Where Do You Keep Your Doll v2?

Feb 4, 2011

    1. My dolls sit on a big wardrobe in the hall where rays and my curious children don't hit them:)
    2. My Leo sleeps on my bed, but I take him several places with me now that he has an outfit to wear. But he still don't have any hair... Damn US postal service... Anyways... I've taken him to work and most of the girls up there just LOVE him. When he goes to work with me, he don't leave my sight!
    3. I put mine away in his box when I'm not spending time with him (I get the feeling he likes it in the box... I think he loves to sleep like me XD) When hes out I tend to carry him around my very small house. We usually sit on the living room couch together.
    4. In my figure glass case ( a Ikea Detolf) its pretty nice
    5. My doll Yuki sits on a little couch my sister made for her on a table right beside my bed ^^ But I do everything I can to make sure she doesn't get dusty or sunlight doesn't get on her (Thanks to her my window blinds haven't been open in over a year XD)
    6. Usually on my shelf. It's a large bookcase.
      Sometimes he sits on my couch, though. xD
    7. Mostly in their boxes under my bed, but there are usually a couple hanging out in the chair in my room, or on a doll-sized chair (currently three are out). They get covered up at night because some light does get through my curtains.
    8. I think perhaps I am a bad doll owner... I leave mine strewn about over furniture, or on my desk DX never in their boxes, or on a specific shelf. I guess they don't have a place (though I don't need to worry about pets).
    9. My room has blackout curtains, so they stay in there on a shelf.
    10. In his box, on top of one of my shelf sets. (This is one of the reasons I'm planning on a 42-45 CM one next; the box might actually fit on one of the shelves inside the set. :sweat )
    11. Right now, my floating heads live on the dresser while the girls hang out by the sewing machine (I've been working on new wardrobes for everyone lol).

      They don't have a sweet pad yet. Maybe once I move out, I can make arrangements for dolly housing.
    12. Mine are sitting on a shelf in the spare bedroom. The window there is pointed more or less to the north, so only at sunrise during the summer there is direct sunlight in that room (not even on the shelf). But I'm gonna start cleaning up that place soon so I can store them even better when it gets lighter again :)
    13. When I am not spending time with Taheisha she is in a closet and I cover her a bit (I don't have a original box for her, if I would have it, she would spend her time there :D). I am too scared she starts to yellowing that's why she spend most time in a closet :(
    14. Every Monday-Saturday, Sen will go back to his carrier bag while Alistair will go into his AOD box along with the floating head, Skye. Both article will be placed under my bed. XD
    15. For the time being, they sit in a corner of my walk-in wardrobe where sunlight do not reach them. Eventually, they may be moved to next room after the cabinet is built.
    16. All of my dolls sit in an alcove in my room where I built a bench many years ago. However, they've started getting a bit crowded so I'm planning on tearing out the bench and putting some lovely shelves in there for them to live in.
    17. Masato sort of hangs out wherever I usually am. On my bed, mostly. Though's he's taken some heart-stopping tumbles off of it, he's still totally okay. I feel bad because i've been ignoring him for the past couple weeks because of stress and putting my back out.
    18. My tinies live in their rooms that I made out of bookcases for them. Andi, my SD, lives whereever I leave her! Sometimes it will be by the bed, if she was watching StarTrek with my partner and I, or on the couch. If I leave her on the couch, I most often wake up to my cat sleeping in her lap. He likes her, and I don't know why XD
    19. My dolls live in room boxes for the time being. I eventually hope to get a real dollhouse, but, for now, the boxes are great!