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Where did Koodoll go? (Koodoll becomes MSDoll)

Jun 8, 2007

    1. Does anyone have news regarding Koodoll?

      His site has been down for a month. I know he was thinking about changing his name. Im'd just curious if anyone has heard anything.


    2. I was wondering the same--but so far, I have no idea. I was talking to the Impassive about it, and she mentioned that he may have been starting fresh with a new name and stuff--but yeah, no idea other than that :(
    3. Dangit, I wanted a Maly.
    4. I know he was serious about changing his name so I assumed that might have been it. BUT his site went SOL right around the time DIM released Lloyd... It's a paraniod conspiracy theory I know, but I was wondering if maybe he got in with DIM instead...

      I hope re-surfaces soon. I want that new boy he was going to have for June!
    5. LOL--the Impassive thought the same of Lloyd XD
      I can tell you, I ordered Lloyd because he looks like Blue ^__^
      But yeah, I hope Koodoll comes back in some form, because I love his molds :)
    6. Really? Well I guess it's good to know I'm not alone in noticing.

      Llyod is on my list for much the same reason. If nothing else he's my plan B if I can't get my hands on a Koodoll.
    7. Dear all...
      This is ex-Koodoll, Soo.
      My new web addrss is http://msdoll.com
      Sorry I made all of you confused.
      I am auctioning a TeLy 1st head on ebay now
      and I will introduce a sleeping boy head next week.
      Hope you visit my web.
      Thank you so so much!!!
    8. AH! There you are!!! Thank you and we missed you! You should post your new site in the 'News' Forum here. That way your admirers know where to find you and can continue to support you.

      I am so glad you are still making dolls!

    9. Has anyone posted their pictures to the guest album yet? I can't seem to get mine to load.
    10. Sorry mysti_blue
      Please try again. I made it easy way just before.
    11. Thanks so much! :) It worked this time. Also, welcome to DoA.
    12. MSDoll - There was a doll you featured on your old site for a release in Jun. I don't think he was a 'sleeping' boy. The photo was titled o_2.jpg. Are you still comming out with him? What's his name?