Where to find Male Mini clothing?

Jun 5, 2007

    1. I ordered a DZ mo today, but unfortunately he's going to have to remain naked for awhile, or wear some of my girl's clothes until I get him some stuff. I know there's alot of good resources for girl msds: teen trends, american girl, hopscotch hill, build a bear, etc, etc. But where can I find male clothing? I've looked in the marketplace, but admittedly it's a bit more than I really want to spend. I have also heard that buying pants to fit a DZ male is a pain in the butt because they are so much taller than other msd, and have a more err manly sized uhm package down below there. I would hate to spend 50 dollars on a pair of pants and they not even fit.

      so... suggestions? XD
    2. Shop 'til you drop in DOA's wonderful marketplace ^_~
      The stuff's closer, usually less than retail, and there's lots of everything!

    3. I was curious myself since I plan to own a male msd soon! :XD:
      I would look into the marketplace though (even if I can't get to it yet...). I've heard there is good outfits there!
    4. Uneide has some clothes I believe in her Featherfall store. Otherwise commissioning a pair isn't bad. If I had time I'd offer but I'm swamped with other commissions right now :(
    5. Hahaha. I went thru THE EXACT THING. My first doll was a DZ Mo!


      He is SOOOO beautiful.

      Like, even the DZ pants don't really fit all the way down. But what I found to work, is getting some knee high boots for him. That way, even other MSD sized pants look just fine.

      Other MSD sized clothing fits my Mo just fine.

      As for finding clothing, I went to a BJD convention last weekend, and got him some, but otherwise, I ended up just ordering online. :sweat

      Your gonna love him. :aheartbea
    6. I'm currently scouring the internet trying to find clothes for my boy MSD... I ordered a few things from eBay but I'd like more :/
    7. Yeahhh. I really like the SOOM clothing, and the Dollmore clothing.

      I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay 22+ for shipping alone, but in the end, just bit the bullet, and paid that much for shipping. :\
    8. Matt O'Neil stuff from tonner sometimes fits the msd boys. :3 I had the tux and it fit a little baggy on my dod tender bee-a.
    9. Raven could you add a link to the DOA's marketplace. I am afraid if I google it I will get in the wrong ones. Thanks, MK
    10. You need to get over a certain amount of posts in order to get access to the Marketplace, MK.
    11. how about yahoojapan?
    12. :D thanks I actually did see her thread yesterday and went ahead and ordered a newbie pack so at least my boy won't be totally naked :D I'll probably order more from her in a few weeks when I get some more cash since she specializes in 45 cm pants :)
    13. I think most of the companies that sell male minis sell clothing too. Find out what dolls are compatible sizewise with your male, and check some of the doll sellers.

      Ebay can also be useful once you know what dolls are compatible in size.

    14. Hey, Xeno! *wavies from PIland-ish-ly* :lol:

      My DZ Meigi will be arriving next week. I'll PM you on PI if I get any clothing options figured out, too. I know I replied to one of your BJD posts before on PI, but that was a long time ago. :)
    15. @[email protected] ...I think the market place is a good place..bu I need enough posts TwT...so hard for me to type in English...

      [aahhhh] ..not my first language
    16. My Megi will be home ...sometime.. <_<;

      And yes, the issue of clothes is a hard one. ^^;

      Wigs & eyes are hard to get too, and the stuff I see in the Marketplace is really awesome, but the shipping prices for some is really bad. D:

      I know people can't do anything about it, but it kinda sucks. T.T

      That said... is there a thread somewhere that lists were Marketplace people are located? This would help people whoe want to shop 'locally', I would think. Just an idea. ^.^;
    17. Well... I'm not sure about your doll, but Dollmore.net (English version of Dollmore.com) has some nice clothing in various sizes. =D Hope this helps.