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where can I find pukipukis?

Oct 8, 2008

    1. The only place I know of is dollfairyland, I'm curious as wether there's other places to find puki-puki dolls or dolls 'quite' similar to them?

      side question:
      also, has there ever been a puki-puki made to look scary(like a vampire or something)?
    2. You can also get them through Denver Doll Emporium.

      There are often Puki's for sale in the DoA Marketplace, but you'll have to wait a bit before you can get access.
    3. You'd have to check some owner pictures to see if anyone has made one "scary." I honestly can't think of a customized scary one on the top of my head though.
    4. I don't know that there's anything "quite" similar to pukis... there's dolls that are similarly sized. Lati White is one...
    5. Naripon dolls are similar size and can look quite scary, do a search in this section
    6. Puki's themselves (11.2cm) only come from www.dollfairyland.com, but there are a few similar sized dolls.

      FelixDoll has a "brownie" series that is actually 0.2cm smaller than a Puki (11cm - not like it matters). The link to them is here - http://www.ajumapamausa.com/FELIX/FelixDolls2.html. All full sets, and for decent prices too, I like some of the accessories that they include.

      Resinsoul, a pretty much brand new company (though I think its a branch of Bobobie) has a "Tiny Doll" for CHEAP! $75 for the "full set" which is eyes and a wig and i think basic clothes. THese dolls are 15cm, so actually 4cm TALLER than a Puki (pretty excited actually) I plan to get at least one, if not a few, just to add a height variable within my ranks. These dolls all have color options (normal, white, blue, green, purple, mocha(tanned)) for an extra $10 (i think). Their site is www.resinsoul.com. Check it out, among their other dolls, all of which are cheap.

      So yeah, poke around. PM me if you need anything :)

    7. You can find pukis on DDE, some are instock right now. :) That's where I ordered my Pukisha from.
    8. OH I almost forgot. My first Puki mod will be a ChiChi basic unstrung and dyed blood red. I plan to Apoxie various horns and spikes upon him (maybe before the dying..) and then tattoo his entire body with tribal/runic black tattoos. Once he is restrung, he'll get a set of solid black eyes (probably just plastic beads, though I do want to use glass beads if I can find them) and I will buy/commission/make him a set of black demon wings. Oh and probably a tail too. He will be my Daemonspawn Puki. The other 3 mods will come after (technically 6 but oh well)

      I'll post when I start

    9. wow thank you guys some much, you were all big helps, the links are fantastic :3
    10. Black glass beads are easy to find--look for the marbles used when arranging flowers.

      I don't know if they're available small enough for tiny Puki eye-sockets, though, so salt to taste. ;)

      Ann in CT