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Where to find clothing for Senior Delf boys

Sep 17, 2007

    1. I know Luts has clothes for senior delf, but I don't like them.
      Somebody knows where I can find clothes for him? Specially jeans...

      Thank you very much ^^U
    2. I sew pants for Senior Delf boys, here on the DoA and from my website. I'm sure there are other seamstresses on the board who do as well, so you might want to check the sales and the commission forums.

      I've found that a lot of the shirts designed for SD13 and Delf boys will fit Senior Delf boys. You might want to try some of those on your guy. For reference, here's a picture of GothicKDM's Abaddon wearing a Volks SD13 shirt and pants by me. As you can see, the shirt fits very well in the shoulders, body and sleeves, and the length is just about right.

    3. Thank you very much for the information marsh ^^
      If someone knows other shops please let me know that...

      Thank you once again :sweat
    4. Has anyone tried putting a SDF boy in a DF boy outfit? Preferrably one from Luts.
      I'm going to get a Senior Delf boy, but Delf boy clothes really seem like they would suit him. x: I don't really want to spend $80 on an outfit if it isn't going to fit him~.
    5. I put on some delf clothes on my SN delf body and they fit. But shoes they will not.
    6. Just check the measurements before hand if you can. Just to be safe.:)
    7. Great! Thanks~. :D
    8. The pants probably won't fit well - the SDF boys are longer legged and a little more slender. The shirts should be okay. I've dressed an SDF boy in SD13 boy shirts and they fit well. Also, Dollheart shoes and boots for SD13 boys fit SDF boys.
    9. Well, this set is one of the ones I was hoping to get. Do you think it would matter that he is long legged, since the pants are shorts anyway? XD;;
      I suppose it's all trial and error.. my sister has a Delf boy who could wear them if they don't fit anyway. c:

      Thanks for the tip on Dollheart shoes!
    10. i have a quick question. how well do regular SD clothes and shoes fit a senior delf.

      ^^ thankies very much to all.
    11. well... I gave Miss-S-Bird my luts yue (she bought it >,>) for my El, and it fit PERFECTLY.

      nicer than it fits my el...
      so i'd imagine well?
    12. The only fitting problem I've had is that the Senior Delf boys are a little slimmer through the hips than an SD13 boy, so pants can be a little loose. It's nothing that a belt can't fix. Senior Delf boys also have skinnier wrists but that hasn't caused any problems. In general, I'd say Senior Delfs fit most clothing for 60cm boys.

      I suppose if you had a tight fitting Senior Delf dress shirt the cuffs might not fasten on an SD13 boy.
    13. ^^ thankies guys.
    14. I'm having a hard time finding quality Senior-Delf clothes.

      Anyone know any good places or sizes that work for this model?

    15. bump?? please!
    16. Doesn't Luts sell plenty? You can find them under the clothes section. :sweat
    17. On ebay boogie0909 sells really good clothes, you just tell her the size and she will make them for you :) She made an excellent pair of cargo pants for my Cian and it fits him perfectly!
    18. I actually have my Abadon in the Old Moon luts outfit and it fits him rather well....the only thing is that the pants are short if he was sitting down...it looked like he had high waters....

      But now with his boots its not a problem.

      I think they would fit any SD13 size...I know Marsh here has a pattern for the Senior delfs if you want some nice leather pants XD
    19. PandaBaka - Aha oh yes! I've looked there, but everything is always sold out! Thank you though! :)

      Izarra - Thanks kindly! I took a look and they all look real nice! Very nice fur wigs too!

      GothicKDM - Oh thats really good to hear! I was wondering about that, I guess it's probably safe to say the shirts are probably ok? Thanks for the info!
    20. hello! i just recieved my senior delf abadon and i'm having a hard time finding some clothes for him. i'm really drawn to the clothes on the DOD site. does anyone know if DOD's DOT size clothing will fit an SDF?