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Where can I find a 60cm sized wheelchair?

Feb 26, 2007

    1. I've seen other dolls with wheelchairs (though admittedly, not for awhile). I'd like to get one for my 60cm guy, Ryoki. Does anyone know where I could get one?
    2. It would be rather big for an msd size doll, unless the person is going for a "little lost doll" look. I looked at the width at the American Girl Place store, and American Girl dolls are quite wide. :D In length, however, your suggestion is probably better. :)

    3. Thank you guys for the suggestions! I really appreciate this! ^^
    4. As a long-time American Girl Doll fan, I can tell you that their stuff is more sized to SD, really. Furniture, horses, props and such; they aren't scaled right for MSD at all. The thing people forget with chairs and horses and such from them is that AG dolls don't bend at the knee. Plus, their heads are HUGE in comparison to the rest of their bodies. SD are sized more accurately, and CAN bend, which means that all the leg-related design in AG had to be made for dolls with stiff legs, even though appearence-wise, it's scaled to bigger dolls. MSD would look absurd in AG stuff, even the horses; they're very much SD size.
    5. Yeah, I didn't think the dresser-type furniture was too bad for MSD, and the beds would be cute for a MSD, but I am in total agreement otherwise. The AG girls are too big and chunky. :D

    6. As far as the horses, I would say that they are more MSD size. I put my MSD on the horses in the store and based on my experiences around horses, the height of the AG horses are more suited for MSD. An SD would be way too big, but I suppose ok if you were going for "adult on a pony" look, which in real life look ridiculous as it is ^^;;;

      My MSD felt quite at home in the AG store while Anrui's Mikel looked rather big for everything except for chairs and tables.

      <3 Laura
    7. How long are these dolls anyway?
      Would the desks and stuff fit an SD without lookin' like a grown-up sittin' at a kids desk or in a kiddy chair?
    8. I got a my twinn wheelchair off ebay, I think it should have come in the mail today.( I just have to wait untill the office opens) I could show you pictures of it if anyone is interested.

      My girl is a 58cm so then you could tell if my twinn wheelchairs are the right scale.
    9. Ooh, I'd be very curious to see that! Do post pictures. :)
    10. AG girls are 18" tall, but half of that is body and head. More than half, really, and again, the knees don't bend. XD So height-wise, they're MSD size, but scale... they're stumpy. Super-deformed style, if that makes any sense. The chairs and desks look fine with SD, but the beds are too short for laying them out flat. Dressers and armoires are probably too short, since standing, the SD would be taller than them.

      The trouble with MyTwinn stuff is that it's REALLY wide. So it depends on what look you'd rather have: the "Jolly Green String Bean after a Stretching Rack" look, or the "I am barely 1/3 the width of what my chair was made for". XD

    11. Here it is! it came yesterday, (they have them on ebay every once in awhile at a good price ;) ) The Seat is alittle wide, but the scale of it is pretty good for 60cm dolls :)

    12. Gah! It really looks great! I'm planning for one of my future dolls to have a wheelchair so it's nice to know that the My Twinn one fits nice enough.
      P.S. Your girl is very pretty!:)

    13. I'm glad that I could be of help you :)

      Thanks for liking my girl, she doesn't get a lot of love, I really appreciate your warm comment:D
    14. Cute! I sometimes look a little lost in my wheelchair so it's not bad :D
    15. Oh my gosh, It's beautiful! Thank you so much, it's just what I'm after!
    16. Woah, I'm so getting one for my hito~ xD
    17. Oh she looks great! I think it would be cool to have an old-style wheelchair (I'm imagining a Colin from The Secret Garden type character). I guess I would have to make that myself *_* I wouldn't know where to start!