Where can you find Teen Trends clothes?

Jun 8, 2007

    1. I went to the official website and all I see is a bunch of confusing links to their stupid dolls, but no shopping for clothes alone. O_o;; Where is everyone finding these clothes?
    2. Mostly e-bay hun. If you have A Tuesday Morning store near you they MIGHT have some there. It's where I got mine. Other then those two places I think they are becoming hard to come by.
    3. .... *cry*
    4. No tears :) They usually come in lots on Ebay. The pants fit funny anyways...it's not the best fit in the world. The dolls themselfs have very odd purpotions so the clothing is odd. What outfit were you looking for hun??
    5. Well, in specific, I just REALLY love that green fluffy-looking skirt everyone seems to have. ^^; I want that SO BAD.
    6. If I can find where I put them, I might be selling mine. I'll keep you posted. I did buy mine in Target but that's when they first came out.
    7. I got mine from Toys R Us ^^ <3

      Then agin I'm in the UK, so yeah x.x;
    8. Yes, please keep me posted.
    9. oops sorry someone already posted that it was on ebay
    10. I got mine at Wal-Mart (in Canada) but they have been sold out for ages now. I do see stuff on eBay and in the marketplace here at times so don't give up hope. Just don't go paying a ton of money for them because they sold for $14-ish. I recall some scalper on eBay (quite a long time ago) selling the clothes for something like $40-$50! She got blasted here for her evil ways (not that it stopped her though.. :| ). Just be aware of the real value..

    11. Oui, I've also been looking around for these pieces to no avail~
      ._. There are none in any toy store I've searched and everyone I've asked has no idea where to find any.
      I'm in the US~
    12. I have a TT oufit and woven jacket for sale in my sales thread if anyone is interested.

    13. I think someone has that set for sale in the Clothing/Shoes marketplace. Let me see if I can find the link for it. :)

      EDIT: Well, found the url, pegapup has it, but it's on hold. That's the same outfit I found at Toys 'r Us over the weekend, the only TT thing they had.