Where do you dolly roleplay?

Mar 7, 2019

    1. I've been craving roleplaying again lately. Haven't done any in a couple years. I know doa doesn't allow on-site roleplay, so where do you roleplay with your dolls at?

      I'm considering instagram because I already have a "presence" there. Most other sites I would have to set up something or join first. Second choice would be discord, but I don't know if any others use it for roleplay. >.<
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    2. I've roleplayed for years bib not with dolls which I kind of want to. Gaiaonline was where I did that... And roleplays over discord works nicely. But I'm curious as well where other people find roleplays with dolls. I'm definitely interested. :O
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    3. @Qianna
      I used to roleplay on Gaiaonline quite a few years ago too. That was back before I got into bjds though. Last time I roleplayed was with friends via Google Docs.
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    4. I belonged to what may have been the world's first all girl gaming group circa 1980, but most of my gaming friends alas! graduated and moved away. I would love to do some role playing, but I do not know where to look for people to play with.
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    5. Following as well, I would love the option :) I used to roleplay VIA Deviantart groups, but lately I just dont have the constant energy for that kind of thing.

      I know the BJD discord server had a "roleplay" channel, but it didnt seem active at all while I was in the server (and, if I recall, was only one big group rp for everyone, I don't even know what the plot was. Could be wrong about that, though). I'm sure you could find RPers on that server, but it was too chatty for me, so I left.... :sweat
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    6. Because mostly of my RP partners are people I met 10 or 15 years ago, I don't know of any place nowadays where people go just to roleplay... however, I hope I may help you :3nodding:!

      I used to roleplay in MSN, 1on1 mostly, back in the day when it was still rolling. After it ended, I tryed roleplaying on skype, Google Docs, Whatsapp and Instagram, but neither of these suited me, don't know exactly why.

      A friend of mine then introduced me to an app called Telegram 3 or 4 years ago. It's an mobile app, but you can download the program in your computer or use its web version (different from WhatsappWeb, it works independently from your mobile). It has a clean design, you can create different groups for different RPG threads, with as much people as you want to and everything is saved in the cloud for, like, forever. For me it's the best place to RP since the death of MSN.:aheartbea
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    7. For my roleplay I use Line it's like WhatsApp you can use it on the computer or on the phone. Works really good for that kind of thing. ^-^
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    8. Usually I don't roleplay my dolls, at least not yet, but I do want to shell the characters I roleplay with. I usually use Discord but I actually started off rping at DeviantArt through the notes system lol.
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    9. So, I'm not a roleplayer myself, but I just wanted to mention that GaiaOnline is still very much up and running. Yes, really. It's definitely not as large as it was, but I'm one of many a few thousand active users, so it's not dead at least! The roleplay forum (Barton Town) is one of the more active parts of the site.

      I KNOW Discord has dozens (probably hundreds) of roleplay servers, and the platform seems excellent for roleplaying. You could probably make a channel for people to post their characters, one for updates, one for actual roleplaying, etc. Discord has an internal search feature, but it's just for featured games. You will likely have to search on Discord communities and fan sites for a list of roleplaying servers.
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    10. The site I use for Roleplays in general is Xanje.com . It is kind of a pet site but has a RP forum. You can post any kind of content you want as long as it is appropriately sorted.

      Now, I don't think there is a bjd community on there... so it might be a good place to actually roleplay once you have gathered someone to roleplay with you.

      And I think a good portion of the people already on the site are younger teenagers though so if you try to get people from there to RP with you, you've got to be careful. (I joined the first site when I was like 13.)
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    11. I play through a private messenger with my sister and on Facebook with some friends occasionally, but FB really isn't very ideal for group RP. I'd love to find another RP site that is strictly for BJD RP, but I'm also so picky about my characters/stories, I'm not sure anyone would want to play with me. :sweat
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    12. Long, long ago (like 2011/2012) I used to roleplay on Instagram, but I don’t know what the community is like anymore. I was roleplaying in a fandom that’s now all but extinct, so it was a bit different. I’ve seen a lot of rp on tumblr as well, but only ever superficially dabbled in that. I rp pretty much every day with a couple of my friends from campus, using usually just text or discord, and I know a person with a really impressive RP server on discord (not for dolls, but still) that looks like it has a lot of potential, because of all the channels they made for OT/behind the scenes stuff, and for different locations.
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    13. I RP on facebook. There's a plentiful of characters to interact around there (browsing in THIS group is a good start. All profiles in there are characters). I also keep some character tumblrs, but Tumblr's interface isn't really good for RPs... so it tends to be pretty slow down there. Facebook got the bulk of bjd RP currently
    14. I also used to RP on Gaiaonline, though that was a long time ago. That said, apparently, it's still going strong? The added dress-up aspect of the website can be a lot of fun too, though I've head the marketplace went a little insane there in terms of inflation... But anyway, in terms of RP, that might be a place to check out. I bet there are even BJD specific RP groups.
    15. I'm still on there. Haven't actively looked for BJD groups but it's a very uncommon theme in the roleplay forum. Actually I haven't seen any request threads for doll roleplays. Not sure where to look for more doll specific places.
    16. I used to RP on the NaNoWriMo forums (even if they get wiped every few months) but mostly I just RP the old-fashioned way, with friends around a table. If someone has some better online suggestions, I'm listening. I've used Discord for online gaming before, it's alright for me. I'm not on instagram and my FB activity is limited.
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    17. ... What if someone here made a BJD specific RP Discord server? Would that be against the rules? There could be loads of channels/rooms and stuff like that so people could do whatever?
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    18. I'd absolutely join a bjd rp server on discord, though of course that comes with its own questions; how much do you regulate? What are the rules for such a diverse grouping? Who's in charge? I suppose simply operating on the golden (rp) rule-- talk with your partner(s) and ask their limitations and preferences; treat all with respect-- might suffice. It could also definitely work to just create a bunch of channels and have people (possibly in a main or "looking for rp" channel) to just hop to whatever chanel is empty. Depends entirely on the group of people that are participating, really, and the level of maturity/civility obtained. I'm up for it, though
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    19. The (admittedly few) times I've run servers, my rule list has essentially been along the lines of "don't be a jerk" and "don't do anything that would get me party v&", but that's just because it's been a limited number of people who I more-or-less know.

      Hopefully if the crew is a bunch of people from here maybe the maturity level would be high enough that we wouldn't be need much more than those basic guidelines? Maybe if there's enough interest I might look into fooling around with one.
    20. I know this thread says 2019, so I apologize if pinging everyone from so long ago is a touch annoying ;o;
      I've been looking for an RP place to flesh out the characters of my BJDs and my other dolls I have, and I tried to look for a server on discord, but I cannot find one :/ If anyone would want to DM me and we kinda bounce around some ideas for a collaborative effort to make a doll RP server, that'd be super neat. I would not be able to be an admin, just only a moderator though, that's why I'm kinda hesitant to make the server myself without any planning going in.
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