Where do you do your dolly related roleplaying?

Mar 18, 2016

    1. I know it's not allowed on here, so I wanted to know where you all do your off-site roleplaying?
    2. Facebook! Almost entirely on Facebook but also sometimes by text or IM with regular partners.
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    3. Depends. Some of my dolls are tabletop rpg characters, so them I'm rp:ing in person or through skype. I have used emails in the past, but would be willing to go with suggestions from rp partners.
    4. You know it's so funny I was wondering the same thing. I don't do much role-playing nowadays but when I did it normally something like Skype. It would be great if a sister site got put up for role-playing and character discussion!
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    5. All the YES.
    6. If you don't mind that the site also caters to adult roleplay (of which I have never used it for, I sometimes roleplay fan fiction there) and you've over 18 then RPHaven.com is a great site. It's got a great system of creating chatrooms and you can also private chat as well. It's got a fast speed and it's really efficient! You create character profiles and you post as that character in the forums and private chat so it really keeps up the illusion! :)
    7. That is awesome to know!! Thanks for posting that!
    8. I'm new to bjd (and don't have any dolls yet) so I've never role-played with them yet but I do have some OC's awaiting "bodies" so I just created some profiles for them on the site.