Where is The MSD Measurement Chart??

Jan 29, 2009

    1. Hello,
      I remember maybe a few months back I found a link here on DOA that had a list/chart of all MSDs & some other sized dolls measurements.
      Im trying to find that list again but am coming up with nothing in the search engine ):

      Can anyone link me to the chart im talking about?
      or any chart for that matter? Im looking for MSD & smaller size charts

      any help is completely appreciated <3
      Thank You
    2. Perhaps it's time for members to compile a new chart?

      I think I also recall seeing a "true size" thread, where people measured their dolls and compared said measurements to the ones listed by manufacturers. But that might have only been height.
    3. I started one a while back, but got distracted and didn't get very far. Since there was the other one around there didn't seem to be much interest in a 'new' chart at the time, either.

      Since there seems to be the need now (not only since the old one vanished, but because there's so many new dolls on the market as well) I could try to finish my chart. One thing that I was wondering that some input would be nice on: some manufactures give like the measurement for just about EVERYTHING, while others only give the standards like height/shoulder width/footlength/etc. Would you guys want a column for every possible measurement (even if for most dolls they would remain blank), or would a chart that was slimmed down to the more useful measurements be easier to use/more aesthetically pleasing?

      For reference, this is what I had come up with: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=p29Tmw0H-FJmS5500nCbGCA&hl=en I was sort of attempting to go down alphabetically by manufacturer. I think in order to maintain some sort of semblance of order, I will only use 'manufacturer given sizes' rather than 'true sizes' unless the company just doesn't give any.
    4. I'd love to see this too. So many companies make it very difficult to find measurements and it really seems like some do not provide any measurements at all. It's very frustrating when you are trying to compare a lot of different doll bodies at once.
    5. Who do we talk to about making additions/updates to these charts? I definitely have some I can contribute.
    6. Descending Twilight's chart is gone currently and I am getting an Error message on the DoA chart search for mini's. Grr. I'm trying to compare Dollmore MSD's to anyone else.
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    7. Thanks, @Snowy. I really appreciate you helping. I'm trying to find out things like shoe size across lines. I'll just keep looking around.
    8. WOW. That's my new favorite site. Thanks for posting, @Snowy!
    9. @sistercuervo & @PeppermintPocky
      Glad it has been of help :)
      It's been around for a year or so and I'm using from time to time myself :3

      @sistercuervo Oooh. Shoe sizes are tricky ^^°
      I tend to leave a window open with the doll (body) with the meassurements in question, then browse through my various shopping sources and hope the inside sizes of the shoes are given.
      If I remember correctly mybayer2008 on ebay properly lists as good as all his shoes that way.
    10. Thank you so much, Snowy. mybayer2008 is a good source. I have purchased from them in the past for other dolls. I'm really hoping the Volks shoes I ordered will fit this Dollmore girl.