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Where do you keep your stories?

Mar 12, 2016

    1. I finally got around to buying a nice notebook to keep all my doll stories in. Hooray ! I'm always curious what other people use for their stories. Do you have a notebook or do you use a computer? How do you organize your thoughts? I would love to know:blush
    2. I have a binder with all of my dolls' vital character info and floor plans of their houses. Sometimes I'll also add other important story info in there, like wedding plans or tour schedule for the musicians. It also contains the master list of all of my dolls, their sculpts, what I paid for them, and the year they were made.

      As far as stories, I roleplay most of them and the stories are recorded as I play on Facebook and IM.
    3. I'm an old-school, paper-and-funky-dice tabletop roleplayer, and quite a few of my crew are resin avatars for favorite RPG characters. That means their "stories", if they're written down anywhere at all (and many aren't-), exist only as characters sheets, game notes and tales we players and GMs share when we're having a "Hey, remember when-" session. :lol:
    4. In my head, or in the occasional photo story.
    5. It's a bit of a combination. Typically, all character details are handwritten in one of 3, 3-ring binders. Details of the dolls themselves such as sculpt, size/measurements and whether they were a new or second-hand purchase is on my laptop. Doll stories, since they are resin shells of characters from my novels, are typically written on computer since that is the easiest multi-editing format around. From there, some stories are posted online as free-reads, some are available on pay-sites and still others are only available through my publisher.
    6. I've been debating doing my writing on the computer but have decided to use a notebook ! It's much more convenient for me to bring places:-) however I always struggle with how i should put my thoughts on paper.
    7. I kind of just use whatever I had in hand, mostly I just write my thoughts down in my phone's note app and sometimes with paper and pen. Either way I always write my thoughts down in jot notes as it's easier for me to read XD. And I publish the final product, which is the photostories on my blog and some of my social medias.
    8. I can't even read my OWN handwriting - so I keep all my stories (dolly & otherwise) on my computer - oh, & backed up, plus I post drafts to my Yahoo Mail account (GREAT free cloud, can I just say). I even ~gasp~ print them out when finished, cause I've found that paper lasts longer than anything else LOL. I do have two blogs - one for my regular stories & one for my dolls, plus I do photo books from Shutterfly (that's my equivalent of printing my written stories, only for the photo stories....)
    9. Most of my dolls stories exist only in my head where they are ever developing and have been for a long time. Some very important facts and episodes are written down in notebooks. I think I should probably get better at writing things down. Memory does not improve with age ;)
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    10. I keep them mostly in my head as I do simply have guidelines and not real stories to be written.
      But I do keep their most important data (age, likes and dislikes, the names of their parents or other things like those) in case I forgot about them in my laptop.
    11. I don't hand write stories anymore unless I have an idea at work I want to jot down notes for when I have a minute, because it's too frustrating when I know I can type faster than I can scrawl. XD They're mostly stored in iCloud backups these days so they feed to all my devices.
    12. I have a file folder with their back stories, sculpt info, their partners, outfits etc. Some on loose leaf paper, some index cards usually whatever is handy in the moment to scribble an idea on.
    13. In my diaries, mostly. Though I do plan to type them out for easier keeping and sorting because I'm a messy writer. There are too many crosses and slashed-out sentences or words that I'd even get confused myself on where something started and ended, or what I'd changed haha!
    14. My dolls' stories are mostly things I play with in my head--their characters are less developed than other stories I have, so I haven't written much that's concrete about them yet. But I do like to keep their character profiles and little snippets of story together in a document on my computer. It helps me keep the information organized without worrying about rewriting pages in a notebook (since I tend to rearrange things fairly often when writing). :)
    15. I too, keep my stories in the head. It is a good thing to keep things written, but alas I do not have any privacy. :sigh
      On the another hand I do not forget my OC stories.
    16. I was a writter before I collected bjds so I do the same thing I did for my original stories. I have all the files on my computer and in a binder. I normally have a rough draft and sketches in a composition notebook as well.
    17. Although alot is memorised in my head, I use notepad on my laptop for smaller details I might forget. If I think of something new I usually write it down quick on my phone :)
    18. I write the doll stories in notebooks so my OC's are safe and no one can steal their stories :3 But i put some small information of them under some pictures...rarely
    19. It depends on the story, but for all of them "mostly in my head" is true.
      Writing is hard for me, because I have a hard time to determine if it's good or bad (I just feel more connected to pictures), which is why I have avoided writing down a lot of it.
      In some cases I also have honestly no clue HOW to write the story, because it's so big and complicated with so many characters...it's just a bit too much for someone who sucks at writing.

      I have a wiki for the chess pieces, because it's easier to link people to it.
      It's in German and English, a while ago I finally sat down and updated it and it has entries for each character and some background to the world itself.
      I have two text files (one for Herr Schwarz' story, one for the shenanigans of the white Rook and black Knight), but I only write into them once in a while and especially the latter is more like a collection of short stories.

      For all my other stories, characters and ideas there is nothing but my mind.
      It sucks, because I would really like to read the stories, but I just can't write them :doh
    20. My bjd stories are kept in my mind, with a few notes scribbled down.

      I write stories, and getting into BJD's I wanted another way of telling stories without words or strict plotting. The BJD's are a reprieve from when I get stuck or frustrated with my writing so I don't want to keep notes the same way I do with my written stories. If that makes sense.

      My writing stories are kept in tons of notebooks!! I try and be organised, but rarely manage it.