Where are all the Dollshe Bermanns?

Oct 22, 2004

    1. Didn't a few people get Dollshe Bermann's recently? James got his and has disappeared into his sewing room..... where are the rest?
    2. my little Bowen is in Taiwan right now.
      oh...>.< i miss him so much...so wanna hug him... :(

    3. Very cool! And what is he doing in Taiwan? What do you think of him? No one posts about him much. Christy and I were the only ones that adored him when we got him off the first pre-order last year. A couple of the others sold him off immediately, wasn't well accepted. Was wondering what people thought of him now.
      Thanks for the photo!
    4. Hey, I adored him too! I just didn't buy one.

      I am happy to admire yours and Christy's from afar. ^_^
    5. Ahh! Its the John Denver Bermann!! :love

      Bermann is such a cool guy, it'd be awesome to see more photoshoots of the new ones who found their way home. :grin:

    6. :cry:
      Waaah! Where was I when poor Bermann was being rejected?!
      Dagnabit......I spent too long in Himstedt-land and missed all the good dolls.
    7. I don't have one, but I bet if I had gotten in BJDs any sooner I would've snatched him for sure. I love Bermann... he's so gorgeously creepy. ^^;
    8. Ooh...I love Bermann. I personally like his more "mature" face, but I didn't know about bjd's when all the reselling was going on...so I missed out. I wouldn't have had the funds anyway. lol But you know, I could certainly due with seeing some more pictures of Bermann. *hint hint to all you lucky enough to own one types out there*
    9. i was kind of iffy on bermann until i saw owner pictures. of course, by then it was too late.

      I wish i had more money and could backtrack in time- I would totally own a bermann! But, alas, the money is short (i'm moving ^_^) and they are no longer up for sale :)

      I'll just content myself staring at the lovely pics! :grin:
    10. I did not mean to give the impression that a hord of them were sold the first time out!
      I only know of two that did not stay with the original owners and were sold pretty quickly.

      I just really thought more sold around here this last order and wondered where they were. I don't know where all of the orginal 4 are, only 3 of them now 1 of the second group.

    11. There were two orders of Bermann? Maybe there'll be a third. Thrird time's a charm and all that. x3;;
    12. I don't think so. I was surprised that he did a second order. "Mr. Dollshe", I can't remember his name right now, was only going to make 27 total. Supposedly, Bermann is modeled after himself. He is very tall Korean that is athletic (a runner). He was supposedly working on a new girl for this year but have not heard anything else about her.

    13. I would really like to have a Bermann, sooner or later.

      I must say I like the default make up he has in the pics in his Korean online shop very much.

      He looks very sweet in them! :daisy

      To tell the truth, I generally prefer sweet-looking boy dolls instead of the "cool" and "masculine" ones, this is why I didn't order a Bermann.

      I thought he looked too "grown up", too "manly" for my liking...

      But then I saw some pics of him and suddenly fell in love with him...

      But it was too late!! :cry:

      I really hope someone who doesn't like him will sell his to me, when I have saved enough money to afford him and the several other dolls I'm in love with.

      Or maybe they will release a third group of Bermann dolls in a few months... :daisy

      At least, I hope so! :wink:


      PS: I need to explain that I LIKE cool looking boy dolls, but I prefer looking at them rather than owning them! :daisy
    14. What only ONE pic?

      You Bermann owners have to do better than that! :o

      For those of us who don't own one ....we want to see this guy. :D
    15. Here is my handsome B-Boy......

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

    16. Berman's size intimidates me tons. He's just SO huge. When I had the money, I could have gotten him, but decided against it. He just doesn't -do it- for me, so to speak. I do enjoy looking at his pics, though. :)
    17. Karen -Your b-boy is so cool. I think he looks best done up as a sort of creepy goth boy. Can't wait to see how James "duds" his up. :wink:

      Would love to see someone do a cosplay of their Berman as Dream from Sandman... :chibi

      I will join the crowd of "I would have gotten one if I'd known about bjd sooner." :crushed

      Alas, I think I will buy myself a Happydoll Arthur, one of these days... Speaking of mature men. :|
    18. I'd heard rumors that Dollshe was planning on coming out with another male doll - like Bermann, but a different face - some time in the (unknown) future. Has anyone else heard this?


      Also, for those of you who have Bermanns...does anyone have an SD13 boy, and can take pictures of them together for us? I'm wondering about scale stuff....
    19. oh my goodness, yes! :D I think I would melt into a puddle of goo at the beauty of that, definitely. I loooove Berman; I think he's the first boy doll that I've really fallen hard for. His hands, his face... :chibi
    20. At first, Bermann used to kinna scare me, I think his eyes seemed off or something at the time but I've fallen in love with him after looking at other members' pics here. XD
      I was about to go on a hunt to find out where to get him and then read he's no longer sold~ I love his more mature and masculine face, he's almost close enough to being the "perfect boy" that I've been wanting to get. :D

      Hopefully there will be another mature/masculine sculpt by someone....