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Where can I find clothes for Lati White SP ??

Jan 23, 2009

    1. Hello,
      I have noticed many dolls where barbie/kelly clothes.
      I purchased a few kelly clothes & althou they fit my puki they are too small for my lati white SP.

      Are there clothes out there that will fit her/him?
      Or is this a doll only hand made clothes fit?

      Thank you for all your answers in advance :)
    2. I would try Blythe clothes, maybe some of the smaller dresses would fit?
    3. Lati White sp are well in Strawberry Shortcake clothes.
    4. Where do you get strawberry shortcake clothes? ebay? *lol*
    5. no, i dont think so. i make blythe dress & they are way large on her ):
    6. bump ~♥~ bump ~♥~ bump
    7. I was told that Bratz doll clothes work really well. There are loads on Ebay really cheap right now. :) Some people have said Blythe tops and shorts work too. You can always check Flickr for references.
    8. I dont understand. Lati White is about 4 inches tall how do blythe clothes fit when blythe is 12+inches tall?? /:
    9. Some people said Lati White Specials can apparently fit into Blythe tops and shorts. Dresses would likely be too long. Bratz clothes are said to fit for sure.
    10. Ill need to try the bratz clothes. Thanx for the tip <3
    11. Bratz? Regular Bratz? Anyone got a picture of that?

      Here's an example in Kelly clothing, which is what my Sp wears:

      She should also fit in Boneka tiny clothing.
    12. Id like to see pictures of dolls in bratz too.
      I tried my girl in kelly clothes & she fit some but not all
    13. I would like to see this also, I have a Lati white on the way.
    14. The baby bratz fit Lati White (9.5cm) - I doubt they would fit SP. Brats came out with a doll between the baby and the normal bratz and I remember those clothes fit my tinier elfdoll but would be a squeeze for any 11-14cm tiny since they are chubby next to the tinier elfdoll. Normal Bratz clothes are supposed to fit Blythes (I've purchased some in the past for them). They might fit a Lati Yellow but I doubt would fit a Lati White SP (if I find some time I might try).

      Look for items designed for the Orientdoll So size - they are a perfect match fit-wise. More people out there should still have their Orientdolls - when they came out they were the cheapest tiny on the market and very popular during their 15 minutes of fame.

      Kelly clothes fit - dresses always do, anything that looks like leggings made of stretchier material (my favorite is a green white dots pair). I'm partial to the Kelly clothes since they are cheap - at least the older ones designed for the older style Kelly. Try Etsy.com (ebay alternative) or search flickr.com (it's a picture sharing site, I adore it) for help in finding clothes. If you don't plan on getting more tinies, the marketplace is a good place to sell the bits that don't work out. My favorite is someone whose in Germany and I'm hoping she goes back to making more clothes - Linda Gavin makes the most amazing leggings I have ever seen and I have a pair for my Lati White, my Lati White SP and my Puki. There are plenty of people on the Den too - Spampy, Margarita_rosa (my sister) and loads more.

      Good luck!
    15. I have several OD Sos. They wear Kelly too. Not every single item fits, and pants are more capris, but for the most part it works well.

      Does Spampy have a So/White Sp sized doll? I definitely can vouch for Margarita, her things are wonderful :) I believe Mary Lee may also have items that fit.
    16. Do you have links to their stores?
    17. I hope this helps, I have both lati white sp and puki and I make their clothes from the same patterns, but I do use alot of jersey fabrics. Having said that my jeans fit them both. The first picture for comparison, the second just to show an outfit I made for Puki on a Lati white sp;
    18. Clochette: THANK YOU SO much, ill check it out.

      mimisstuff: your girls are soooooooo sweet *squish*