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When was the first Super Dollfie released?

Dec 9, 2004

    1. When was the first Super Dollfie released by volks? Please only answer if you know.

      Also, were they the first or was there another company which produced a comparable style doll besides them?
    2. 1998 (please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's AFAIK) and they were the first to produce dolls of that size/type.
    3. I think 1998 was correct. :)
    4. It was Ian, right? Or no?
    5. I think the standard SDs came out in 1998 (four sisters, Mimi, and I believe Nono). The first MSD (Ian) was released at a later dollpa... 1999, maybe?
    6. Yes, 1998. An ad in HD says 1999 but I think that's an error. I saw them in the Akihabara store when they first came out but I was only interested in 1/6 dolls at the tilme. I don't remember well but I believe Sara/Nana/Kira/Megu were first, then Nono, then Mimi.
    7. Phew- I was a little worried cos I'd been telling people I had seriously contemplating buying once since 9th grade, back in 2000, but I could've sworn I'd seen them on the net even before, just didn't have a big interest in "such an expensive doll" without a job and such. I knew I've wanted one since 9th grade... but it's definitely good to know they were out at least a year or two before I seriously wanted one.

      Aimee- how long have you had your first? I could probably find the info on your site.
    8. yup! that's right! the add is incorrect, but the interview article has the correct date. :)
    9. Rio was before Mimi. You will find a time line in La Carte d'un Ange, and dates given in the SD bible. According to the SD bible -

      4 sisters were 28 feb 1999
      Nono was 1 Jan 2000
      Rio was 10 Dec 2000
      Ian was 10 Dec 2000
      Mimi was 3 June 2001

    10. Well, I may be wrong. I thought I remembered seeing them first in 1998, but maybe my memories are confused.
    11. hrm, that's weird because for a long time I think volks' page actually said 1998, and that's what they said also in the interview with haute doll. now I'm curious! ha... :D