When you just can’t stop...

Nov 7, 2020

    1. Ordering dolls. Really, dolls are like drugs.
      I found out the 60cm range is something I enjoy very much, so I fell in the pit and ordered a new doll. It’s the third this year, and I promised myself to buy only one... as if! :XD:
      In my defense, the discounts were super good and the currency exchange is amazing too, so I didn’t spend much as I expected but far less. I wanted that doll, and if I waited or hunted the secondhand market I would have actually paid more, counting shipping and everything else.
      The victim of my purchase is Yaoguang from DFH in the 68cm body, I hope he’s not too big for me!
      Did you do any good deals this year? And which is your favorite range size for dolls actually? I have an msd ordered, but I don’t know if I’ll like the size as I enjoy 60cm dolls.
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    2. Can't stop, won't stop :lol:
      I started collecting in 2009, and had 5 dolls this time last year. My husband bought me a long-time grail last Christmas, and then Pandora's box was opened.

      I sold 2 of the original 5, and then bought over 20 dolls this year :aeyepop::aeyepop::aeyepop:

      I'm not sure if it was pandemic stress coupled with a raise, or what my problem is. But they have been a huge source of comfort for me this year and great for my mental health. I've gotten way more into painting and sewing than I have in years, so I see it as a positive thing! I do feel a little bit crazy, but at least I think I've slowed down...for now :evilplot:
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    3. Same for me, it’s funny but I had more money to spend this year than the past ones, so I could get into the hobby for real. And getting my doll during this pandemic stress really helped me in starting to get creative and craft again, and getting rid of the bad thoughts and enjoy myself more.
      I don’t want to own too many dolls, but I guess having 3 in one year it’s not too much overally (none of them were really expensive ones either).
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    4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I got into the hobby 3 months ago and have purchased a second hand doll, ordered a 1/6 dollzone boy and have a Supia Rosey on layaway.....

      There are more I want to buy but I thought I better stop for now, three in three months was naughty :sweat
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    5. I haven’t bought any new dolls this year but lost count of the second hand dolls I bought during quarantine, though I ended up selling almost all of them. :sweat I thought I learned not to impulse buy but here I am. I’m currently getting ready to buy a ResinSoul Mi. I had one a few years ago and I miss her so much, I’m rebuying her and reviving her character. She’s not on sale but is pretty cheap anyway, so it still feels like a good deal. She’s the last one on my wishlist at the moment, but who knows how that may change in time!
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    6. We both are in the naughty club :XD:
      I think we newbies tend to buy more at the start, then we get the hang of what we like and narrow down the choice. I hope I won’t buy dolls I don’t like much, selling is such an hassle!

      I try hard to not impulse buy either, but “gladly” I am very picky. And before buying I think for weeks if it’s really what I want, so at least I am pretty sure I want it :chibi
      I would love to buy secondhand but for now I had no luck! Either shipping was too expensive or I didn’t find what I wanted.
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    7. I’ve been trying to stop buying new bjds for two years! This year I went crazy and ordered five! I too blame the pandemic and having more disposable income, plus the bjd companies put out such temptations this year. Thankfully my collection is tiny anthros, so it doesn’t take up much space. Maybe I won’t be so tempted next year...
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    8. They did crazy sales right?? My first doll had a 30% discount! That’s pratically a steal.
      I will need to declutter my closet and make space while I’m waiting for new dolls, someone help me :XD:
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    9. Haha love it naughty club :XD:
      Yeah the first month I was overwhelmed with choice and just wanted to buy everything at once lol
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    10. I got my first BJD 7 years ago, and I'm currently waiting for 4 dolls! I ordered a Fashion Mini Hound from Dollshe during a sale too, though that was two years ago. Dollshe wait times are a little scary:eek:. And Granado caught me with a VIP (previous customer) offer for another tiny. I wasn't planning on buying any MSD sized dolls until my tiny group is finished, but Racoon Doll had a 30% off sale and I couldn't resist. And I'm waiting for a Bluefairy who was on my wishlist, unlike the others that just suddenly demanded I bring them home. I've got a few of my tinies I'm thinking of selling, but there are more dolls on my wish list.
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    11. Well... It's the 4th month in the hobby for me and at 4 dolls ordered I'm averaging one per month so far :frownyblush: And it's not even out of "searching" or trying to figure what I like... I know what I like it it happens to be Dollshe sculpting...:horror: So yep, I have 3 dolls from them on order and a 4th doll that I snatched elsewhere because I actually want to HAVE a BJD :lol:
      I do have to say that I'm not planing on going like this further on... It's the waiting for the first doll to arrive that seriously erodes the restrain - like ordering more will make the wait easier or the doll show up sooner... :sigh
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    12. I've been on a buying kick, too. When I first started the hobby, I was trying to make everything "fit" with my first doll (a Resinsoul Ming), and when I eventually abandoned that, I tried to make various groups of MSD dolls work together...which inevitably meant buying more dolls (all secondhand/in stock) to round out a cast. I also bought several tiny creatures just because they're cute. I think I got creatively stifled, though, trying to make them all work, so I decided to give some of my MSDs and a couple of the not-quite-as-fantasy tinies to a friend who has expressed interest in BJDs and is far more creative than me but who has a lot of mental health issues and was unemployed at the time. I know BJDs help my mental health, so hopefully they'll help her as well!

      You'd think I'd be satisfied with my collection, but no. My two remaining MSDs have gained a new friend that I just couldn't resist, I acquired my first SD because I found a secondhand doll who was a perfect match for one of my characters, and (off-topic) I got a mature dollhouse-sized doll and my first wire/plush art doll to further branch out and explore what the doll world has to offer. Now I just need a YoSD, and a 70cm+ doll, and... I've also picked up some accessories for my newcomers.

      I'd say the craziness of the world right now has certainly contributed to this. It's nice to have something to look forward to coming in the mail, and I was financially able to since I (thankfully) still have my job, I worked part time with the census this fall, and I didn't go to a convention where I usually spend a chunk of change.

      I'm really, really trying to resist buying more (space! money!), but it is really hard when you see a doll for sale and the possibilities just keep presenting themselves. I also admittedly have a hard time resisting a good deal and really need to stick with dolls I REALLY want versus those I just want to rescue and don't have any concrete character ideas for/any idea where I will put them or what I will do with them. Just because I admire a sculpt or am curious about dolls from a certain company doesn't mean I have to *own* them. (I'll just keep telling myself that...maybe someday I'll actually listen.)
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    13. I have ordered three new dolls this year, and all in the last four months at that. The pandemic really has changed a lot of my habits this year, and has resulted in some freed-up funds for fun stuff like dolls. All three are in the 16-18 inch range.
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    14. the pandemic killed my wallet. It was the lockdown which i stopped going to work for which then gave me a lot more internet surfing/bjd looking time. 4 dolls this year.... though one of those was a grail i managed to find second hand, and another was a bday present i asked my SO to get me, a 1/6 tiny, and the other two, well the deal was too good to pass up (<_<;;), such that if i don't end up keeping them I'll easily be able to sell them at cost. I still might buy one more doll if the company does a winter sale...but if i do, i'll sell one of the ones I have at cost, so saying the net difference is zero is how i justify this last potential doll lol.
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    15. I definitely need to cool it with the new dolls... I bought three DiM heads in that Instagram stock sale in January, paid off a Loongsoul body, started a 9 month layaway for a Dollshe body, did a layaway for a Miracle Doll body, and I bought TWO rather expensive YOSDs -- a secondhand Dust of Dolls Appi Jama (who should be shipping soon !! fingers crossed) and a limited Black Cherry Brownie (should be here in a few days!) :frownyblush: Not to mention, I've gotten really into Nendoroids, so that's a whole new expensive hobby. My poor wallet...
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    16. I've ordered four dolls and one body this year. I think that should be it... at least until New Years, haha. :sweat

      As for good deals, I've taken advantage of three sales. 30% off for 2D Doll Light, 20% of for Loong Soul FuSang, and 25% off for the DF-H body I plan to put her head on. I can't justify buying SD and up dolls without a significant discount, it seems.

      I have 3 MSDs currently, (although I'm planning to sell one) and one on layaway. My two larger dolls, mentioned above, won't be here until December and late next year, respectively. So I'm probably not in a position to say which size I like best yet. I've never owned or seen a Yo-SD in person, either. I anticipate I'll like the larger two as much as my MSD crew, if not more because they'll be easier to sew for. Of course, portability will also be a factor once in-person meetups start happening again, so it'll probably even out then.
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    17. Literally, we were suppose to stop when there was no more room on the BJD sized couch we have for them (so supposedly like 3-5). It's been 13 years and 18 dolls later, I've resigned myself that there will be more. Hahaha.:sweat

      However! We always held back if our finances couldn't support us to buy a doll (like do we have enough for food, bills, rent/mortage, buying gifts for family/friends, paying student loans/going to school, etc). Technically, we only bought one this year (the other one from earlier in the year was purchased late last year) so that's not too bad but she was pricey since she was a secondhand market doll. Last year, we were bad. Hahaha. But other years, we didn't even purchase one. So it comes in waves I suppose.
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    18. I like my dolls from 54-75 cm, and I have to stop for the rest of the year, because I keep buying dolls. This year, I’ve sold more than I’ve bought, but I’ve bought or traded for... 13? Dolls this year. And still somehow, I think more have gone out than I’ve brought home. Of those, some of them were under $200 because of the floramonkey bodies, and one was €999 because Twigling is awesome, but every time I want a twigling doll, I have to sell something else to afford that.

      but I’m in the no new dolls that aren’t traded sin bin for now.
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    19. I’m glad I’m not the only one :XD:. I only have 4 months in the hobby and I’ve ordered 6 dolls so far. I have 3 on layaway, I’m waiting for a fully paid doll to ship, and I have two with me that were in stock so they arrived within two weeks.
      I’m currently eyeing three different dolls as we speak lol. The "dolls are like drugs" is pretty accurate. The different face sculpts and bodies really draw me in, and I just can’t help it! Hopefully I can settle down when I’ve acquired all the dolls on my current wishlist, but I have a feeling there will always be another one that I want..
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    20. I can't stop either! I was suppose to buy and order no doll this year, and I end up with one full new doll, three new heads and two new bodies. :doh
      My favorite range size for dolls is 60-65cm. I have some 70cm dolls but they are a little too big for my taste, and own a few MSD and tinies, but I enjoy less those sizes.
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