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where do you choose to get bjd accessories and props?^w^

Jun 7, 2010

    1. yah,all^w^i haven't seen a thread like this.:fangirl:
      i think everyone like to take some accessories to dress their dolls^w^.
      like necklace,hairpin,bracelet,bjd sofa,bed,and so on..:lol:
      where will you choose to take these accessories and props??
      1.online store or some shop?
      2.from bjd companies,which company do you like most??
    2. i often choose to take accessories on-line of bjd companies,but some times we seems can't find some props from bjd companies,so i think maybe some one would know some good website for bjd props.^w^
    3. again as much as I hate saying this I don't have a doll yet xD But I have been making her small things while I still save up the money : ) I want to order things for her but at the same time its fun to make her accessories myself because they feel more personal.

      (and small grammar correction you probably mean get or buy : o your English is pretty good though besides that, I have a friend going over to China soon for a student exchange program : ) beautiful language.)
    4. Dollmore is a nice place to buy clothes, and not too expensive :p (always a nice thing) But I also like to stroll dollfairs and little shops like Claire's to find hairclips and other things. It's just nice to try them on before buying :p
    5. I've found my furniture for in the shops downtown where I live, there's a myriad of antique and occasional shops with unique stuff. Most of my clothes I've bought online, hair pins and such are either gifts or things I've collected from different stores.
    6. don't be so depressed,come on,i think you would have your doll one day^w^
      that's so intresting that you are making accessories for your doll,and i think your first doll would so happy for what you do for her^w^
      thank you so much for point out my grammar mixtake.^w^i would watch out next time.^w^
    7. I'm not able to find much in the way of props for my boys and girls. I have been able to find things of similar sizing in the local dollar stores, but other than that? Necklaces and other jewelry is mostly handmade or purchased from the Marketplace here. Clothes I buy from the company I purchase the doll from or sometimes Dollmore.
    8. autosundoll: aw your very sweet x3 I'm saving up for her so I can buy my doll by the end of this summer.

      but yeah I like to make things : ) It's a good way to go accessories wise, and accessories from the doll company's can be very expensive some times.
    9. cheshare,hehe,my name is cindy,you can call me cindy^w^
      yes,and it's a creative work,and your dolls would love you more if you can make these for them.^w^
      and i do think you do these accessories with your love for your doll,and these accessories would full of your love.
      i even think you doll would feel your love when they wear the.^w^
    10. for accessories, i make it myself now (^.^)'''...never made jewelry before...so, kind of embarrasing because it's my first making jewelry...been trying to make simple projects(^.^)'''
      for props...mmm...i haven't decided, yet...buy them or making them (ask a shop in town to do it for me)...there's also some birdcase crafter somewhere near my hometown...when i found one that is good enough, reallly, i want to commission half-round birdcase for my girls...so, it can look like a chair or so...it's quite cheap to commission things like this here
      I have a crush on some props in taobao, though...so...may be one day i'll purchase from them...
      i haven't had any budget to buy from companies...but, i think, i like ones in dollmore (^.<)d...
    11. I think I've got most of my props on eBay. Their sofa is jewelry box I found fairly cheaply :) And I got a little pistol keychain that is a good size for Clarice (because every little girl needs a gun :p) and a dollhouse chair for Goblet! I often browse through the props on the Dollmore site though, but so far haven't bought anything ;)
    12. Many props are bought locally in different stores. I have so far: a neat aluminum suitcase (it was cosmetic set initially), an oil lamp, several vases, tiny bottles of various alcohol drinks, books...
      Specific props like dollie glasses are bought in online stores (e-Bay).
      And of course I made a lots of props by myself - sofa, whip, spyglass, walking stick, rucksack, etc. etc.
    13. I can buy only in online stores (E-Bay) or do it myself (very cheap and good relaxation)).
    14. Most of my props and furniture are from antique shops - not the expensive fancy ones but the ones that have lots of random stuff everywhere. Got two wicker SD size chairs for a dollar each a couple weeks ago! Discount shops (like Ross or TJ Maxx for those who have those) and thrift stores are also great sources. Christmas ornaments also make great props, you can find those anywhere at that time of year. I've found props and things at dollar stores, craft stores, Ikea, Pier 1, Walmart... really just about anywhere.
    15. Flee markets are the best for this kind of thing!!
      And any store that has everything in them like walmart, zellers, etc.
      I found a dog sofa that is just great for BJDs =D
      Just need to add another fabric so its not so doggy xD
      I do not see why I should pay shipping for something I can find about anywhere for less =P
      A little customization and they are great for BJDs ^__^
    16. Well I don't have my doll YET but I have been making some small accessories (liek jewelry) myself while I'm waiting. I've also found that craft supply stores are a great place to find things for props and accessories, usually unfinished though.
    17. I usually buy acceesories from auction site and sadol :) Sometimes I will buy them from other online shops.
      I like SADOL!
    18. yah,on-line shops,e,i don't know much website abroad,can you tell me??maybe i could find something special for my girls.^w^
    19. er,maybe just bjd compay,i guess.XDD
      or sometime i would like to made those props by myself,8D
      coz seems can't find a right place to take some.lol
    20. Almost ALL my doll furniture and props were bought from Goodwill. ^_^; It's amazing what you can find if you look hard enough. I also work at a drugstore, and we get a pretty impressive selection of miniature-size things that make good accessories for dolls.

      One of the local doll galleries also has a shop you can buy things from. My best friend bought an MSD bed, wicker chair and parasol there a few weeks ago.

      Things I can't find (like a decent couch) I plan on making myself.