Where do you keep your roomboxes?

Jun 23, 2019

    1. I have made 1 roombox so far and am lucky enough that it fits perfectly on top of the draws in my wardrobe (it's is MSD sized). But I need to make 3 more roomboxes and I don't know where I will put them.

      Where do you put your roomboxes? How do you store them? Are they constantly on display?
    2. I only have one so far and kind of inter change that with dolls house furniture so one day it could be a living room next a kitchen so it sits on the shelf with my BJDs and my smaller Fairyland reside in it
    3. I have one in progress, but there is really no room for it at all. Right now it's on the floor of my living room, which my husband is not very happy about. Ideally, it would go under my daughter's loft bed, but first she'd have to get rid of her smaller OT doll houses, so.... the floor it is :(
    4. I have a grabby toddler at home. So as much as I would like to leave my "room boxes" on display, I can't. They're collapsible with the walls and floor separate pieces. I have a locking plastic container for the furniture and accessories. And the walls and floor go behind my craft table against the wall.
    5. I'm lucky enough to have a spare room in our home that isn't needed for anything else, and so it has become "The Doll Room". My roombox dioramas are permanently built into one wall and stay on display all the time. They're made of painted white wood shelving, and I use contact paper to color the walls and poster mounts to hang mini posters, photos or other decor, so it's easy to rip it all out and start over if I ended up selling off dolls and starting new ideas.

      Before I had the doll room, I usually used poster boards like kids use for presentations/science projects with the foldable side pieces, decorated them, and would fold them and put them under a bed or in a closet when not in use.
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    6. I want to have some set up in my extra room upstairs but...I haven't had time. And I mostly have msd so...they will be large I guess. I have a dollhouse for my lati white, and it's upstairs. I'd like to make another dollhouse but a bigger size for my yosd
    7. My dolls are all mature tinies about 30cm tall and smaller dolls, so the "rooms" they have are on a glass and metal IKEA shelving unit I got with that as its intended use. I have it in my bedroom, and fortunately the cats have no interest in my dolls.

      [​IMG]Where We Live
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    8. I saw somewhere an idea of collapsible roomboxes and that really appeals to me at the moment. One day, when I have space, I'd like to have permanent ones set up somewhere, I imagine on top of a nice stable set of drawers or desk something. Until then I think I'll be working on collapsible ones that I can tuck away and pack the furniture and other props in boxes when I'm not using them. Can you connect boxes together? Maybe if you can secure one to the other you can stack them. Otherwise laid out on a set of shelves? hmm.
    9. Now that TVs have moved onto walls, there are a lot of really nicely designed entertainment centers at the thrift store. I picked up a beautiful oak one that matches my living room furniture. The size is just about perfect for SD+ size roombox. I have not yet worked up the courage to assemble it yet, but I've got most of the props.
    10. Well, mine is huge because it's 1/3 size. I keep it in my living room on the floor and it takes up a good chunk of my living space. I took this photo last year but it's still in the same place.


      Not ideal, but I don't have a doll/craft room. So my entire flat is my doll/craft room xD And I live alone so there is no one to complain about it hahaha

      I did make it to be collapsible (it's on hinges) but so far I haven't moved it and I've had it there over a year. But if I did ever need to take it down for whatever reason I would be able to flatten it for storage. My flat is TINY so I definitely wouldn't have enough space for another one. Instead, I swap out furniture all the time to create different rooms (storing the furniture is another issue... xD)

      oh, also, I intentionally painted it the same colour as my flat to try and make it blend in hahahahaha
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