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When was the first time you could not bond with a doll?

Feb 8, 2007

    1. I'm having my first non-bonding experience... with my DZ Shoyo. When I first saw this doll, I KNEW she just had to be my first girl doll. When I got her, I tried giving her a million different faceups, but I just cant bond with it. It's weird... she's a beautiful doll, but I dunno..

      I never thought I wouldnt be able to bond with a doll, but it's finally happened... I think I might sell her head and go for another DZ head.

      So.. when was the first time you just couldnt bond, no matter how much you wanted to?
    2. I bought a 2005 Juri head with luts faceup, I loved that mold. After graduation, I had enough money to buy her body, and she was complete. But, no matter how much I wanted her to be the nice, quiet, book worm Rose, she wasn't. I'm very serious on bonding with my dolls, because If they don't receive 110 percent love and attention from me, they deserve to go to a home that they will. So, i sold her. Since then, I've sold a mythdoll Leroi, yo-sd piccolo, yo-sd chinatsu, kid delf ani, and most recent a mnf soo. I sold more dolls than i own now. >< But, i know they've found great homes. :) Good luck, i know it's hard when you're not bonding with a doll you thought you would.
    3. I was under the impression that OMG I'd never sell a doll!

      Until I got Eiji and I just... didn't... feel the way I thought I should. I tried to love him, I really did. He was so loved by all my friends, and I thought that by selling him I'd let them all down. But in reality, I was letting myself down by not enjoying his company, when someone else could. It hurt to sell him, it really did. BUUUUT I sold him to one of a my bestest interweb buddies...
      And bought Keeny!<3333 whom I love dearly. So much love for Keeny!

      So yeah. Eiji, the MNF Shiwoo was my first 'not bonding' experience. Don't be afraid to sell a non limited doll to buy another doll you think you'd like more.
      Worked for me.
    4. It really is very bizarre! Maybe I'll post for a trade.. she's got a pretty nice faceup ^.^
    5. That happened twice to me. x__x Both times I kept the doll for a while because people around me loved them and I felt horrible about selling them off. In the end, though, I had to let them go to people who'd love them more.
    6. I've had trouble with a few of mine...

      My Miyu, Chidori, comes to mind first. We had problems from the start, partly because her face-up from Luts was awful and *really* disappointed me, and partly because she arrived right after my Harang guys did and it just took some time for me to get around to getting to know her properly. Eventually it happened, and she's now very much a part of my crew, in spite of how actively I disliked her right out of the box... but it took longer than I was really comfortable with. I think the only reason I gave her as long as I did instead of just selling her was that she was an anniversary gift from my husband. :sweat

      I've also had trouble with Karru, my tanned Shiwoo. For him, I finally figured out that it was because I was afraid to play with him. I was afraid of him developing neck cracks. I was afraid of scratching him... I didn't want to handle him or mess with him at all because of the endless "what if-" risks that come with tanned resin. 'Turns out the physical handling is important for me when it comes to forming an emotional attachment to a doll. If I don't handle them, they never really take on any kind of personality or real importance to me.

      So... risk or not, fragile resin or not... I've recently started playing with Karru. I've bought him a new wig and new clothes. I've taken him to one of the local gatherings. I'm trying to get over being afraid to do anything with him. I'm hoping that I'll get attached to the little guy, like I am to the rest of these minions of mine. ^_^
    7. It was Taeyang. He was an impulse buy and there really wasn't that much hype about him until his arrival. I took forever finding him a name, some clothes, hair... He's gone through a lot of different styles because of our bonding issues. Heck, he's even sat in my book case for over a month without me touching him.

      It's a little better now, compared to before. I put him in a baggy hoodie that's so soft and wonderful to cuddle with. He's my study buddy now ^^

      The thought of selling him never occurred to me, oddly. I guess it just means that he's here to stay ^^
    8. I didn't bond with my first doll, a tan el named Kin. He was a beautiful doll, and his faceup from luts was delightful.. but that was the problem right there. I am a very artistic person, and he didn't feel 'mine' because another artist had painted his face. Rather than wipe that beautiful luts faceup, I sold him, and bought my Shiwoo, faceupless. <3 Immediate bond, as soon as I got his faceup right. I've bought and will buy all my future dolls without faceups from now on.
    9. It wasnt a BJD that I didnt bond with it was a big pullip. She arrived in the post , I looked at her set her to display showed her to someone once then put her back in her box so she would not get dusty and their she sits since last november... I want to sell her but i feel guilty...

      thankfully it has not happened with a BJD....
    10. Hah! I feel the same way about faceups! I dont think I could ever buy a doll with a beautiful factory faceup... Id wanna re-do it so badly, but on the otherhand, I would probably love the faceup XD

    11. If you don't like it, sell it. What is the point of keeping it if you are not deriving pleasure from it in some way? You shouldn't feel guilty.

      I've never sold a doll, and I've never not bonded with a doll, though for that, I have to say I don't believe in the bonding process at all. I do know that if I ever stopped liking one of my dolls, I would sell it.
    12. What do you mean you don't believe in the bonding process? Don't you go through it too? :sweat
    13. I, to varying degrees since I don't think I have to like all of them equally, love or like my dolls for being the beautiful dolls they are. They are not my friends, companions, children, or anything like that. They're my dolls who I enjoy sticking in nice clothes and occasionally taking pictures of. They have characters assigned to them but the characters existed long before the dolls, and will continue to exist should the dolls ever be sold. The doll is a way for me to have a more 3D way of creating fanart of them and really doesn't affect how I feel about the characters in any way. I don't think I am bonded to any of my dolls since to me, it implies a two way connection. I have formed bonds with my friends, my family, and my pets, but not my dolls.

      Different, yes, but hey, I enjoy them this way. I just find it very aggravating that this need to "bond" with your dolls is such a pervasive thing that people are left agonizing and feeling guilty over it when it should simply be a question of whether or not they enjoy owning that doll. That is their purpose, is it not?

    14. mmmyes...the bonding process is a glorified term for growing attached to an inanimate object.

      Needless to say, I do go through it :) but I don't let it defined my relationship towards my dolls ^^
    15. Oh I get it. I was a little confused at first by your first comment. ^__^

      Dolls mean different things to different people. Some people take it really personally, some don't. That's basically what it is with any hobby or any thing.
    16. Hasn't happened yet. I only have two dolls.
      I was considering selling my NaNuRi, but I gave her another faceup, and now I like her much better, thankfully.
    17. I've had several bonding issues, but really, I feel like I'm not doing the character justice by not having their significant other there. Like with my darling MNF Chiwoo, Jonas. His character is still mine, and I will definitely be getting another doll to fit him, but it'll be when we can afford his guardian at the same time.

      Other times, they've been just heads. I've tried and tried to find a certain head to fit my boy Noah, with no luck. I decided to just give up on him and get dolls I know I want. Noah is way too damn picky for me to even try to fight with. And there are so many other gorgeous dolls out there I'd like to get instead. :>
    18. The only doll I didn't bond with was one of the first ones I bought, Elfdoll Red. I just couldn't seem to get his look quite right & he was too short to really look right with the girls. I had a chance to trade him for another doll I loved so his stay here was very short.
    19. I've developed a 'bond' with with my El, but have recently started to feel that his sculpt doesn't quite fit an existing character that I drafted as well as another sculpt can. ><

      So I'm curious as to what people usually do when they're in this situation. Do they hold it out and see if they can make the best out of this sculpt to fit the existing character, buy another doll to fit the existing character then create a new character for the sculpt in question, or sell? ><

      I don't necessarily prefer the last option, but I just want to know because I want to give this a lot of thought. :)
    20. I had issues with my first El (I have another one now XD) from the start, but it still took me a year to sell him. He was my first doll and he had a beautiful Luts faceup, but things never really clicked. I had a really hard time letting him go thoug! And it wasn't until a limited that I really wanted came along that I sold him.