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Where does your doll store it's personality?

Jan 18, 2010

    1. -insert typical if there's already a thread like this, delete message here-

      So I've been wondering lately about floating heads/headless bodies. Does your doll have a personality without a face? Does a head have personality without a body?
      This is for anyone who has/had a floating head or an extra body.
      Further- if you received the extra head from an event did you plan a personality for it in advance? how did you work it in to any existing story-lines?
    2. I think a doll's personality can exist in either a head or a body, because it's likely you have a preference in mind for the missing part corresponding to the personality that exists in your head for that doll. I do kind of think the face matters more, though.

      This is mostly speculation. I haven't actually had those things myself x3; My sister had a DIM Angelo head hanging around alone for a while, though, and I feel like I connected with him more because he was a head. Sorry if I'm misleading as a result.
    3. I don't have any floating heads or headless bodies, buuttt! The doll I'm getting soon still has a personality. So, he's not -here- at all...but his personality is XD I've actually had his personality in mind for a while before I decided to get him, but I think his face really helped refine the idea for his persona. So, I'd say that, to me, a doll's personality is greatly determined by their face.
    4. I have my Jynx and at first when i got him I was unsure
      if i was going to bond with him or if he would take to the
      personality seeing as he is a floating head. But luckily
      he is awesome! I bonded with him
      and somehow even without his body his face holds it all >w<
      Also i finally ordered his body and it comes with an event head
      and i plan on turning him into the Butler, Logan Badger, I don't know
      if he will take to it but hopefully he will.... (sheesh one floating head right
      after i bodied another lol)

      I personally think it would be a little hard for the personality to show
      if you only had the body and not the head, for me the face tells the story
      and the body helps out :D
    5. The "personality" of any of my dolls is connected to its character, not its doll form. I can find - and in the past, I have found - doll heads or bodies that are better representations of the characters I try to create with my dolls. When that happens, I purchase the new head or body (or both) and replace the original one. I sell the original, so as not to create a schism of character embodiment.
    6. A doll's personality is stored in my head. It's called imagination lol.
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    7. That, pretty much. He's already in my head, fully formed. He doesn't need his resin self to BE himself.
    8. It's stored in the squeedlyspooch. :<
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    9. I'm going to have my head before my body, so there's no doubt we'll end up having fascinating conversations about who knows what. A body with a personality though, that sounds a little bit scary.
    10. I do happen to currently have a face-up-less floating head in my room and my friend and I descided that the poor things name was Dan. I have actually added Dan to a photo shoot once, and honestly, he has more personality without a face-up or body. He tends to seem a little sarcastic and snarky, which is amusing, as half the time he sits about with no eyes in and his headcap off, because I use him for face-up practice. XD I don't plan to EVER give him a body, so he will forever be "Dan the Floating Head" XD Poor guy.
    11. I have had two floating heads.

      The first one was meant for practice, so he had no character whatsoever and went by his mold name. He did not start developing a "personality" until I put some eyes in his head (because having an eyeless head sitting on my desk weirded me out). That's when he became MO, even though he was either faceless or was wearing something temporary and still went by his mold name. He now has a body and is no longer Mr. PracticeFace.

      My second one was actually already a planned character. Same as before, he did not actually feel like the character he was meant to be until he had his proper eyes in his head. The face up I gave him later really helped ...

      I guess for me its all in the eyes.
      So I doubt I would find much personality in a headless body, haha
    12. I think it's probably the sum of the parts that makes the personality. Perhaps it starts with the head or body, whichever you get first, and then it comes together even more once you have them together. Or if you have a personality in mind beforehand, perhaps it doesn't really come together until you have the doll. I've never had a floating head or headless body, but Midori's body is kind of... eh. So her personality is currently in her head, as I plan to replace the body.
    13. I had a pair of floating heads who sat around for a couple months without any sort of personality or a name. I just could not bring myself to think of something for them beyond the basics. I got them a body to share and I could finally name them, and now they are getting a personality because I can play with them more. Most of the time, my dolls get personalities through play, with a basic background to help direct how they will be.

      I also have a body I bought in the market that came to me with a personality that canceled out the separate head's personality. They clashed so much that the serious nature of the head couldn't reconcile with the completely opposite nature of the body, and I had to look to a new body for the head. Also the resins didn't match very well, but y'know... >_> So now my headless boy is just called Body, and he's my big ol' headless party animal. His only cares in the world is the problem that he doesn't have anything to help hold his glow necklaces on. :whee: His personality seems to have just happened when he went too long dressed in only a blanket toga and rainbow glowsticks. It is a somewhat distasteful personality to me, but it's also interesting to explore something that I don't normally address in my imagination land.
      And now I just thought of the perfect head for him instead of the one I was planning. I might not be able to tame him after all! :D
    14. My floating head (Robin) won't be getting a body, or even a face-up, wig, eyes, etc, until this summer most likely.

      He still has a personality though, at least to me.

      This may be because he's going to be a physical manifestation of one of my original characters, so his personality is currently stored in my head. I knew who he was going to be when I first ordered the head so maybe that's why I can -feel- him...I just can't see it yet..

      I hope that made sense to y'all :sweat It was hard trying to put it into actual words xD.
    15. For me, a doll needs to be all put together before I can think of a personality. The right face, wigs, eyes, body attached, clothes, everything. When my dolls are faceless or the head is apart from the body, that's when they really seem to have no "personality."
    16. I'm going to say the personality is more in the head for me. I have a headless body right now...and I find it a bit odd. It spends a lot of time zipped away in it's pouch. However, I purchased the head first (it's a MNM, so there is some wait-time involved) so I do know what the body is intended to be, yet I can't really seem to have it play that character with out the head being here...
    17. Their heads--I can swap a body and it will still be the same character, but if I change the head it's someone else.
    18. When I bought Nika at the end of November, I didn't think I'd get the winter event head because I bought from Luts' eBay store and only reached the price range with the shipping. So when I got the head, he had no name, no personality, no nothing. Even now, if he accidentaly shows up in a picture (he hangs out on top of Nika's dresser) I just say he's our "Resident Floating Head Bob" because I only used him for face-up practice and then set him aside. I might never get him a body (he's an SSD which would be too big to fit any storylines) and right now have no reason to. At the same time, I don't want to sell him.

      Now then, IF for some reason he got a body, then I'd make him into someone. "Bob" might even turn into "Brittney" if I'm weird enough (the doll mold has no gender I think). Nika on the other hand will always be Nika, with or without a body. For him his personality is part of his head. I'm assuming that if Bob gets his body, then yes his personality would be in his head as well. Untill then, Bob has no personality.
    19. Where else could it be kept!
    20. Short answer for me would be mostly in the head (because that's where the brains of living creatures are), but not quite there until there's a body, faceup and eyes.

      I have two blank summery 09 heads that I know what I want to turn into. Even though I know what I want them to be, they still seem like weird blank android heads to me. Like they have a limited kind of personality about them, but it doesn't go beyond what a newly "born" test tube human might be like if you can imagine that. I think even if they had their wigs faces and eyes they still would seem a bit "dormant" to me until they got bodies.