Where can I find a good selection of nice clothes, wigs, and shoes for MSD?

Mar 21, 2008

    1. I'm looking for a website with a good selection of nice clothes, wigs, and shoes for MSD sized dolls. Does anybody have any suggestions of where I may be able to find such things? Thanks. xD;;

      Also, if anybody knows of any good websites with a rather good selection doll eyes or eyelashes, please post that and let me know, as well. ;)

      Oops. I believe I originally posted this in the wrong forum....Please move it. Thank you! Sorry about that.... :doh
    2. Yeah, I like Dollmore a lot, too. I was just wondering if there were any others that aren't as popular. Lol, Thank you~~!! ;) **Bumps thread**
    3. I think this isn't the right thread!
    4. I just bought eyelashes from this store on ebay -

      I will be making msd items soon. I just bought an
      msd doll and there are not many choices out there.
      They are all geared around Narae and Unoa and those
      outfits are really tight. I agree Dollmore has the most.
    5. Yeah, this thread should be in the general discussion or clothes/shoes thread. =/

      Well anyways, from my experience, favorite high quality items are from LUTS, very cute and stylish clothes from Volks and then Dollmore which has the most combinations and clothing articles combined. ^^
    6. Friends 2B Made will fit most dolls. The clothes are cheap. I'd check out thier thread in the Mini Doll Discussion Thread. BTW I think that is where this thread belongs too.
      Not that we mind or anything ;)
    7. Thanks for the suggestions~! ^__^
      Yeah, I accidently put this in the wrong thread....Oops.... -__-
    8. Here's two of my personal favorite:: junkyspot and featherfall. ^^ <3333
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    10. No way to answer.

      Mini-sized dolls do not all wear the same clothing, wigs, shoes.

      The mini clothes at Junkyspot and Featherfall (except for their Dollmore and Anotherspace offerings) mostly fit very slim mature minis like Dollzone. The mini clothes at Dollmore are more for immature bodies (though many pieces can be used by immature or mature).. And Dollmore mini feet are 1/2 cm longer than most minis so the shoes are big on smaller-footed minis.

      Just to clarify - do you mean MSD-size as in the size of Volks MSD (immature)? Or do you have a slim mature mini?

      And what brand and gender doll do you have?

    11. So far I have gotten all of my MSD shoes from 2 sellers on eBay. I know, a lot of folks think that's evil. But, Mimiwoo and Releaserain have a great selection and good prices and they have fit all of my MSD's except the Goodreaus. Just my take. Hope it helps.
    12. The Mimiwoo and Releaserain shoes are cute, but they run too big for slim-footed minis.


    13. Well, I have a DOC girl (old girl body), a DOC boy (new boy body), and I'm planning to purchase a Mini Fee girl (Lishe) in the near future. So any outfits for those dolls would work. xD;;
      So Dollmore WOULD work for the DOCs, but DollHeart most likely wouldn't work...? Perhaps for the Mini Fee...? How about the GuessDoll items from Featherfall? Would they fit a DOC boy?
    14. OK - I believe DOC's have shorter feet - maybe 5.2cm? Dollmore shoes are probably going to be too big for them (though you might be able to make boots work with socks). Someone else asked about Dollmore shoes for DOC Ivan or Kirill feet recently and got that answer.

      I think many Dollmore clothes should work for them. Is your boy long-legged body (about 46cm tall) or the regular body (about 43cm tall)? If he's the tall one I am not sure if Dollmore slacks will be long enough for him, but they probably will be because I think Dollmore males are 45cm.

      I have zero idea how Dollheart clothes are sized. And the shoes might work or may be too might in width and height - I don't know - they might be ok. Someone who has tried them could answer.

      Volks shoes and clothes should work though male slacks may be short?

      With a 5.2cm foot I think releaserain and mimiwoo shoes on Ebay may be too long (except for the sneakers and canvas slipons which everybody wears anyway). They often list the inside measurements of their shoes so you can judge by that. And both of them sell some clothes they list as for DOC (they may say DOD)

      Friends2BMade - I am not positive if this is a DOC immature body, but here is some F2BM on a DOC. These clothes are inexpensive rag doll clothes. Slacks are short and hard to fit on many minis but the gauchos shown are stretch. Shoes and headgear do not fit.
      Here the Pitts seems to be immature and the Petsha mature body:

      Minifee - no - I think Minifee clothing and shoes will not fit DOC unless it's some kind of loose stretchy thing. Minifee are 41cm tall, and very slim and mature, with slim feet. Ditto on Narae, Unoa, Dollzone.

      Mostly you should be looking for clothes listed as being for MSD which usually means they can fit Volks MSD, but be wary of slacks length.

      Here are some measurements you can compare

      Unfortunately some are in inches on the DoA list but you can convert the fractions to a decimal (like 7 1/2 becomes 1.7 then multiple by 2.54 to get cm).

    15. Thanks for the info. xD;;
      So does anybody own any outfits from Doll-zone and know whether or not they fit DOCs or such a doll with similar measurements to that of a DOC? Thanks in advance. =D
    16. For wigs I would say have a look at tinybear's wigs. They are beautiful and so soft and wonderful to touch. :fangirl:


      BTW the shoos on Dollmore have very different sizes. You have to look at the individual shoo and look at the measurements. I did find some small shoos there - and some very big ones.

    17. Friends to be Made clothes fit them well. Also, Tonner's Matt's jeans fit my Soul Kid Ahee perfectly! Some of the 16" fashion doll clothes fit the MSDs, especially the stretchy items - like sweaters.