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Where do you keep your BJDs' boxes?

Nov 1, 2004

    1. Hi everyone! :daisy

      I was wondering where you do keep your BJDs' boxes.

      In a few days I'm going to get another BJD boy from a very kind fellow member, so I'll have three huge boxes in my room... :oops:
      As a matter of fact, I keep their boxes in my room, since I don't want to put them in the garage (it's too dusty in there >_<), but it's a very small room, and the cupboard is already full... :oops:
      In case I get some more dolls in the future, I truly don't know where to put/keep their boxes... :cry:

      Does anybody have any suggestions?

      Thank you! :daisy

      PS: Happy Halloween! :D
    2. Unfortunately, I don't have any great ideas...I wish I did!! I have only one BJD box, but have several other doll boxes and they are all over the place. I have a long, narrow closet under the stairwell and that's where Kyan's box and a few others are right now. I don't have much storage space, and I have lots of stuff so mostly I just move things from point A to point B and back again!!

    3. Do you have any space underneath your bed? I know that sounds a bit odd but that's where I tend to keep some large (but relatively flat) things :oops: I'll most likely put a future doll's box there or in my closet.
    4. Haha, I'm having the same problem. Between my MSD box and my SD box...well, I just don't know where to put them, and my room is crowded as it is! XD
    5. Well, I guess you could use them as storage space for your dolls' stuff? I used to keep my dolls' boxes on the top bunk of my bunk bed, but they were taking up too much space so I threw them away. :oops:
    6. Thanks for all of your nice and kind replies! :daisy

      Shinibun - thank you! I so wish I had some free space undeneath my bed, but that's where I keep most of my videocassettes... :oops:
    7. i never keep my dolls in their boxes, so i stuck them up on the top shelf of my closet. My dolls sit around my desk though it might be a bit more cramped once Koji's body arrives XD
    8. I have four big BJD boxes, which are a pain to store anywhere...especially when you share a hotel room with a roommate. =o_<=;;;

      Anyway, I keep them stacked between my bed and the wall, and currently one of my boys is sitting on the stack to keep me company. =^^=; I'm hoping to get an apartment in a few weeks, half a hotel room is not the greatest of living spaces...
    9. My b/f purposely built our bed to have extra space underneath. That's where I keep all my boxes of stuff, and I suspect that is where my BJD box(es) will go too.

      - Therese
    10. I hear that people would put them on a closet shelf. I would if I actually had a bunch, but mine came in a bag. Though, soon I'm going to have a box and I'd put it on a shelf in the closet. *shrugs*
    11. If you want to stick them in the garage, you can. Just get a big plastic bag of some sort and stick the box inside, tape up the end, and then it will be safe from dust. :grin: I've got both mine in the wierd storage areas under our roof. Very very dusty, but one is in a bag, and the other one in the box it was posted in. :daisy
    12. I've got four boxes. One is in my "doll room" (hobby, sewing, doll, and general crap room). One box is standing next to my television. Then I have the other two in a corner in my bedroom propped against the wall. I like seeing the boxes, but if I get too many more I'm going to stick them in the top of my closet.

    13. I have Jaede's box in my closet, but if I needed more closet space (which I don't, because my closet is quite large) I would put it under my bed.
    14. :D Why not store your videocassettes inside the doll boxes? You can use one box to put the pillows in, and then have 2 for your videos. Or . . . maybe it's time to build some shelves for those videos and then the boxes can go under the bed. Recently I went through all my videos and was able to get rid of half of them. Now I know that may be very difficult for you to do, but do you really need all of them?
      One more suggestion (a friend of mine did this) she had a lot of doll boxes that she stacked one on top of the other, then she tied string around the boxes so they wouldn't move, and then she bought fabric to create a tablecloth for the boxes and turned the stack into a narrow table.
      As for me, I have large closets and that's where I store mine.
      I hope this helps.
      PS I can't wait to hear about your new little one!!! :chibi
    15. This has mystified me too. All this talk of garages and stairwell closets! *gets weak with envy*

      I live in an apartment that's about 13'x10', including the 'kitchen' (small segment of wall) and 'closet space', but not including bathroom or narrow entranceway. I guess it's pretty typical for a small Japanese apartment.

      And these dolls often go to Japanese homes, so where *do* people put them? I sleep on futon, so I don't have a bed to put them under. Closet space is terribly limited. I bought my doll used and he came with a carrier bag instead of a box; I guess in the future I will just have to throw out the boxes. Seems a shame though!

      I like the doll box table idea. ^-^
    16. My boy's box will be off to one of the attics next time someone goes up there. I debox my other dolls, and it's not like he's going to be living out of his box, either. I think he likes sharing a chair on my desk with one of my Dollikins. (She's not too pleased about it, though.)

      I am keeping the cushions down here somewhere, though. :)
    17. I just put them in in the nearest convenient location, which happened to be atop my (short) library shelf in the middle of my "lounge" room. There are now 5 of them stacked on top of each other, with two more expected....

    18. Most are stacked on the shelf in the closet in the guest room, two are still on the floor in our bedroom where they landed when I first unwrapped the dolls, and one is under the coffee table in the family room.

      No, I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper :-).

    19. I put Amelie's box in my wardrobe~LoL I am currently using it to put some of Amelie's and abit of Dean's clothes etc~Will be using Dean's box to double protect my two darlings when I go overseas in my samsonite "heavy duty luggage" ~

      I think the boxes can be flatten up for easy storage but don't know if anyone attempted to do so~ it does take up alot of space if left empty :grin:
    20. I have four of those boxes in my closet. I used the box to put their extra wigs, shoes, and clothes. If I get anymore it's going to the basement :wink: