Where can I find a shrine Maiden Outfit?

May 15, 2007

    1. I want to find something like a shrine maiden outfit or something like it. I have seen the ones at Volks USA. But I want some thing in better colors. I am not quite sure but I think I read somewhere or someone told me the Angelregions little fair dana girl is MSD size. is that right? If anyone knows anything please let me know even if its a pattern. :|
    2. You can always commission someone on DOA who could sew it if you wanted, or if you can make it yourself if you had the right pattern..? Maybe ebay would carry what you looking for in different colors.
    3. I own one, I got it off a Yahoo Japan Auction =3 you could try there. Check the marketplace here too, I've seen stuff like that sold before.
    4. I suspect that you'll have to commission or make something yourself for this case. If it's not red and white, it's not properly a Miko outfit; the colors are significant. Nothing wrong with dressing your doll otherwise, mind, it's just that most places won't carry in other colors.
    5. If you don't want the Shinto Red and White combo...
      You'll have to buy either martial arts (white & blue) or Meiji school uniform style (varies). The basic outfit is the same - short kimono (tomesode sleeves usually) and hakama dress pants.

      Volks recently had some "school uniforms" in the Meiji style. So maybe that will work? Hope that helps ^_^

      Good luck :D
    6. I can make them, they wouldn't be expensive.

      edit: if anyone wants to know what we consider the sshrine maiden outfit used to be practically the underwear under many robes in the heian peirod. during the kamakura period it was considered wastful to wear so many, so the kosode and hakama became the normal wear. young women wore dark red, older women wore brighter red.
    7. I am kind of glad some asked that cuz I would like to make one or find one for my girl too!
    8. :bump Let's revive this post! It is now 2009 and I want me a miko (shrine maiden) outfit!

      Outside of commissions, does anyone know where I can buy one in this day and age? My girl is MSD-sized. (D.O.C. Petsha)
    9. same here. i have an msd sized girl and me want shrine girl outfit!
    10. Oooh, good question! I was wondering myself about hakama for bjds, since I want to do a doll based off a Bleach character, and have thought about if I were to do a Kikyo (Inuyasha) styled doll, since she is dressed like a Miko.