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Where are all the DollTi boys?

Jul 4, 2006

    1. I have been wondering since reading an earlier thread here.........

      Where did all the DollTi boys 'D' - 'Woo Yan' - 'Moo Yan' go?

      Apparently there were 25 of each doll made but i only ever saw a very few of each type on DollTi's eBay auctions - did you manage to get a DollTi boy?

      I have Woo Yan number 6 so i consider myself lucky.

      I just thought it would be great to know where they all are in the world, yeah OK, i'm the nosy type
    2. Ooooh, were those the Cloud and Sephiroth looking dolls? I was just wondering about them too!
    3. Maybe you should start a database for DollTi dolls? Then you'd know where they all are ^_^
    4. yes iammako - they did resemble them..............funny how you were wondering too
    5. I posted my Siorei(WooYan) up in the gallery! Other than that I havent had alot of time....waiting on his clothing right now....misrouted mail and all( damn you USPS!!) How do you know which number yours was?
    6. Yes there is a database here but only 12 of us admit to having them ha ha :lol:

      It's part of his serial number - they all start with WY then the number, mine is 06 then the rest of the serial numbers follow. Have a look-see in your dolls head cap and let me know what number yours is.
    7. ok...Ill go look now....
    8. WY06-FL714

      I assume that the WY06 part means WooYan 2006 actually..........
    9. :crushed ha ha ha trust me to get the wrong end of the stick..........how do we know which one's we have then???

      my serial number: WY06-L794T
    10. I dont think we'll ever really know...All I know is that mine should be the very last one

    11. What date did you buy/get yours? I bought mine on the 12th May 06 and he arrived 30th May 06.
    12. I think I got him the 28th of June........I cant remember exactly when I ordered him. I have a foul memory for numbers....but I dont remember ever seeing another auction after that, for a Wooyan
    13. No, the auctions seemed to dry up then did'nt they? I did see a Moo Yan but no more Woo's
    14. lol yea......again..my dumb luck . I wasnt going to give in and buy one either...I didnt think I would be able to get him
    15. Well . . . I've been assuming that most of the dolls were sold in Korea, to people who wouldn't show up on DoA; my guess (only a guess) is that at least 2/3 of the dolls from DollTi stayed there. I bet the Korean DollTi owners are having a ball together online, somewhere on CyWorld! :daisy
    16. Hihi mine is WY06-K15CC

      Yeah at first, I thought I got no.6 XD
    17. LOL its an epidemic of no. 6's ....hmm...maybe I should register him now
      * lazy bum still hasnt done it*
    18. Err..what benefits do we get from the registration?
    19. None I dont think, but they asked us too......probably becuase of thier limited-ness..........................
    20. I got a Dollti "D"
      Maybe the database is a good idea.