When your doll isn't what she seems...

Oct 9, 2021

    1. There are probably many stories about unscrupulous doll sellers on the internet. I bought a bjd from an online doll clothes seller. She was my first purchase. I had no idea how to go about buying a doll since I was brand-new to the concept of ball-jointed dolls for adult collectors. Anyway, I bought her and found out that her torso, upper thighs and head are glued and won't budge. I have sent a refund request to the seller and am waiting to hear back.
      Has anyone experienced similar circumstances?
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    2. TBH, no, because I'm the type who does a lot of research before buying :sweat

      But to be fair, the hobby back then was a lot more niche as well. And entering extreme niche hobbies kinda require you to do more research because otherwise you don't even find the places to buy from. But nowadays it's way too easy to stumble upon fakes just by clicking onto eBay and typing in BJD.

      What I did have to happen to me though is stuff like that with clothes and accessories. Clothes that looked very different on photos than in real (even though it was the original maker), or props that had different sizes than advertised. My favorite was the umbrella I bought from Sadol that looked lovely in scale with their slim 70cm guy, but for some reason it's ridiculously oversized with my way bigger EID dude...:?
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    3. Since you mention being new to the hobby, are you sure the doll isn't hot glue sueded? Sometimes people use it to create grip for much better posing and the pieces can really suction on to each other sometimes when the doll hasn't been moved for a while.
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    4. I was thinking hot glue sueding as well. But I have a similar story. Once bought a secondhand bjd on ebay (being careful of course) and the description showed that it was someone selling their late mother's dolls. All the other listings by this person were like those older porcelain dolls and the bjd I found was even dressed like one. So I bought it and when the doll arrived I found out that the prior owner had been treating it more like a porcelain doll. The wig was glued on and she was sewn into a dress. Got her for a good deal though. :lol:
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    5. I did stumble upon fakes on eBay and was too leary of buying one. I was also concerned about anyone selling a fake doll. They must be lacking in talent and especially in character.

      After these many months, I did learn how to buy a doll from the original authors. I would go on their sites and see that there was no purchasing options. Like, where's the "buy now" button!?! So I emailed them and they explained to me the process. I reached out to the Pasha Pasha author, TriffonyArtwork, Sugar Bones, and Joy Dolls. They were all very helpful.

      I did get in on a pre-order of Joy Dolls last week. I will receive her in 3-6 months. I only had to put down a $300 deposit and the rest of the money is due when she is done painting the doll and making the wigs.

      Lesson learned. I wish there was a doll show in my area to buy these things. Now I need accessories. Buyer beware, right?

      Oh, yes, I learned about sueding recently. No, this is glue on her two torso joints and upper thigh and neck joint. Her shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees work well. The woman who has more experience than me tried to get her to move by warming her up. She said it doesn't budge so it must be super glued.
      I know now to reach out when I have questions. Now that I know about this site I will make sure I know what I'm getting into.
      Thank you for responding!

      Thank you for making me laugh! I can imagine your surprise to find out the real deal!
      I'm glad I'm not alone. I will make the best of it. I mean, she is a pretty doll and I will take photos of her regardless.

      I'm in love with this new hobby even though my initial purchase is a disappointment.

      Haha! Well, isn't that the way it works. I'm writing down the other dolls you listed. I'm going to look into that because it would be nice to just click on a doll and put her in my cart, pay and wait by the mailbox! Easy.

      But I have good news: I wrote to the guy who sold me my doll and told him that I was upset that she was glued together. He told me she had candle glue or silicone glue and that if I soak her the glue will dissolve. And it worked! But now I have to get her restrung, which isn't a big deal. I'm just so glad that she will move now!!

      Thank you for the advice! I was able to get the glue to dissolve by soaking her in hot water. I have to get her restrung now, but that isn't a biggie. I'm going to remember the freezer advice. It might come in handy.
      As for your Hewitt doll, I think it's great that you have a one-of-a-kind sad-eyed grail doll! How can you not love that? ;-)

      Hey, thank you for the advice! We actually just soaked her in hot water and got her to move again. Now I need to get her restrung, but I'm not concerned about that. Whew! Happy ending to a harrowing problem. Actually, I didn't dare try to use acetone. It sounded way to scary! Haha!

      Yes, we got her to move after soaking her in hot water. I'm so relieved! I have learned a lot by everyone's posts. Thank you so much. I hope I never have a floppy doll!! Sounds really frustrating. I guess she will just stay in her box, lovely sculpt and all. ;-)

      Oh, no! Well, maybe you can try to sell her or give her as a present to someone you think would appreciate it. You never know, maybe you'll find someone to love her!

      I have great news: We soaked her in hot water and got her to move. You know, even if we didn't solve the problem, I would always love and care for her anyway. She is a sweet doll and she has a good home. I'm so glad you responded to my post. Thank you so much!!

      Oh, really? I never considered that the faceup can cover up flaws. Like, is there a particular thing or is it more skin tone?

      That is so disappointing! Especially I'm sure you were so excited for six months and then...oh, really...what the heck...ugh!! I hope you can find the right doll for your character. Keep searching!!

      Thank you for the tips! It's hard to know the color when all of our monitors are different. But you'd think when they came up with coffee black and it was purple, they could come up with something more accurate!

      It was sueding! The glue dissolved when we soaked her in hot water. I'm so relieved!

      Thank you! You are right on the money! She moves now after a good soak in hot water. Yay!!
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    6. To be fair, all the artists you listed are among the highly sought after artists that mainly make fashion dolls in small quantities/come from a different background! There are many companies where you in fact can just normally buy through the store, and who have certain models that are always available (like Iplehouse, Fairyland, Luts, Dollmore etc.) :)
      But it's true that the hobby often works with pre-order phases and/or limited releases. Which can be insanely frustrating cause it feels like every doll one likes is a limited release from 2014:horror:
    7. I've seen advice on this forum to try putting super glued resin in the freezer to weaken it or help it come off.

      I have ordered most of my dolls directly from the companies who make them or through authorized dealers such as Denver Doll Emporium and Alice's Collections. I have learned not to trust Soom Dolls fantasy resin color names. One of my dolls from them is "Light Violet" which is a purple tinted light blue, but she's a lovely color regardless. The other one is in "Coffee Black", which I paid a significant amount extra for, and she's the color of grape juice. I was a bit dismayed when I got her. We live and learn, I guess!
    8. My most recent disappointment was with an Impldoll Alisa in their brown skin. After a six month wait, she arrived and while she was absolutely stunning, she was much MUCH lighter than the brown skin looked in their photos, and as such, she couldn't work for my character. I was pretty upset, but I ended up rehoming her with someone who loves her, so I guess at least she made someone happy, even if it wasn't me. I still don't know what to do with my character though, since the only other dolls that could work are way out of my budget.
    9. If it's superglue apparently freezing it can loosen it up.

      Only thing i've been surprised by have been skin tones, because screens don't really display colour so well and every batch is slightly different.
      And size, sometimes size can be hard to parse.

      I won't buy a doll unless I can see a blank sculpt image heh. I haaaate that faceups can hide so much.
    10. There's basically nothing that I couldn't fix on a damaged doll, so I don't really mind what state something turns up in as long as I know about the damage in advance and the price reflected the issues. I'd be willing to bet you could remove the superglue with isopropyl alcohol and have a perfectly good doll at the end. Just a thought!
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    11. I recently bought what I thought was a pukipuki. Bad photos. The seller was the granddaughter of a woman who had passed. It turned out to be a Hujoo baby, so like abs plastic or something.
      I don't care for dolls with disproportionate sized heads, like baby dolls. I'm trying to care for her but it's not working. I only paid $40 so it's not a scam.
    12. As others have said it could be glue sueding, I got a doll that the chest piece wouldn't move and it took a lot of effort and force to finally get it loosened up. The glue had gotten a little tacky with the heat during shipping and reset. If there is a joint there it should move.
      I have also experienced a doll that was so floppy that even though I absolutely loved the sculpt I could not stand the doll because of it. It wasn't just a matter of restringing either, it was the fact that the head was a lot bigger in comparison to her body and her jointing was too much that no matter how I tried to pose her she would flop around. My friend bought her from me and I warned her but she too loved the sculpt and figured it wouldn't bother her but she boxed her back up in frustration.
    13. You might try soaking the glued together parts in acetone if the refund doesn’t go through. It will temporarily soften the resin while it’s wet, so be careful, and I don’t know if I’d recommend it to a nervous newbie otherwise, but it will dissolve superglue. Wear gloves and do it in a cool room with good ventilation—not because acetone is harmful but to minimize superglue fuming fingerprints on your doll. If the acetone is less than 100% it will be worse as superglue fuming requires moisture. The majority of gaseous cyanoacrylate should be dispersed after the glue has dried for a while, but superglue fuming is really annoying so Id be extra careful
    14. yeah ths happened to me, i also made a thread similar to this because of my experience its not bad tho lol. so i got my grail doll a volks hewitt and all the hewitts i've seen have neutral or angryish eyebrows which gives them a very grumpy, filled with attitude kind of look and that's why I love that sculpt but the Hewitt I found has very sad/concerned eyebrows! The faceup is very well done and very cute but it certianly wasn't what I was expecting but it's grown on me because there's no other hewitt out there that looks like mine!
      As for the glue if its hot glue, which it might be as its very common to use hot glue in joint holes for more friction it can peel if if you pop it in the freezer. Super glue us a bit more tricky but i think you could use isopropyl alchol or acetone but be careful with acetone as it can weaken the resin.
    15. That's what I'll do. It just feels like not loving the ugly puppy lol
    16. It was extremely disappointing! For now, I've just kind of put her out of my mind, since the sadness about that doll is still so strong and I think that is clouding my judgment too much to start looking for a different option yet. I'm focusing on a different group of dolls for now, and I'll probably come back to her once the negative feelings fade and I'm ready to try again. I just don't want to rush and make another bad decision because I'm not thinking clearly.
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    17. Oh good, I am glad you got the joints to move! Oh yes, I now look at all the joints and thinness of the limbs vs height and head size etc. I learned the hard way on that one!
    18. Yes, thank you! I am going to keep what you said in mind. I'm like you, I prefer proportionate body parts. Have a great day!
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    19. Good for you. I would probably rush right in and buy another doll and regret it. I do think I'm becoming too crazy about wanting this and that for my doll and looking for perfection. Which is so wrong!! There is a doll maker out there, Smart Doll, whose philosophy is that imperfections are desirable. And when you get a grouping of imperfections there is a very pleasing outcome. His dolls are really cool and cute! What kind of dolls are you focusing on right now?
    20. Haha! Some dogs are so ugly they're cute!
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