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When you buy a doll, does anyone else have a say in what mold/company you buy?

May 7, 2011

    1. If this is a repeat thread, just delete it or move it please :3 I searched and found nothing like this..

      When I go doll searching/shopping, I have my mother there to 'look' at the dolls I like. Usually she'll pay for half of the doll - but she gets a say in which I choose. (Mostly because she uses the dolls too, so she says its fair she pays half) Usually its no grey dolls, no tan dolls, no Anthros, pukipukis, SDs, Volks, No sleeping heads, no floating heads, and no female doll that has legs that bow. (For Example, Minifee Cutie legs.)

      However, if I pay for the full doll, including shipping, She gets no say. She can suggest, like right now she doesn't want a Anthro Dollfactory Devil bobo, as it just 'creeps her out to have a devil doll in the house', but she can't control wether I get it or not, for example.

      And under either circumstance of payment, My parents do not allow any French Resin dolls. They say that if I badly want a doll from a company that casts in French Resin, they will offer me to get a doll that I like from another company, and I only have to pay the amount french resin doll would cost, and they'll pay the rest.

      Does anyone else have something like this? Someone, either friend or family, that limits/expands/influences the variety of dolls you can select from?
    2. wellllll not really. since I pay for my dolls. however what my friends and familly think about the doll influence my choice A LOT. no one liked iplehouse benny, I didn't buy benny.
    3. Yeah, my parents and brother influenced what Doll I got too. I was literally a few clicks away from buying a HZ Wangye till I realized my whole family didn't want him being my first doll.. They said maybe as a third or fourth someday, and I totally respect their opinion and chose not to :3
    4. I have to say that I like being able to say which dolls I get, but I'm one of those who is getting dolls to shell characters. I don't want anyone helping me pay for my dolls because of this. ...I don't havea running theme, or a certain style I like, I just like my dolls to match the character that they're representing. I don't think I'd like someone having a say in whether or not I get a doll I really like. After all, If I'm going to take the time to save up the money for one, and spend that much money on a doll, then I'm going to be the one to decide which one it is. I'd as for feedback from the people I know, and the people who know what my characters are like before deciding, but.. I'm a bit too stubborn for someone else to be able to tell me that I cannot buy a certain doll. XD
    5. No one has a say in which dolls I get but me. They are my dolls and my money, so no one else's opinion matters to me at all. I really can't fathom how I would react if this was otherwise. I do not want to ever have to compromise on a doll with someone else.
    6. Owning a BJD is a very personal creative process. I pity the fool who tries to have a say on my creativity when they aren't paying me for it.
    7. The only reason I would allow someone a say in what I buy is if they lived with me full-time and had a specific, major phobia the doll triggers.

      My mother -- thank goodness she doesn't live with me -- is terrified of snakes, for instance, badly enough that even a stuffed animal of a snake makes her very uncomfortable and frightened. As a result, if there was ever a snake-bodied doll out there, I'd refrain from showing it to her. I'd buy it since I don't live with her, but I wouldn't show it off to her in any way. If I did live with my folks, I would refrain from buying it our of respect for the discomfort it would cause.
    8. I think that it's very nice that your family is a little involved and supportive of your hobby,
      but I myself don't let anyone decide fully what doll I should buy. I do, however, like the opinion
      of a close friend, or my sister, and my mom seems to be my biggest dolly fan since she thinks
      almost anything I buy looks good to her.:D

      My friend, whom my doll story is collaborated with, will have probably
      the most say in my decision, but after that it's all me. :)

      Although I will become a little less confident in the buy if someone
      I know dislikes it, but If I want it badly enough I have to push through.
      After all, it's *your* hobby right?;)
    9. It's my decision what I choose to buy, but my two bjd buddies (Alexisbears and Honeythorpe) have definately influenced what I've looked at and become interested in.
    10. Since my dolls shell characters from a story a friend and I collaborate on, she gets a bit of a say on what dolls I buy to shell specific characters. If I don't like the suggestion, I look for an alternate doll. Shes not into dolls herself, and gently tolerates the hobby, hence why she doesn't buy any herself. A good example is the An I'm saving for. I dug through multiple companies, finding dolls I thought were close to the characters facial structure, but kept shooting blanks with my friend. Finally, I looked up owner pics of An and I fell for him. I sent her a pic, and she responded he was perfect.
      Thats the kinda say she gets. Anyone else can get in line to kiss mine. ^~^ Unless like someone else said, I lived with someone who wasn't comfortable with a specific style of doll. I'd probably respect that, to an extent. Saying you're afraid of anything doll related will be blissfully ignored. XP
    11. Um I think them not letting you get french resin dolls is completely weird and unfair. As with me, if my friends show me websites and I see something I really really must have, then I get it, but I dont usually let my friends actually show me dolls that they like and it influences me to buy them.
    12. Oddly enough I do live with someone, But he doesn't have a say in who I buy. Unless perhaps I use him as a layaway platform and if he had a problem with a particular doll, I'd compromise. But so far, no one has a say.
    13. Personally I don't take into account anyone's opinions but my own where dolls are concerned. They are mine and it is my money which I earn at my full time job, so it's no one's business but mine. But, I do realize that not everyone is in the same position.

      However, if there were a doll I were considering purchasing that I was unsure of I would consult with some trusted doll friends. Up to this point I only have Volks dolls, but it's possible that some day I may get other company's dolls as well. If this were to happen I'd want to consult with people I knew who had the doll or that company's dolls about the quality and such and I would take their opinion into account before I made my purchase.
    14. I listen to my family and fiance's opinions. However, it's my money being spent in the end, and I need to be the one happy with the doll. For example, no one likes any of the male dolls I want, but that doesn't stop me from wanting any of them. When I did listen to their opinions and not mine, I ended up sort of spontaneously buying a Ringdoll I really didn't like. I didn't realize I didn't like her until I really got looking at the bodies and stuff, and fortunately events happened as to give me my money back. That experience taught me to trust my own instincts and my own wants. I've been pretty happy doing that. Of course, if the future hubby likes a wig for a certain doll and I can afford it, why not buy it for the doll?

      That's sort of my thinking, anyway.
    15. The only person I would listen to would be my boyfriend. This is because he's the only (close) person who listens to me ramble on and on about dolls and actually takes an interest in what I like or what I plan to do. He also sometimes helps me pay for them and is totally supportive of my hobby. All of that makes him worth listening to and opinions counted for.

      I also really like to show off my dolls and what I do to them too to him so it's not good if one of them makes him feel awkward...it kinda kills the air of excitement I have around myself, I guess. For instance, I really liked Leeke's Mikhaila and her pear shape, but for him to see a doll in the form of a child but with the hips of a woman and a face-up of someone much older than her age was a bit too much for him. So, in the interest of the both of us, I decided to wait for another model to pop up and pique my (our) attention. :)
    16. It's actually nice to have family involved in your bjd world:) My mom sometimes gives her opinion too when she is paying for the doll,I've to admit half of my collection,volks especially were gifts from her.However the biggest problem I have also is her giving an opinion on which should I get too-.-" None of my dolls from photo she has successfully identify as a boy ^^""" I'm a male only collector ...so ..well^^" I still get the final decision anyway
    17. I listen to my girlfriend's opinions about the dolls I want to get or will get - mostly as a "does this fit x character?" sort of way, or simply to make sure that she hasn't already slated that doll for one of her own major characters. However, if I'm going to get a doll simply to get it, and not to fit a character, I just buy it. Usually, though, I show her pictures, 'cause I want her excited as well. lol

      However, if for any reason, there were a doll she absolutely hated... as in, despised horribly and could not stand to even look at in pictures... I would listen. I love my hobby, but the people around me matter more. *shrugs* The price of living with other people, I suppose.
    18. BJDs are my hobby, and no one gets a say in what I'm getting. It's my money, my time and the molds I love.
      If I did let someone affect what I'm getting, I would probably regret it afterwards. I want some not-so-pretty sculpts, and I'm ready to agree if people call them ugly or creepy, but I'll get them anyway.
      Still, if it were to be a present, I think I could find something desirable from pretty much any company (if the buyer didn't agree to buy any of the many ones I really want). Because free dolls are love. <3
      And the fears thing is obviously.. Yeah, I would refrain from buying one that someone in my family feared, as long as I live in our city apartment, because the others come there too. But once I moved out, I would get that one too (if I wouldn't become a real poor student, which will happen though XD). If I ever get married / start living with someone, It'll probably be someone who likes or at least accepts dolls, because I couldn't get along well enough with someone who doesn't like BJDs or thinks they're childish.
    19. No one has a say in which dolls I get, but I do listen and appreciate my husband's opinions. He actually takes interest in my hobby and can listen to me ramble on about dolls for hours, which I truly appreciate. When it comes to buying dolls, the final decision is always mine, but he knows enough about the hobby and my tastes that I like hearing what he has to say about my possible choice.

      Having said that, if there is ever a doll that he cannot stand (very unlikely), then I wouldn't get her. Harmony and comfort in the family is more important than dolls.
    20. Not at all, but that;s mostly because I don't involve my non-doll friends in my hobby because they simply don't care about it.
      My boyfriend is uncomfortable with dolls, but I would rather cover them up to make him feel more at ease than not buy a doll because of it and I think he feels the same way. He has never made a remark that I should get rid of them or anything of the sorts.