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Where do you go for BJD pics?

Jul 6, 2018

    1. Hello, I'm hoping doll fans can help me with this question! So I know that DoA is a great place to discuss dolls, share user experiences, and view the endless parade of doll photography galleries. But are there any places like that beyond the forum as well, specifically for pictures (not including personal websites)?

      I like looking at BJD pics, especially ones with a story behind them. I can spend lots of time just browsing company websites because they have such pretty pictures for fullsets of their dolls. I'd love it if I could do something like reblog or retweet them stuff like that, both from companies or BJD owners, so I can collect my own personal gallery of other people's works for later viewing. What's the best place for something like that---Tumblr? Flickr? It's gotta be one of those image-friendly sites. Imageboards or whatever they're called---here's one from China-based Lofter that gives a good idea of what I mean: 宿草

      Additionally, I don't use Facebook or Instagram, nor do I want to start. Too much social media is too distracting for me, so those sites are out!
    2. Flickr has shared albums and something called hivemind. If you have a Flickr account (it's free) you can favorite other people's photos to find them again later.
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    3. Deviantart is a great place to see lots of peoples pictures, there are a lot of groups dediated to bjds and you do not have to make an account to view them. BjdAddicts is a group on there and its still pretty active.
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    4. Flickr is very good. Quite a bit of pictures, and easy to find with tags and groups :)
      (In my opinion the search function on flickr is way better than tumblr and instagram too)
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    5. Instagram is my go to place for bjd pictures, I really enjoy it! I have an account specifically for bjd stuff and it's super fun!
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    6. Pintrest is a good place for BJD pics. DeviantArt is another.
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    7. I love Instagram and Flickr. They're both fantastic resources for seeing owner's photos of sculpts.
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    8. I mainly use Flickr but Tumbler has some good blogs where people just repost amazing doll photos all the time ands it’s pretty awesome.
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    9. I almost forgot about Pintrest! Interested in flickr too since it’s just pure photos and seems more “quiet” than the social buzz around Instagram. I’ll go look around all of them for ideas.

      I do like Tumblr because of the fact you can customize your own blog so much. I liked making mine spiffy in the past~
    10. Personally I've been using instagram and pinterest a lot lately. The biggest issue with pinterest for me is that it seems everyone saves the same few photos, so everyones boards are similar. Flickr is great if you are looking for photos of a specific mold, and groups make that even easier. Deviantart has slowed down significantly in the past few years, at least for the BJD community it seems, and I don't involve myself with tumblr as there is too much drama surrounding it anymore..
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    11. Thanks, that helps a lot. So far it looks like Flickr is edging out all the rest~

      I have a soft spot for tumblr because what attracted me to the site first was all the aesthetic blogs. It was so easy to collect and reblog things you like, though navigation was a bit of a pain. I don't really interact with anyone there (besides RP a few years back), so if it's a pure reblog thing it might be more peaceful...? :)
    12. Instagram, DeviantArt, Flickr and Facebook groups
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    13. I like to just google the doll sculpt name and browse through images, seeing where that takes me. Other than that, I just look on instagram, but I get your point about too much social media. I mostly use insta for doll posting anymore!
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    14. I post my photos to Flickr on the first place, I host them, I get my likes, I tag them, and they are quite searchable on Flickr and when google'd. Also, Insta is a sweet place to look for anything bjd by tags.

      Another place with tag search, although these don't work as fine as on Flickr for some reason, is Tumblr. There's an active bjd community on Tumblr, but it is really tiny if compared to Instagram.

      I don't post my bjd photos on Pinterest any more as they just flush down like, nowhere; no proper tagging ever helped, - as Allegra had already noticed, there's only a small bunch of the same old photos on everyone's bjd boards, and my pics in particular just don't appear.

      DeviantArt is just dead now. Facebook's "BJD addicts" is too lively to my taste, lol.
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    15. When I’m hungry for pics of a certain sculpt or whatever, I first turn to Flickr, then instagram, and sometimes tumblr 3rd if I’m desperate.
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    16. Flickr and Instagram mainly. I'll also use google images at times too.
    17. Sounds like Flickr is the answer! I may need to sign up for a new account...
    18. Often, if I'm just searching for photos of a specific sculpt, I'll use google images. If I'm looking for just bjd photos in general, then, as others have mentioned, Flickr is great for that.

      As for posting photos, most of mine go to Tumblr first, just due to the ease of posting there. Some of them find their way to my Flickr and Instagram accounts.
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    19. I using Flickr to update all my pictures :)
    20. Instagram is the best platform if you have a mobile phone. Its simple to use.

      I dont like Flickr ever since they changed their platform by showing large photos per page - not only does this waste bytes but it takes a LONG time to load up a photo and you need to sign up otherwise they will annoy you with annoying message asking you to sign up.
      I think Flickr has lost a lot of users by making this move.