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When you are unhappy, do your dolls cheer you up? (Emotionally dependent on them?)

Nov 5, 2004

    1. I was just wondering if anyone else had health problems who found solace in BJD's? I'm not asking you to share with us your illness or anything at all if you really don't want to, but if you want to explain your illness go for it. ^^
    2. yes :)

      I went through severe depression for a long time- and my dolls gave me comfort- I could talk to them and they would never judge me. (except Azrael.. but he's a jerk anyways :P).

      I like to sleep with them sometimes when I get upset. It's like when people have pets- except I dont have to feed them or clean up their poo :P
    3. I didn't even think of mental pains your BJD's help you out of, but that's a good one, too. :3 I personally have renal failure and about a billion things have gone wrong with me in the past four years, so I saw my BJD's which I've been admiring for a long time as my reward and they make me happy. :grin: I guess they help me with my depression, too! I have something to look forward to. ^^
    4. in a word, yes.
      my father is disabled and I help take care of him - it can be very draining. I'm "mentally ill" (is there really a better way to phrase that? I don't know. I couldn't think of anything) and having this little fantasy world that's also semi tangible to escape to is a good thing. Researching, buying, and the anticipation leading up to receiving my first doll made me happy - there isn't much I can say that of. (shrug) There are people of course who would argue that I'm just engaging in some elaborate form of escapism from the real world that will only lead to alienating myself further but I'm choosing not to buy that argument this time.
    5. Well really, I see it as kind of a reward for your hard work. =/ That's how I see my BJD's, too. I've had so many disappointments that if I buy it myself I know I won't be let down when I know it's on its way to me. ^^ I can't see it as escapism, really, but it's good to have something to look forward to when you've really got nothing else to make yourself happy with. :3 Then again I could be way off and entirely wrong. >3 so forgive me if I am.
    6. i always am have a firend in little one, even though she hates me now for her not having makeup or pretty clothe... >_<

      i am happy to have her always there, because always of being lonely, she i am not when i have her, and am cuddling, and holding her hand. ^_^

      i don't talk to her though... >_< i have the voices for that. XP

      is nagi okay? :(
    7. Not necessarily health issues, but they do help me tremendously right now. I am going through some rough times and my interactions with BJD help me relax and forget all the problems for a bit.
    8. Yes.

      I was born with some disabilities. Being legally blind is one of them. I was made fun of a lot throughout my life, and have a severe case of agrophobia. I also get severe migraines, and have not been able to get a job over the past year. I lost my last job approx. one month after I had surgery, even though I was back at work after a week and still in severe pain. They laid me off due to "financial problems", aka they didn't want to pay for my insurance anymore.

      I finally bought Saori as a way to help myself out of my agrophobia. She's my reason to leave the house ... to go out and take pictures of her. My biggest step so far is the VA BJD Meeting that I've put together and we're holding tomorrow at Lavender Fields. It'll be my first time being around that many people in awhile, and also my first time in awhile of being around supportive and like-minded people that enjoy the same things I do. I'm nervous, but I'm looking forward to making some new friends and seeing all of the different BJD's.

      I'm really looking forward to getting my Tender Too and Bee-a, too. They'll give me all that more reason to leave the house and try and find a job.
    9. Same here, I have the depression and Pixie makes me feel much better. When I'm out snapping pictures and engageing in my hobbies, it's better for me rather than sitting alone with my depressing thoughts. I'd rather talk to a doll and say nice things than talk to my self and berate and belittle myself.
    10. Playing with and working on Lily always helps me feel better. ^^ Right now I am going through a bout of major depression (something I've been dealing with my whole life :p) and it helps to have her around. She reminds me that I can do some things right! ^_-
    11. In a way they do help me. See, I'm mildly schizotypal, and tend to be out of contact with the world a lot of the time. My boys help ground me by giving me something to focus on, keeping me grounded. I also have a ton of social-related phobias, and they give me a lot of comfort. Picking them up and holding them makes me feel happy and safe.
    12. I do see it as escapism but you know what? So what?! So are books and movies and tv and even music to a point. They take us away from the real world and deposit us in another one for a little while. I don't see anything wrong with that. RL sucks. Plain and simple. There's a lot out there that's terrible so what's wrong with leaving it behind for a while? I think that's healthier than not escaping and being totally miserable.

      Dolls are fun and even educational. Many of us have learned (or will learn) to sew and paint and do other things for our dolls. Photostories have allowed me to use my imagination and 'write' little stories about them. They stir the imagination and make us happy. I, for one, don't see anything wrong with that. Besides, we're helping the economy (even if it kills our pocketbooks). XoP

      Loki's Mom
    13. DITTO, every single word. DITTO. RL does suck! LOL!
    14. Yes, they help me out alot. I have alot of chronic illnesses/injuries and psychological problems. Granted I do have cats and they have a different level of interaction with me because they breathe, purr, and snuggle, but the cats don't appreciate being put in dresses like the dolls do. It gives me a creative release for when my brain is too fried to do anything else.

      I also sleep with my cats and dolls, its like not being alone. My new Elf El looked cold, I wrapped him up in a blanket and he's going to go to bed. :chibi

    15. Well, my little Shin-chan (DoD Zen) isn't here yet, but... Already he helps. I supper from bi-polar and severe social anxiety disorder, not to mention I've had a rather craptacular life (mental, physical, sexual abuse, cutting, constantly moving from house to house, being constantly ridiculed by those who I thought loved me, forced to hide who I really am, so on and so forth, severe migraines, the fact that my blood doesn't regulate correctly -- sort of like anemia, only not, and there's no medication for it), but thinking of my little Shin-chan makes me happy and he gives me something positive to look forward to.

      He'll be a way for me to escape all the problems I'm currently dealing with, even if it's just for a few hours every day.

      And through him I plan to learn how to sew and do fabulous face-ups, and maybe make myself a bit of money so that my grandmother, her husband, and my mother will finally stop making me feel like a worthless piece of crap.
    16. Ahh, Shaded Mazoku, you're schizotypal? I'm schizoid. Haha xD;;

      But yeah, I have had LOTS of health problems in the last four or five years....two hospitalizations, life-threatening anemia, anorexia, ulcerative colitis, and more recently, problems with anxiety, and that went away....because I started depersonalizing. I had to drop out of highschool. x__x;;;

      TMI, but...yeah. My dolls make me feel very happy, and since I don't really have any friends, they fill that void. I like them better than real people, haha xD;;

      And everyone else with health problems...let's all get better, or at least do our best to stay happy and hopeful!! :D
    17. yup. i have severe adhd. i don't take medication for it. and i'm sickly and sorta anemic to a point.the fact i have my boy coming makes me feel better. and when he's here i'll just feel so much better. and be able to concernate
    18. Ohhh boy, I can't begin to explain how my guys help me.

      My occupation? I'm a writer, and it's one job that can be unbelievably stressful at times. Just last week, I had to pound out two articles. I get very little sleep *points to raccoon eyes* and most of the time I'm stressed out.

      Dollfies keep me company while working, and it's very refreshing to look up in the middle of work and see their faces ^-^ I suppose my "illness" is stress, cause it's sort of having a bad impact on me (over the last two weeks I lost ten pounds from not eating....ungh. It wasn't "extra" weight either -_-).

      As others have said, my angels keep my feet on the ground (kinda ironic since they're "angels" XDD) and keep me in check. Being a writer takes a ton of energy, mostly mental with the exception of running around for interviews, and it's nice to be welcomed home with cheery faces ^---^ They make me feel worlds better.

      Many people suffer from depression, and that's why dollfies are such good comfort foods (without the eating part, of course XD)
    19. My SDs have helped me majorly over the past few months; I moved away from home to college and I'm such a family person that I've been battling major depression ever since I moved out of my parents' house and to another city. I grew up down the street from my extended family and had never been away from them for more than two days until I moved out. My dolls have become a sort of replacement for my parents, grandparents, etc. A beautiful, inanimate little family! :) SDs are wonderful for pulling people out of slumps and reminding them that things can be beautiful and wonderful, even if everything seems icky at times! :)
    20. I definitely see what you mean and can relate. I am 15 and have a chronic illness. I haven't been able to go to school at all this year and I've been very uncomfortable. I've been lonely, bored, in pain, and I miss my friends so much! Although I do not yet have a doll I find that simply researching, learning, and planning for her arrival have made me feel a little better. I'm not sure I would be this involved if I was healthy, because then I would probably have more going on and less of a reason to seek such a hobby.