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Where do you keep your large dolls?

Apr 4, 2017

    1. Hello!

      I've been thinking about getting a Ringdoll Grown doll (and if you're a little familiar with their grown collection, you probably know that most of their dolls are around 70cm) but the thing is, I have no idea where I'd keep it. There are no shelves in my room, although that's an easy thing to fix. But I can't bring myself to imagine putting my 70cm dolls on a shelf. It just seems... way too big. Unless it's a big shelf?
      I've seen some people simply putting them on the ground, standing against the wall, but I have a cat who takes great pleasure in chewing my stuff (he's mostly the reason why I had to display my Monster High dolls on the top shelf of my bookshelf lol) so that's not really an option:kitty2
      So I'd love to hear everyone's insight and see where you display your large dolls! ^^
    2. I've seen people use curio cabinets from Goodwill.
    3. My wife and I use a tall bookshelf to store our big (and small) dolls. Usually we have them sitting down on little chairs and couches, but if you arranged the shelves you could have them standing on stands. We put light-blocking cloth over the front to minimize sun exposure.

      I know others with collections of large dolls use ikea Detolf shelves? I think @Brightfires has a very nice setup.
    4. I think a curio cabinet with doors would probably be a good idea. That way you could enjoy him and your cat couldn't cause him any damage.
    5. I just updated my room a little, but here's an older picture.
      Most of my (and my girlfriend's) dolls are 70cm or similar.
      The update on one side looks like this, but it's only Instagram quality (sorry):


      Basically I use a mixture of Billy and Detolf from Ikea, and some no-brand cubes to put the Detolfs on.
      The Detolf itself is low in height and while it's cool to have them completely visible I wouldn't go that route again.
      I am still afraid that flimsy glass panel will break one day :sweat
      They are the perfect height for 70cm dolls, while with 1/4 you just have too much empty space you can't use (too big to allow more layers, to small to fill out two combined layers)
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    6. I have a huge dresser from ikea in my bedroom that I display my dolls on. I have a few doll chairs I use for them to sit on as I don't have any doll stands. This is the only place I can display them right now, but those display cabinets are a great idea. They make the dolls look like an art exhibit! Very eye catching!
    7. @terraform Oh I hadn't thought about going thrift shopping to find some furniture! :O

      @redfeathers Using a bookshelf and arranging the shelves to fit the dolls would indeed be a great idea! The only thing I need now is to make some place in my room lol. Thanks a lot!

      @zodwollop I don't why I never thought of using a cabinet! With transparent glass, I could see the dolls AND keep it out of reach from my cat!

      @Ara Woah that's such a nice setup! I gotta say your dolls are quite beautiful! I really like what you did to display them, and I'll definitely get inspired from you!! Thanks a lot for sharing your pictures ^^
    8. @kurogane Oh that's cool!And it's true that glass displays are very eye-catching!
    9. We have a spare bedroom that has been designated "the doll room", and I've built deep shelving on one wall to create permanent 1/3 scale dioramas/rooms for my crew. The door stays closed when I'm not in there so neither pet nor sunlight can bother anything.

      Before I lived in this house, I had a small apartment. I only had MSD at the time, but I had them all sitting on a doll bed in the corner of my room. Sometimes, they'd stay on my bed during the day and move to the nightstand at night.
    10. My 70cm+ boys all stand around on a low armoire in my office. I need to get some more white stands for them to stand better! My worry is if my cats try to jump up there, though they know better for the most part. I'm thinking of getting an enclosed bookcase to feature them but also protect them as well.
    11. Seconding Ikea. I have a 'Hemnes' shelf with glass front doors and adjustable shelves. The upper shelf can be moved low enough for 70cm dolls. (And holds quite a few big dolls on stands.) The lower shelf is more appropriate for 60-65cm dolls.
    12. I use the Hemnes cabinets with glass doors, too. Two of the wide ones, with a narrow one set between them... And yeah, the shelves can be moved around to accommodate larger dolls.
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    13. Currently, my dolls sit on top of my Ikea Expedit/Kallax shelves. In our last apartment, I displayed my dolls in Ikea Billy bookcases with shelves for each size. Gotta love Ikea! ;)
    14. @CloakedSchemer The doll room is such a nice idea! :O I don't have a room to spare right now, but maybe in the future!

      @Mrkendoll1 My cat would definitely dare to jump on those low armoires xD So just like you suggested, an enclosed space would be better for me I think lol

      @Amet @Brightfires Adjustable shelves look so useful! I hope I'll be able to get my hands on one of those.

      @tiarah Well, Ikea does have a lot of square/rectangle shelves furniture, so it's easy to find a match to store dolls ;P
    15. I used to have my big dolls on display in a corridor of Ikea Billy bookshelves that were set up to be the right height. Most of my dolls are in storage these days, so the handful that are on display now are on a dresser sitting on chairs. Using chairs keeps them from looking sloppy in the way that sitting on the shelf itself would, while still keeping them from being as tall as displaying them upright would be.
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    16. I keep my dolls in a cabinet with a glass display (kind of like Ara's cabinet on the left) but I also put a small curtain over the glass to minimize light entering the cabinet. :) But a cabinet might not be a good idea if you are severely lacking in space so a shelf might be another option. In fact I was considering putting a couple of my dolls on a shelf once I run out of space in my cabinet LOL. I don't think it's weird to put them on a shelf although I'd put them sitting down so they won't fall over or something, especially if the shelf is at a height. :)
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    17. Mine hang around my room.
      This was a group shot where they covered their living room, study and dining room.
      [​IMG]2017 start 2 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      Now some of them have a Pub to hang out in.
      [​IMG]wide angle by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      The vampires are getting their own space soon but had to try it out before it's finished.
      [​IMG]vampire den WIP by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. My own Ringdoll Grown currently sits on my bedside cabinet. Just out in the open. My room's fairly cluttered, so he doesn't stand out like a sore thumb right now. But, he isn't facing my bed, so I don't scare myself upon waking up to a doll's face staring me in the eye...

      For the longest time, though, he used to sit 'out of the way' on top of the wardrobe. Or, the top shelf of my desk (which is now in another room). If he was to sit on a shelf all on his own, he would look a little out of place, but he would draw the eye more. But, I wasn't forcing myself to bond with him, when he was out of the way. He was that; out of sight, out of mind. Now that he can sit right in front of me, his character is slowly being pieced together.

      Almost five years after he arrived, and he's finally telling me his story. :)
    19. I have two Ringdoll Growns and I live in a one room apartment, so space has been an issue for me. In my old much tinier place I just kept then in their boxes, but when I moved to my new place I knew u wanted to have them on display.

      I used to stand them on a low shelf in the darkest corner of the room, but I had scares with then falling (thankfully only on my bed...) so I changed them to be sitting on the shelf. Then I got some doll furniture and now they spend their time sitting on a chair low to the ground. I have no fears of them falling now and they're more protected from the sun this way, though I do cover them with a cloth just to be sure.

      My roommate has cats but I refuse to let them into my room, so I haven't had to worry about protecting my dolls from the cats. I'd prefer not to have to use cabinets because I think that may make bonding with my dolls more difficult.
    20. Almost all my dolls are large. They have quite a lot of furniture of their own, and currently live in one half of my home office (or more like 2/3 of my home office lol. They're either sitting at the table or on their sofa & chairs, or they're standing on their doll stands.