Where do you keep your doll?

Nov 16, 2004

    1. Well? On the shelf? On the couch? Bed? Bookshelf? Desk? Anywhere? Never in one spot for long because you're always carrying them around? ^-^ I'm curious about where people keep their BJDs. Mine have an entire couch to themselves, but they don't sit there often since I'm always pulling them away and playing with them XD So where do yours live?
    2. hehehe my crowded dolls

    3. Alexander sits just a few feet away from me on the window sill with the pretty ivy covering the glass in his desk/chair. He watches TV with me and likes to be in the midst of all the apartment drama @[email protected]
    4. Mine sit next to my computer or on my bed when we watch movies. I'm currently building them a "living space" in my sewing room, but I expect they will still sit next to my computer more than in the other room ^_^;;;
    5. Arashi and Rune either sit in the huge section of the bookshelf that I emptied and made into a space for them, their bunkbed, or the leather stool next to my computer. XD
    6. ^^ My bed! Jaede has his own side of my queen-sized bed.
    7. My dolls have their own large shelf in my room. But, I do take them into the living room to hang out with me often.
    8. Well, until I got her a proper bed, Charlotte slept in a drawer at night.


      Cute, eh? : )
    9. That Charlotte in the drawer is just too cute!
      Mine live in the livingroom on a server, that also acts as their dresser. So far I've managed to find 3 chairs & a rocker for them to lounge on. I hope to eventually give them a corner in the room and pick up a sofa and table/chair set so they can play cards & stuff. I'd love to get them all beds - but there are 7 of them and I'm not sure I'll have enough space - unless I stack a bunch of bunk beds on top of eachother (I think I'd need a ladder to get to the top - lol).
    10. Pixie get an ugly ass human sized chair allll to herself... except for the occasional cat tail in the face....
    11. hahahahaha - love that shot of Pixie with the cat!
    12. Antares has been making his bed on the bookshel over mine=)

      (warning, bad photos ahead XD)



      heheh =)
    13. Mine are sitting on an open shelf in my computer/doll room. At first I used to move them a lot and take them with me in each room so I could see them from wherever I was sitting, but not anymore now that I'm not obsessed with them anymore.
    14. They live on my lap unless I'm eating or sewing then they sitting on the counter by me. at nich they just go back into their boxes by my bed.
    15. Vereyen lives in my cd tower XDDDD He is sitting in the top of my Disney cds XD
    16. I usually have Shade sitting on my pillow. Or my windowsill. Or my nightstand. But he's been sleeping in his AR case on my dresser until I get him a bed xD;. A lot of people have said it looks like a coffin >_>;
    17. *nodnod* Kuro occupies the empty half of my queen, too. Well, now Kuro and Kuro's Chaise Lounge do, which would look really odd if my bed wasn't piled high with random pillows to begin with. <3

      I'd planned to give him a shelf before he got here, but... now I want him to be close to me. ^^;
    18. Well, at the moment they've got a corner of my room, furnished with...a wooden doll-sized rocking chair. However, once I get a place of my own - we're not talking just moving out to a dorm or apartment here, but years down the road when I actually have a house, and thus spare rooms to work with - I plan on having an entire room for them, furnished in doll-sized furniture, with multiple 'rooms' (bed room, living room/den/parlor, kitchen, bath, maybe an office) for doing different photoshoots and stories in, and so they can have a nice comfortable, accomodating place to live.

      Won't that be cool?

      **grins and draws up floor plans, courtesy of Mom's drawing board for her interior design work** I will eventually have the money to make this all a reality...just gotta bust ass for now.
    19. Mine's on a shelf that has a glass door. I like to return my dolls there as I can see them from here and it seems safe. Although it does make a stupid snapping sound every time you open or close it, so people know when I'm playing with my boys. >>;
      There's space for 3 dolls to sit next to each other, so if I end up getting a fourth, I'd have to think of something.. Maybe it helps me limit o.O;
    20. Sebastian usually lives on my computer desk, or my bookshelf, but since we're moving and his living space is rapidly getting packed up, he's been moving around alot lately.

      The poor boy can't even hide in his own box now - it's hidden behind all this other packed up stuff. ~_~