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Where to buy wigs, shoes and clothes for Bobobie dolls--clues appreciated

Jun 15, 2007

    1. Many people may have noticed: almost all Bobobie dolls came home naked. Hope you can offer some clues where we can find some stuff for the kids.

      I just find a place that shoes for Bobobie tinies can be found:

      Welcome more informations. :love
    2. ... shoes for the teeny tinies eric erin and cookie...
      if you sign up to judy's website you get a standard 10% discount, and untill the end of june 20%.

      edit: :doh the link in Dennis' post is for Judy :lol: nevermind!!
    3. Judy is excellent to do business with, I highly recommend her. I order shoes and wigs, and will be ordering eyes too. :)
    4. yeah she's a jem!! I get all my tiny shoes from her now!!
      Jujus dolly mall also carries wigs by Monique.

      Tinybear makes custom tibetan wool wigs, they'd look really cute on any bobobie doll!!

      www.kemperdolls.com carries socks, and underwear that fits the tinies too.
    5. thanks sweetie
      ..got to show you Rolo and TC
      in their wigs ...the chocolate boys ...are gorgeous
      I love my sleeping chocolate boy
      edit for pics
      I love these guys
      ,these are some of the wigs , and outfits I have for them (outfits arnt quite finished )
      Im finding the knitting is helping me de-stress ...but they are available for order
      there are more outfits comming ...
    6. I was using Takara Licca clothes for my Eric. I had a gym suit outfit and he looks cute in it! He's also wearing Licca's loafer shoes but I bought him some tennis shoes from the local doll shop in his size.

    7. What sizes would fit Eric, Erin, Cookie or Chocolat?
    8. I've just received some pullip maryjane shoes for cookie, they fit a dream barefooted. I bought them from Mimmiwoo on ebay. Erin also fits kelly (barbies littlest sister) clothes
    9. I love the Bobobie tinies.... I want one.... sigh...

      And, yes, Judy from JuJu's Dolly Mall is GREAT!!!
    10. i have a quick question, does sugar mag stuff fit the bobobie tinies?

      I have since been told that some tops will fit, but other stuff will be too long..... maybe you could adjust them? just a thought.....
    11. this thread is super helpful! Those tinies are so hard to find things for
    12. I did hear that lati yellow clothing also fits the bobobie tiny's, does anybody know?

      Also for the msd girls i bought lots of dollzone clothing and handmade clothing that was for dollzone dolls, they first the msd girls perfectly! (the mature body)
    13. Lati Yellow ..the old style and Bobobie are very similar in size
      I would say yes

    14. Thank you Tinybear :D
      That sounds like fun i found some cute little dresses on etsy and by the looks it it they will fit :D
    15. I can make cute little kimonos out of kimono silk, would anyone be interested in them? I can put them on etsy for peace of mind.
    16. I would love to see ...I do make clothes ..but just dont have the time lately

      I Love Etsy ..so much talent in 1 place
    17. Ganty, do you have the etsy link?
    18. Yes i do =3


      Also you can just go to Etsy and type in Lati yellow in the search ;)

      Also a VERY cute website