Where can I find jointed hands that would fit a Crobi doll R-Line doll?

Apr 4, 2018

    1. Hi,

      I ordered a Crobi doll -R line Yeon-ho (normal pink) and would like to purchase some jointed hands for it. Does anyone know what companies might sell hands that would be compatible with the fit and color?
    2. Congrats to your Crobi order! Unless it was a special release Crobi only has the one resin color available, which should lend a bit to your searching! Sadly I’m not familiar with jointed hands at all, but if it helps your reference by means of association Crobi resin is similar to Switch and Fairyland normal. It’s a very peachy tone so you wanna steer away from yellow-toned resins unless you’re prepared to dye or match.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but if you search the forum for jointed hand matches Switch may be a good keyword as a lot of owners get those boys jointed hands :3nodding:
    3. Thanks for the info. This is only my second doll, so I am still learning a lot. I will take a look at them!
    4. I actually have a pair of jointed hands I've been considering selling thst my crobidoll r-line boy used to wear. If you'd like to PM me I can help you future out if the colour would match your boy well.