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When will you be done?

Mar 8, 2019

    1. At what point will you stop collecting? Whether it be new dolls, clothes or accessories, what would it take for you to look at everything you have and just say "Alright, this is it, I'm finished"?
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    2. I just got into the hobby and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Even if my tastes change, then so will my dolls. I guess the only way I'd stop is if I found a new hobby I like more or if I had no money to buy new dolls or doll items.
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    3. I would have to lose interest in the hobby to stop collecting. Until then I think my collection will always be changing a little. I tend to add some and take away some since I don't want my collection to be overwhelmingly huge, but for me if it becomes totally stagnant I know I won't have fun with it anymore.
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    4. I’m new to the world of BJD’s, but for me it’s a branch off of another hobby I have (building miniture houses). I love the realpuki’s. So I can see my collection stopping or slowing down if I start branching off into a related hobby again. Keeps things new and interesting for me.
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    5. Never.

      Every time I think I'm done, something changes. Either I grow bored with my crew, sell them off and start over, or I sell one and add one, or I change up the ones I do have: new clothes, new wigs, new eyes, new faceup. I'm constantly reworking my dioramas and buying/selling/trading things.

      I'm the type of person who is never satisfied with things being the same forever. I don't like routine or things set in place, I get too bored and restless. I have to constantly have changes in my life, to be seeing or doing something new. Dolls are no exception. I think the only way I'd ever be truly "done" with buying anything BJD related would be if I completely left the hobby and never looked back.
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    6. I thought 5 dolls would be my limit, but after my first girl was gifted to me to be part of my crew, I can’t see having 5 or more dolls anytime soon.

      I now officially have 3 dolls and they are mostly done with clothes and accessories once my girl’s clothes come in.

      But I do plan on getting my fourth doll later, but I have to reshell one of my boys body first and get him out of that terrible Mirodoll body he’s currently in.
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    7. I have a wishlist that's gotten into the 60s, so as long as companies keep creating new and interesting sculpts and I keep thinking up things to do with them I think I'll be here for a while lol. I can see one day though where maybe I get too busy with other things and fall out of love with them but that will probably be at least 10+ years down the road.
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    8. Probably if I lost interest. But even then, I’d probably keep the dolls I have. There’s lots of things I keep because they meant a lot in the past and dollswould fall onto that category. Plus, I’ve loved crafting generally for a long while & dolls give me a way to do that.
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    9. I periodically experience feelings of satisfaction, but I'm not really a static person—my tastes and interests change a bit over time. I've gone for several years without buying dolls or embarking on serious projects. It's kind of nice to have those moments of contentment, actually! ♥

      If I was truly "done" with the hobby, that would be different. If I don't get enjoyment from it, then it's time to leave. This has happened to me with other hobbies in the past, so I don't totally discount that I might feel that way about dolls... but for now, that's not the case, so I don't worry about it. I just try to keep having fun.

      I've collected in other hobbies with specific goals for a number, or a series, or a theme, or completeness... and I don't do that with dolls. I think that type of mindset could be overwhelming given the wide variety of products and new things that pop up every week.
    10. Short answer? I'll never be done.

      Longer answer? This is the type of hobby that grows with you and evolves; many of us are artists and crafters, and can improve our creative skills through customization of these types of dolls. Creating dolls of our characters can also inspire those of us who are writers to write, and those who are photographers to take pictures...etc, etc. I'd never want to stop trying to improve my creative skills, so I'd never want to stop buying dolls to work with.

      That said, if I don't have x amount of money available at a given time, I do go on hiatus and stop buying dolls and other non-necessities until my financial situation improves.
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    11. The honest answer would be that I have no idea. I am on a doll buying hiatus right now, and to be honest even after it's over I don't know if I'll be pulled back in full force or if I'll just decide that I'm happy with what I have. I do like that my dolls give me an excuse to get a fun little accessory or prop thing here and there, so as long as I have the dolls around looks/accessories/clothing will be ever changing. That I can be sure of!

      If I do lose interest someday it will probably be similar to how I've been with other hobbies. Which is I might keep one or two around and then the rest would get sold off. I do have slight minimalist leanings in that if it's not out for me to actively enjoy and is instead in storage I don't see a point in having it. If that happens that is when I won't be part of the doll hobby anymore.
    12. I have just started so will more than likely be when i retire as i wont have the money then only ten years away.
      On a side point ive collected model horses since i was 8 and last year at 56 decided to stop haha
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    13. I'm not sure I will..I have a set plan but I keep adding to it so my list always grows :P
    14. I think I’ll stop collecting when I finally lose interest, but I don’t think it’ll be because I finally rounded off my collection and don’t want to buy anymore since I always have new sculpts catching my eye
    15. Well, I've been in the hobby since 2013, so 6 years now. I purchased my fifth doll on 2016 and for half a year or so I feel complete. I do not crave for more dolls even when I see sculpts that I really like. Now I only care about the well-being of my current dolls.
      I think you'll feel it when the time comes, deep down in your heart. For some people that time may never come, others may have to stop due to a variety of reasons cause life changes constantly.
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    16. I have an "ideal" for my collection. Seven dolls in total, not including the two impulse ones current sitting on the shelf. So, nine.

      I'm not too far off completing it, although I don't know that I'll actually get the last two. One needs to be a mature masculine sculpt, and there aren't too many of them about. I'd be content with the main five, four of whom make up a band. So, I feel compelled to bring them all home. I'm three bodies and one head away from achieving that. And, I have two complete dolls already home.

      I may sell on the impulses, as they don't fit and won't get nearly enough attention from me.

      But, we'll see.
    17. When I'm dead.

      I'm a general doll collector and have been since I was a kid (current age: 33). It's my one lifelong hobby. Even if my circumstances should change, I find it impossible to believe in a time I wouldn't love dolls. Even if I had to downsize or couldn't ever buy any new ones, I could still enjoy what I have left.

      To answer the question in a different fashion, I don't think I'll ever stop adding to my BJDs. Even if I get to a point where I think I'm completely satisfied, the hobby itself is constantly changing. Resin eyes were not a thing when I started collecting. Alpaca and the like wasn't used for wig making. Face-up styles used to be incredibly basic and lacking in finer details, etc. etc. I continuously "upgrade" my old dolls when time and money allow, and it really keeps the hobby fresh for me.
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    18. If I was done it would be because I lost interest in the hobby but that could just be a temporary thing. I also might get to the point I don't want more dolls and just continue to accessorize the ones I already have.
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    19. :evilplot: Never! *insert evil laugh here*

      But honestly, while I've taken breaks here and there, I hope to be in this hobby for a long time. 14 years and counting now. :chomp:
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    20. I'll eventually lose interest in the gang... No hobby is forever with me... And at that point I'll call myself done, find new homes for the dolls and move on. But rather that'll happen in five more years or twenty-five is anybody's guess.
      #20 Brightfires, Mar 9, 2019
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