Where do you put your dolls and do you find them distracting?

Feb 24, 2018

    1. My dolls are displayed in my bedroom. Each morning, I will leave them on my study table so I can look at them and at night I will put them on the bookshelf so that I can look at them whilst sleeping.

      I am very happy with my dolls because they are so beautiful, but I find them a bit of a distraction. Its like I can't concentrate on my work and every couple of minutes I need to stare at my dolls which puts me into a daydream mode.

      Anyone have this problem?
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    2. I can’t put the dolls out of the closet. My cat could drop them. I'd like to watch them every moment, but I can’t. :|
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    3. I prefer to have at least one doll out somewhere at all times. (Mind, I have a lot of dolls and they aren't all bjds. The doll could be one of the more cuddly of my vinyl play dolls.) Most of the time if I'm studying, I don't want one on my desk -- the exception is if I'm doing something where I need to think aloud. Amusingly, I've got three or four dolls that I've concluded don't mind listening to me work out complicated mathematical concepts, and some others that will patiently endure a long rant about history and essays.

      I really need to clean off my desk and bookshelf; I normally would keep them in my closet, since I'm at school, but I suppose I don't really need to anymore since my roommate moved out this morning.
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    4. I sleep with my doll or put them on display in my room!! I think they are distracting in a sense that sometimes i have this urge to redo their look and it takes me hours to finish!! XD

      Well i guess its better you love them and see them all the time as it can be a source of motivation and inspiration!! Just my opinion!! ^^
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    5. I have a shelf in my room that holds all my dolls, but almost every day, I pull at least one down to hang out with. They help me stay calm and relax. I particularly like to have one in my lap when I'm working. I find that it actually helps me concentrate, so quite the opposite of distracting.
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    6. My two just sit in my room. One is normally on their stool when the other one is posed.
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    7. I have a shelf but it's behind all my work area's. I can position it so I can take looks. Since my dolls are based off story character's it's nice and inspiring. :)
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    8. I have a room dedicated to my crafts and hobby’s, including my dolls, who have an entire bookshelf where they “live”when I am not paying attention to them. I am fortunate that I can just close the door on the room, as my cat would have a field day if he was allowed to investigate the hobby room. :aeyepop:
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    9. My hobby room,craft room and bedroom are all one space so it’s a bit cramped hahaha...^^’

      I have a shelf that I’m working on cleaning up and turning into a display shelf for my girls once they arrive, and my one current doll is small and tends to hang out on my crafting table with me. :3
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    10. My dolls definitely got more attention when I had them on my desk.

      My crew is too big and I have too many desktop fish tanks now so they got moved to my headboard shelf.

      .....thankfully none of them are floppy or they would like fall onto my head while I sleep. Lol
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    11. I used to keep all of my dolls on display (in a previous house I had a basement media room and in another a long, dark corridor - both of which were perfect for doll displays), but these days I just have a few of them out and the rest live boxed up in a closet.

      I don't know that they were necessarily distracting as much as I just feel like my general attitude toward collecting (and not just dolls, but anything) has changed. I used to be able to look at a wall of dolls and feel satisfied, but now it feel more stressful in a "Why do I have so much stuff?"-kind of way. I suppose there might be an argument for that being a kind of distraction though.

      But a couple of dolls posed nicely are still something I enjoy. :)
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    12. Mine are in their dioramas in my craft room which is off limits to my pets. I only enter when I wanna create or do something with the dolls, so I barely get to see them. I wish I could have them on my desk or bedroom, but I worked and spent too hard on them as to let my pets wreck them.
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    13. I am lucky to have my bjds where I can see them every day. I couldn't do this if I had cats.
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    14. We have a spare bedroom that has been officially named The Doll Room, where most of the BJDs are displayed in dioramas on shelves. I have a few other dolls and my first doll on display in my sewing room/guest bedroom. (Three bedroom house, we don't have kids.) Sometimes, I do bring one downstairs with me to watch tv or work on projects and they usually sit on he couch or the coffee table. My dog doesn't bother them at all, and they're not really a distraction, more of a comfort. :) Though most things I'm doing when they are around is either doll related projects or role play, or I'm doing something that doesn't require much of an attention span.
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    15. I put mine in my lounge room atm and yes I find them super distracting
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    16. As of now, I just kind of set my two boys in random places around the house! Sometimes they’re on the couch and sometimes they’re on the bed displayed with the decorative pillows, lol. It’s pretty much wherever I feel will be the most fun for the day. They do get stored back in their boxes before I go to bed and are generally kept in our gaming/computer room.

      I don’t find them very distracting, though sometimes I get the urge to fiddle with their wigs until it’s laying just perfectly for me! lollll Now my husband is another story, he doesn’t like them out and about in random places. He finds them distracting because of the feeling of being ~ watched.
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    17. Currently my dolls sit together on a little oriental rug I bought for them on the hearth. We don't use our fireplace so I have a cloth draped behind them just to give them their own little space. Personally, I don't find them distracting, even though I might pause and look over at them every now and then. For me, it's more like having them there is company. :)
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    18. Right now most of my BJD dolls are in their boxes. I've been thinking of clearing off my desk and putting them there, with some type of padding in front of them. I do have my Bo Bergman doll and my Angelique doll on my desk right now. Oh, and one is hidden on the cart by my chair in her padding because she is small. My silly dog tends to jump up on things, including the pieces I keep my dolls, so I have to be sure to keep only dolls that can't break on those shelves....grrrrrrrrrr.....

      I do find that hunting for my next BJD doll is very distracting to me....it's keeping me from dressing and wigging my others. I keep pouring over ones I want.....I really want to get a Myou doll while they are on sale. Thinking of a Kaye Wiggs pre order as well as a My Meadow pre order. I have a wonderful BJD doll on layaway from Sonia dolls in Russia..only 2 more payments!
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    19. I'm scared of yellowing, so I mostly put my dolls in the closet inside their doll boxes. I think I only have them out when I take pictures of them...
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    20. Since I'm often away from home these days, all my dolls are currently in their boxes, except for one. I like to have at least one of them waiting for me near my bed. It's not always like that though. When I spend a lot of time at home, on vacation for example, the dolls are out and displayed on a shelf in my bedroom. I just don't want them to become dusty when I can't enjoy seeing them anyway.
      I don't find them very distracting. I sometimes want to take pictures when I look at them but it doesn't prevent me from doing whatever I have to do. They're kinda keeping me company in my house.
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