Where can I find...

Sep 19, 2008

    1. ...cheap clothes (along with S&H) for a male MSD clothes that don't look childish but look more like the designs for SD's for ist est? Links would be greatful. (And yes I've tried Ebay, I'm a hunter on there when I'm able :sweat )

      I would love to look at the clothes vendors have here, but alas, the requirement of post to get in there won't let me and I rarely ever post here. Dollfie forums aren't my cup of tea vs digital art computer software troubleshooting...

      Thanks much in advance. :)
    2. Yeah, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them, too. I've got a couple outfits for my MSD boy, but nothing spectacular. You can find some stuff on Mimiwoo's store on eBay. Some of the DoD stuff in that size she sells works rather well.

      Other than that, Volks has some stuff, but it's really pricy and not a huge selection. I think dollmore has a few things, too, but again...not a whole lot. The one suit I found on there once looked really bulky on the doll, too.

      I think holding out an getting some custom threads might be your best bet, if you're looking for something super specific, but you might have some luck and some other people might have some better ideas than I do. :) Hope I helped a little.
    3. i cant help much, im pretty new to bjds....

      maybe it would help people if you gave them a price range? what may be cheap to you could be expensive to others or vice versa (sp?)

      and if you want to get your posts up just go to gallarys and photostories and leave s short comment, its the quickest way to get your numbers up
    4. PictureMePrefect-

      I do like some of MimiWoo's works. I bought a set not to long ago from her which is on its way. But I'm wondering if there's others. I already know what on Ebay and anything that relates to its vendors if possibly.

      Agreed on the Volks selection it's not much and pricey for me. Dollmore has some things I like but the shipment from them and like many others, it's pricey for me and makes me feel it's not worth it. =-=;;;

      Again I can't access any vendors here currently 'cause of my posting amt. >__>



      For price range, a set would be about 50 USDs or less. Nothing crazy for me that'll take a bite out of my pocket. o-o

      But thanks for the tips about raising my posting amts. I'm very greatful for that. I'll do that when I get the time to do so and hopefully I don't post something ridiculous that'll make me smack myself for it later. :)
    5. Once you get access to the market place there is always a group order for dollmore that goes on. Since you know about the $800 free shipping thing. :3 It's pretty hard to find nice clothes for cheap, but seriously once you get access to the marketplace, you can find lots of clothes for a really good price.

    6. lol as long as its nothing rude or to cheesy i dont think you will have to smack yourself

      just complement the lighting, or the way they posed the dolls or the way they dressed them or something =]
    7. Kasier Serena -

      Yea that's what I'm hoping for. I've already seen almost all the shops online and hopefully I get to see what available here sometime soon. I would love to see what you guys have here custom or not, and even order stuff in the buck orders. :D



      Lighting, posing, and dress would be easy for me to compliment (and hopefully critique). (Thank good for 4 years of on hand film production classes in high school. :) )
      I'm just hoping I don't become like the noob I was on DA when I first joined. Hopefully I learned my error of my ways of being a noob there. (Yea I was one of those girls that would screamed out only 'Kawaii'. :doh )


      But thanks A LOT you guys. :aheartbea
    8. Many dolls have inspired their people to learn to sew, over in the sewing/crafts area of the forum there are quite a few relatively simple patterns those people have posted. Check out some of the patterns by Maerz, great basics for a msd guy, haven't tried any yet myself but many others have.
      Perhaps some of the 18 inch 'play doll' type things might make do, the American Girl knockoffs which turn up at every toy department and such around the holidays, might be able to find a track suit or some casuals in gender-neutral colors.
    9. I would love to but one problem... I can't sew... I'm in a family of seamstresses and I'm the only one who can't and my mom's retired. =-=;;;

      I've already tried sewing again 'cause I wanted to make some clothes for my first one but epic fail completely and war ensued.