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Where can I get clothes, shoes wigs etc for elfdoll hana

Oct 31, 2007

    1. I'm waiting for my little cutie to arrive (yay!) and would like to know where to get clothes and shoes for her. Also I want to look at wigs in her size (she wears a 4" wig I think). I've had a look at tinybear's beautiful wigs but does anywhere else sell tiny wigs?

      Thanks for reading :)
    2. There are lots of threads about Hana.

      Use Advanced Search, pick Tiny Dolls forum in the list on the right, pick Titles Only with the dropdown in the upper left, and search for Hana.

      And here's a whole thread on companies that sell size 4 wigs. And if it's not listed there, I think someone said recently that wigs for Fashion Royalty are 4's.

    3. That's fantastic, thankyou Carolyn.S <3
    4. WIGS = size 4
      Eyes = 8mm
      Dollhouse = 1/12th scale
      Toys = 1/12th scale
      Tricycle = 1/10th scale
      Only Hearts Club clothes (not pants) and shoes.
      Riley Kish (7.5 in tall doll) shoes and tights.
      Ellery Kish (baby) shoes.
      Teen Trends.
      Barbie clothes (mini skirts, shirts, knit tops) Stocking do not fit.
      Bratz (Larger doll) clothes: tops that have a little stretch to them and skirts work well. Hip hugger pants are ok. Don't buy pants that close at waist.
      Lati Doll Yellow = shoes
      Tonner Tiny Betsy McCall = clothes and shoes
      Notdoll Lucy doll = clothes
      Joong doll = clothes
    5. The tiny betsy mccall stuff fits great!

      Bjdconfused thats really great work. I might have to ask you to make some stuff if i can convince my fella to get me another tiny for xmas.
    6. What a really cute and trendy outfit bjdconfused, I love it. And seeing your others on ebay too, they are great! Very creative.
    7. Thankyou th1, I should have asked you in the first place really seeing as she's coming from you! Thankyou very much for all the info I'll look for some clothes for her today :D

      Thankyou bjdconfused! I'll have a look at the link, btw your hana looks adorable <3

      Rushlight, thankyou! I'll see if I can find some betsy mccall things on ebay :D
    8. [​IMG]

      Hana is adorable!

    9. She's such a sweetie Mary-Lee! Love her Halloween jumper <3
    10. Thanks, Hana is truely adorable!!



    11. Hi!!
      I just bought Hana by Elfdoll and I am waiting for him to arrive.
      I am looking to get some outfits for him/her since this is my first BJD in this size.
      I have been looking around the web and he seems to be the same size a Riley's Kish?
      But I have also read that some Bratz clothing with minor modifications (I am good with sewing lol) will fit as well.
      My question is: what kind of Bratz clothing? Regular or Lil' Bratz?

      Also if you have pictures of your Hana doll, please do share to tide me over until he arrives. It will be after Christmas with the post office being so loaded these days and I can hardly way...
      Then I am also waiting on the new Wu by Elfdoll to arrive and that will be in 6-8 weeks. I will need a ton of patient dust fot him :)

      Oh! And please can you share your comments on Hana? Hoes does he pose? Does he balance nicely etc.
      Thanks much!!
    12. Thank you Teryl! They aer GORGEOUS!! Soah was my 2nd choice... I hope to put her on layaway with Denver Dolls in a couple of days :)
      Your pictures really convinced me that I want her too :)
    13. Congrats with your Hana! I think there great. Unfortunately I am not at home (untill after X-mas), otherwise I could have mailed you Simple pants en top patterns.
    14. You can also buy some cute outfits for Hana at Dolls and Friends.
    15. No pictures of mine, I'm afraid, since I don't have the tech capabilities.

      But my Hna Angel and Devil have a vast wardrobe of Riley sized clothes that fit them just fine. I like the little old-fashioned smocked and embroiderd Boneka dresses and aprons - and they do the occasional boy's set too (dungarees and T's and shirts and hoodies etc) that they do for the DJ dolls and similar.

      But the Riley size shoes are far too big, you'll need shoes areound Kish Ellery size for them (I keep meaning to get some tiny Betsy McCall shoes to try on them too, but haven't got around to that yet).

      I don't like the Bratz styles (they all look too grown-up and tarty for my tastes, especially on child dolls) so haven't tried any of them.

    16. BTW - there are a bunch of threads about Hana, Hana clothes, Hana shoes.

      Do an Advanced search of the Tiny Discussion section only, Tittles Only, for Hana*

    17. Congratulations on the new Hana! You will love her - she has such great prop potential, since she is 1/6 scale approximately. I second the vote for Only Hearts clothes, although the pants need altering because of the length. I love the shoes from these outfits, though!

      My Hana has a few Bratz jackets that I altered the sleeve length on, but I've not had much luck with the other clothing - stretchy things that aren't too bare might work. And Bratz Kids would be too small; that's what I use for my Elfdoll Lyn. I've used regular Bratz.

      I also have a few Madeline 8" clothes that work, but you have to be careful with the lengths of sleeves/hems. I've heard Tiny Betsy clothes fit, but don't have any to try. Here is my Hana angel in an Only Hearts Club outfit:

    18. Larkspur (my Elfdoll Kathlen) loves to wear Blythe clothes. She finds really nice things at www.etsy.com. Just type Blythe in the search box. The prices vary, but many are very reasonable! There is more variety than on eBay and shipping is always low.