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Where can I find 6mm doll eyes??

Aug 30, 2007

    1. I have searched high and low for 6mm doll eyes, preferably glastic, for my Nari-pons. I can't find them anywhere! Does anyone know of a source for these tiny eyes?
    2. Junkyspot.com has some :3
    3. I know that mimiwoo on ebay carries 6mm eyes, and I've bought 6mm glasstic eyes on ebay also, at some doll supply, can't remember which, and they were -very- reasonably priced. 3$ USD, I think?
    4. THANK YOU ALL!!! I ordered some from Junkyspot, and will go check out Mimiwoo now. You guys are the best! I should have asked here in the first place and saved myself a LOT of trouble!!
    5. VanDykes' Taxadermy has awesome eyes in a ton of sizes. http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/ Just a warning tho, the size on the eyes without the whites is the actual measurement, so you'd want to get smaller if you plan to put them on a backing.
    6. Dollsupply.com carries GlasticRealistic brand. They're quite good, I have a pair in my tiny. JunkySpot.com has some, and VolksUsa.com might have a few pair.
    7. Artistique has that size, and they are nice and really inexpensive.
    8. Oh my. Necro-ing a thread, because this was very helpful for a non-topic project. ^.^; This thread came up on a Google. I've never had to shop for eyes this small before. DoA to the rescue again!
    9. Captured in Glass makes glass ones.
    10. Warning about Van Dykes Taxidermy: 9 years ago I sent for one of their catalogs, thinking I might purchase some eyes from them. I never did purchase from them. I only wanted ONE catalog. They've been sending me catalogs a couple of times a year now for NINE YEARS. I've e-mailed them and begged them to stop sending me the catalogs. I've called them three separate times when the e-mails didn't work. I'm STILL getting their catalogs NINE YEARS LATER. I'm totally not kidding. PLEASE don't give them your address unless you want a lifetime of receiving their disgusting catalogs. It's to the point where it's so ridiculous I want to write an article about it and send it to Cracked.com. If I get even ONE more catalog from them, I'm totally going to write about it for Cracked.com.