus... no, wait, that didn't happen.

      At any rate there was a huge crowd of children telling me to get on with it. So I opened her up and tried to take good pictures (which was hard with an expired disposable camera and no way to adjust ANY of the settings I'm used to adjusting). I immediately checked her standing ability. And then the group of kids begged to hold her... and I let them... sort of. Never really let go of the doll, myself, because I was afraid they'd drop her right out of the box! O.O I then wrapped her in a scrap of fabric since the poor thing had no wig and no clothes. >.> ^_^()

      Emotionally - I had been sort of twitching all day at school, holding the pink slip from the post office. I was tapping my foot excessively, trying to contain my impatient nature. Then I waited outside in the rain behind the post office after closing hours, because I could NOT wait any longer! But I HAD to have pictures... so I then HAD to find a camera. I was in awe. She was bigger than I had thought and heavier, too. I was so super gentle with her it wasn't even funny. I didn't even want to remove her head cap at first! I hugged her and cuddled her and did a fangirl squee and, well, you name it. And pretty much at that moment I realized that I didn't want to be parted from her long enough to send her for a face-up. ^_^() I thought she was the most beautiful inanimate object in the world... even though she looked like an alien with her bald head, staring straight forward eyes that blocked out all the whites, and no face-up. oO XD Also, I was worried when I looked down and saw the seam in her arm. I thought she had cracked in shipping! ^_^()
    9. Hah, I can honestly get the picter of what you guys do. ;p

      Since I've ordered my Mariette without faceup (what I'm starting to regret now, as I'm getting nervous about doing it myself...>.<), I will probably take her out, make some photos for "Arrivals.." section and prepare straightaway for customizaton.

      Unfortunately, dollie without faceup might end up as an empty resin for me... :...( But then again - without faceup and clothes she might force my motherly feelings. O.o
    10. I usually have a 13 step process goes as follows usually for me:

      1. Bring the box inside
      2. *squee*
      3. Plow into the box
      4. *squee*
      5. Remember that box opening pictures were supposed to be taken
      6. Start over
      7. Take pictures as I go Re-do Step #3
      8. Damage Check
      9. Dress up
      10. *squee*
      11. Move to doll area if no cleaning was required and skip to #13
      12. Undress, Clean, and redress if cleaning was required, go back to #11
      13. *squee*
    11. I really like to do box opening pictures. My family thinks I'm insane, and they wonder who really wants to look at someone opening a box. But it's really a special time. It's that first moment when you see the doll (and they see you if they have eyes) and it can really be a sign of whether you'll bond or not. So I like to bring my other doll(s) (I only had one at the last box opening, now I have two) and they all can meet. Then I dress them, put their hair/eyes in, and take group pictures. I really should clean them...
    12. Technically- I do the 'box opening' I open the doll and take pictures of the event. I check the doll over to make sure there are no breakages. Everything else is emotionally after that.

      Emotionally- I stare in awe at the doll, inspecting it's perfection. Then I dress it and take some pictures. I may hug it later if the urge takes me.
    13. When I get a doll, I carefully remove boxes, bubblewrap, papers and stuff away, probably air out for five minutes because of the resin-bomb... And then check if there is anything damaged or wrong, the stringing, and I have a washcloth and towel beside me, to clean the doll while I get to know it. After some snuggling and cooing while cleaning the doll, I find the wig, eyes, clothes and the other dolls. Then its playtime, letting the doll mend with my gang. And possibly a photostory if I am in the mood.

      I love getting dolls. Its such a heartwarming process. :D
    14. I have done box opening pics for my dolls. So first I take pics of the box.
      Then knife the tape open on that box
      Take a pic of the box in the box
      Open the box
      Squee over the bubblewrap mummy and snap a pic.
      Free the mummy, and snap pic
      Remove from box and add wig and snap pic.

      Then I take the time to carefully inspect him/her. Look for any imperfections in the resin like seams and spots where the resin is rougher. Test that all of the joints move properly. Pop open the head to see what kind of putty the eyes have. Then see if they can stand. This is when I bond with them. The opening part takes about 30 minutes, the inspection and posing takes a little more than that.

      Emotionally, I am giddy through the whole process. I'll hold and play with the new doll for a couple of hours before even thinking of putting it down.
    15. Technically - I open the box carefully and slowly. Unwrap the protective packaging and inspect every inch for cracks or chips. look at the seamlines and decide whether I'm going to sand them. I'm very intrested in the way dolls are constructed so I will often spen a long time playing with the joints.

      Emotionally - I'm excited and maybe alittle scared to see them for the first time, I say hello to them and tell them their name the moment the head wrapping is off, I inspect the face closley to see if the faceup i'm planning will work and usually change the eye's and will spend a long time just holding and posing the doll to see what sort of character they have.
    16. Box opening is my favourite part of the hobby!

      Technically&Emotionally as well...:
      1-WASH MY HANDS. I never forget it.
      2-Take the red cutter that it's only for dollie box-opening! I do my best to not harm the paper with the address. Lot of dolls doesn't have a COA so I keep these papers as certificates of born :sweat
      3-Then open the box... slowly... then I start to peel off the bubblewrap... and unleast it's very damaged, usually I search each piece of tape so I don't harm the bubblewrap, and re-use it again later (let's take care of our enviroment!:)) I'm so slow that if there's somepeople watching me opening the box, they usually shout "hurry up!"! But well... box opening it's my favourite part of the arriving doll, so I want to take all my time and enjoy the moment all I can.
      4-Then just take the doll from the box and stare stare stare to the face :o Can't believe he/she' s here!
      5-Soo I take a fast look of the body to see if there is any damage and then I ran to put him/her on the clothes I've been sewing during the wait.
      6-It's all dressed? Well, time for wipe the makeup if any and start to work on the mods/makeup, and after that I sew if I couldn't sew anything before.
      7-It doesn't matter how much things I have to do for the doll, I usually work as hard as I can and the doll is full mine after the day ends (my L-bi kit was sanded, assembled, done face-up and all on only 6 hours! I even took a decent photoshoot! :lol:)
      8-Photoshoot time!
      9-I sit him/her aside me while I'm uploading the pics, then I pass entire night switching on and off the light. "He's here!" -switch off the light. Switch on again "He's here!" <-doing this until I fall asleep! :lol:

      So well... when the doll arrives, no matter what I was thinking to do that day, all plans are crushed by the arriving, I just can't rest until the doll is full mine, as it looked on my mind ;)
    17. You will find that you can bond even more with a doll who's face up you do yourself. The best advice I can give, is to read up on all the face up tips you can find and get all the items you want to use, then when she arrives you will be more prepared.Just remember that less is more( as it's very tempting to slap everything on her face in one go).Even though everything can be removed,it's nice to just start quite gently, and you'll be surprised how quickly you can get used to doing them, plus it will give her character.
      You could even try to buy a very reasonably priced doll head in the Marketplace to practise on first.

      As for when my dolls, well it's been different for all of them....:)
    18. Me?

      Received box and put it aside for the rest of the day (I receive my packages at work since I am hardly at home).

      After everyone left work, I open my boxes. Check make sure dolls arrived safely.

      Depending on how late and who he is.

      Some I put back in box and put away. Some I'd dress him up right the way and take pictures. Some I would dress him up and he sits by me to keep me company.
    19. Oh! Thanks alot for advice! :aheartbea

      This might be not too modest, but I'm an artist and work as an artist so I believe I can work those faceup rules correctly quite easly. I have all the stuff required from my daly work (luckilly!). I keep practicing tiny eyebrows all the time now. xD My office notes look weird with eyes and eyebrows on them everywhere. ;p
    20. oh man this is making me want my doll now even more, lol.

      I think I'll be so giddy I'll have a silly grin on my face as I open the box, and try to take box opening pics too, though it'll probably be a disposable camera, any is better then nowt, lol. I'll be careful opening it too.