Where can I find cheap shoes for a DOC?

Jul 4, 2007

    1. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find cheap shoes ($10 and under) for my DOC. I've looked, but I keep finding shoes at prices such as $40, $50.... Thanks! ^^
    2. Try Mimiwoo on Ebay, shoes/sneakers start at about $2 and mary janes for $7-8 and postage is not that much, either.

      Here's the link: MIMIWOO

    3. Thanks! ^^ I have a Twing-Key, (I see you have one, too. lol ^^) so they'll fit?
    4. I have got shoes off Kemper, they are a little big but they do give you a good indication on sizing there
    5. For clothes, try www.friends2bmade.com There's a thread somewhere on here as to which clothes fit and which don't, but I know for sure that the hats and shoes are way too big and the pants are a bit too short. Most of the shirts, skirts, dresses, and capris seem to be fine though.
    6. Yeah, I've bought some clothes for my doll at Friends 2B Made before. They fit MSDs perfectly! ^^
    7. You cannot use Friends2BMade shoes though - nobody can!

      Try Juju for cheap shoes - what are your doll's foot measurements? She has two sizes for MSD - I think 58 (Volks size) and 64 (Dollmore size)


    8. Her feet are about 55mm long.... So I think the 58mm would work fine. Thanks! ^^
    9. Oh this helps alot :)
      Btw friends2bmade? They fit MSD'S? Is this all the time, so any clothing you buy will most definatly fit??
    10. I have a DOC girl, too. The shoes from Mimiwoo fit alright. (A little space left to get the shoes on and off..) I bought the sneakers and some of those slip-on shoes.. The MJ's are pretty big on her feet tho. She'd need to wear thick socks/tights for them to stay on properly. :sorry
    11. dollmore shoes are cheap for the most part
    12. They have big dolls (American Girl sized), and smaller dolls. I know that the clothes fit the old DOC girl body and the boy DOC body.
    13. if you have ebay you can find some good deals on doll shoes there too!
    14. ReleaseRain on eBay. She has lovely shoes for under $30...I own three pair myself. Bit big, but just buy ones that lace, LOLOL. I find that Dollmore Ugg boots fit my DoC fine (but my Yen girl has the new body so I don't know if there's a foot size different) and I have three pair in different colours as people sell them for about $5 on here.

      For cheap shoes simply look in the Marketplace here! I got a nice pair of orange-striped soccer-style sneakers for about $8, as well.
    15. I bought shoes from her for my DOC Kirill. They fit perfectly.
    16. Friends2BMade "Friends" clothing does not all fit and does not fit all the time. The shoes and headgear do not fit minis. The slacks are generally baggy and short (unless your doll has short legs)(though DOC might be one of the ones they fit). And they may not fasten closed on big-hipped dolls.

      The things that usually fit most minis are the tops, the skirts, and things like the robes, but the skirts may gap at the top of the waistband depending where on the hip they sit and whether they have a wide thick waistband. Stretch skirts fit nice. The non-stretch dresses are too tight on some minis, and some are short. Read the BIG Friends2BMade thread, and also search the Galleries for posts that mention your doll's brand or name and Friends2BMade or F2BM.