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Where do you spend most of your time?

May 3, 2006

    1. In regards to the DoA of coarse.

      I personally hang out in the Galleries, the Workshops and a specific thread in the Doll Group Orders (I'm anxiously waiting the arrival of two dolls).

      And you?
    2. For me, it's News, General Discussion, Gallery, Gallery Photostories and Marketplace-Dolls.
    3. i hang out mostly in general discussion, all the galleries, BJD games, marketplace clothing etc, and critique on occasion. :)
    4. general discussion, marketplace - clothes/accessories, the regular gallery, meetups, and the sewing forum. :3nodding:
    5. General Discussion, Larger dolls, Galleries and seamtresses.
    6. Mostly just the market place, in any one of the sub forums.

    7. 'Mostly the various Gallery boards...
    8. In order, I visit News, General Discussion, Meetups, Larger Dolls, and Mini Dolls. If I have lots of time, I add BJD-opedia and Group Orders, then down into the Workshop section.

      If I have no time at all, I only visit News and General Discussion. :roll:

      This is, of course, in addition to checking the 219 threads :ablink: to which I am currently subscribed.
    9. Well, I refresh the clothing marketplace, and check ALL of the gallery subforums often... I check the general discussion a couple of times a day, news, group orders, meetups once a day. And if I still have time, I go and look at almost everything else XD
    10. I generally just view the "New Posts" all the time and get a mixture of them all. If I visit a specific place, it's usually the clothing marketplace.
    11. Marketplace and news/announcements, then the photoshoot gallery, general discussion, larger dolls and the how-to section, in order or importance. I don't really visit the photostories, games, databases or specific dolls I don't have sections at all right now. I pop into meetups, pic requests and critique every once in a while.
    12. I actually don't spend a lot of time in the gallery subforums... ^^;

      General discussion, news, larger dolls, and then the critique/customizing boards are where I like to check out. :)
    13. General, Dolls, Larger Dolls, Mini, Clothes, Traders list, News, Galleries, photostories, just whatever catches my interests!
    14. Galleries, Workshop and Market.
    15. I usually glance over the galleries, critique if there's anything new, and I'm currently (as you know) in the same boat and hanging out at the Narindoll thread. :) I will look in the mini section too, if I have time.
    16. customizer's marketplace and Gallery ^ ^
    17. Almost exclusively the Galleries unless I'm looking for something in the Marketplace. I check News about once a week and General Discussion if LJ is boring and the Galleries are being slow (so maybe twice a week).
    18. General Discussion, Marketplace- Clothes, Gallery, Gallery-photostories, BJD Database
    19. General Discussion, BJD-opeia, Mini, News and Meetups.
    20. I generally check my subscribed threads first. Then Marketplace dolls and news. Then repeat! XD