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When you re-home a doll, do you delete all your photos of it?

Jul 26, 2016

    1. Every time I've sold a doll I've deleted all photos of it I had taken, with occasionally an exception of meetup group photos. Does anyone else do this, or do you keep your old pictures?

      For me it's always just been part of letting the doll go. For the most recent doll I've re-homed though I'm still holding onto several pics for the time being. Partially I'm doing this because I just kind of like them but also because others do (via likes on flickr). I also recently came across some photos on an old hard drive of the very first 2 BJD I ever had and from the first few meets I attended. It was interesting discovering I had them still and they brought back some memories. Now, because of these 2 recent events, I'm struggling over if I should re-think my tactic. Those old photos are somewhat neat to have but also feel a bit like clutter on my photostream.
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    2. I've kept my favorite photos of dolls I've sold -- not as a way of hanging onto the doll, but as a way of hanging onto the photos. When I look at those pictures, I don't feel that I miss the doll or regret selling it or want to re-buy it, but I do think "hey, I was doing pretty well with the pose and the lighting there!" There are definitely dolls that I enjoy much more now, in old photos, than I ever enjoyed in person (hello, Narin 60, I'm looking at you).
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    3. I don't get rid of photos. Ever. Not just doll related, I'm a photo hoarder in my everyday life. I might clean up online galleries by moving pics of dolls I no longer own to their own space, but I could never bring myself to actually delete those photos. Photographs are memories, and I don't like forgetting things.
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    4. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. If I know a photo is linked here in the Photo Reference section I try not to delete it, just because there's a chance said picture could help another member down the line.

      I do mark their Flickr albums as "GONE" however, so folks can see I no longer own them.
    5. Nope. I mean, unless I'm purging my computer anyway, but it isn't deleted just because I don't have the doll anymore. I like looking back at what I used to have. I like seeing pictures of the dolls that have gone to different homes. Sometimes I feel a bit sad seeing good pictures of them and wish I still had them but... I still like seeing them.
    6. People like you are the reason I have a habit of saving every picture I like, in case you delete them! XD

      Seriously though, if it's part of how you let go then you should do what you need to do. I personally keep all my photos, both online and on my hard drive. I keep them up on flickr for other people to use as a reference, and hey, even if I don't have the doll anymore I still like the photos and other people can still enjoy them! I also have a lot of nostalgia for my early days in the hobby, so I keep the really old ones on my hard drive because it's nice to have those old pictures to go through.
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    7. I am considering selling a doll that I've had for some years and there are photos of him around. Because they can be a reference for someone, I wouldn't delete them but would mark him as sold on the photo.

      In general I think of my doll photography as being a separate thing from the doll itself and while I may not own the doll anymore it doesn't negate the artistic aspect of the photo.
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    8. Good grief no!

      If I did that all the forum posts I used those pictues in would have broken links.

      It's not like the doll ceased to exist, it's just moved on to a new home.

    9. I always keep my pictures... You never know when someone may ask for examples of that particular sculpt, or of the combination of resin and eye or wig color you used, or something like that. It's useful to have them around for reference.

      Once in awhile you'll also get a more recent owner looking to trace their doll's history... Having older images to share from that doll's time in your collection is nice.
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    10. For me, I'll keep some favorite photos of a doll or a project like keeping some snapshots of old friends you don't see often. In case you want a reference to how you did something, or how it turned out, or just as a reminder :)
    11. I like looking at doll photos in general. Even if I don't have the doll anymore, it's nice to look at the photos. It's nice to look at really old photos too because you can see how your photography skills have improved.
    12. I'm a photo hoarder; besides, it's much easier to do digitally than with old fashioned film. Flash drives take up so little space.

      This thread prompted me to look at some of my old BJD photo files. I see that I could do a little more purging of the blurry pics, but sometimes they were the ONLY pics I had of a meet, lol!
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    13. Nope, I delete all pictures of sold dolls. Looks like I'm a bit different from most, as I like to keep my photos all neat and tidy and take up less memory space. Im always deleting older photos I don't like. Meh, I'm just not a picture person. Every once in a while I feel an over whelming urge to purge old pictures, and even possessions. I guess I have a fear of having too much stuff!
    14. I keep them, partly for the broken-link reason mentioned above, and partly out of nostalgia. I also keep pictures of deceased pets and family members. Digital photos don't take up much room.
    15. I've only re-homed one doll, and only just this week, so maybe things will change down the line, but I keep the pictures. It's not about holding onto the doll for me. This particular doll is being reshelled, so it's like I still have her character. She just looks different now. I keep the pictures because I like the pictures. :)
    16. The only doll photos I get rid of are the ones I took for the sales threads, along with any photos that I couldn't fix in Photoshop. I delete them mostly from my camera's memory card, and only occasionally from my computer. I leave the pics I have stored on Photobucket because they are linked to threads here and I don't like broken links when I am looking for a doll photo.

      I keep all the other photos of the dolls that I took when I owned them. They may have moved on to new homes, but they were once members of the (doll) family so I can't erase them from my life.
    17. I don't delete them on my flickr mainly because even if they aren't mine anymore, they were still part of my growth in photography and the BJD hobby. It also doesn't bother me if I see pictures of dolls I've previously owned. In fact it's usually quite the opposite; I can see why I didn't bond with them compared to the ones I still have at home.
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    18. I delete a lot of photos. Most, probably, because I just can't stand clutter of any type. I usually do keep the really good photos, but anything that was just spur of the moment or for fun has no reason to hang around.
    19. I keep them for nostalgia's sake and sometimes I forget stuff and use photos and the timestamps on those photos to remember!
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