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Where to Find Rings for Large Dolls?

Jan 23, 2007

    1. I have seen finger rings on some of the BJDs, and I would love to find some for a couple of my boys.
      Does anyone know who sells them and where I can find rings for BJDs?
    2. i just use jump rings for Dakota's...2 of them to make it more visable..On an SD you dont even have to glue them down. They fit nice and snug..At least on my boy they did =3
    3. D'oh :doh just got back from finding their thread and someone beat me!

      (maybe if I hadn't spent so much time looking at the pretty pictures...)

      If you go to their (Orange Babydoll's) gallery (at the bottom of St James' signature) they have a section with the rings they have made.
    4. Yep... Very small ear cuffs make pretty good rings for larger dolls (Dollshe guys, Model guys, SD13 guys and such-), too.
    5. Thank you Brightfires, Bunnychan, and Strangeangels, for the info. I will check it out. :lol:
    6. What size jump rings? I have two different sizes and niether fit (one's too big and the other's too small).
    7. We are so lucky to have top-notch doll jewelers who sell right here in the Marketplace - all my boys wear orangebabydolly sterling rings! And resinragdolls is another DoA jeweler/member who makes custom bjd jewelry!

      Enjoy! :)
    8. Thank you Magical Maz and Moderator Zagzagael for the additional information on the rings. Really appreciate it. Everyone is so helpful!
    9. :( I have been searching for a looong time and I need at least 4 for my dolls...
    10. i honestly cant remember the size..the standard size for holding necklace pendants and jewelry together. On luts hands they work good, but i think volks boys fingers are a LOT thicker, right?
    11. I highly, highly recommend orangebabydolly. Excellent quality and service - all of my dolls have orangebabydolly rings. ^_^
    12. I am guessing you'll need 6mm-7mm jump rings for cp girl type size, depending on which finger :sweat

      7mm for cp boy size and the like

      and 8mm would be a good dollshe size I imagine..

      and of course all these would likely have a tiny gap at the back once they are on the fingers...which is better for making the fit *just right* and keep in mind most dolly fingers are not round..more ovalsquarelike esp. the big boys :)

      and thanks for all the orangebabydolly love guys we super love you back :D
    13. I totally recommend Resin Ragdoll, I cannot rave enough about Bel's jewellery, and the ring I got from her is just stunning, and is a perfect fit on my SD13 boy. (And it's slightly adjustable, too.)

      I will also second (third? fourth?) the suggestion for using earcuffs. They're unfortunately not really in fashion anymore in Australia, but I picked up a couple when I was living in Japan and they're a great size for rings. :D
    14. Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. Now I have a good place to start to get those finger-rings for my boys. :lol:

      (Now, if I could just get permission/access to the the Marketplace...:doh )
    15. I had to use 10mm jump rings for my hound boy. I had to go through a few experiments to find the right one but at least a packet is pretty cheap. Plus, buying them in packets means if he does happen to lose it I can get him another straight away.
    16. Thanks I have been looking for some ring for Marya. I had thought of ear cuffs but couldn't find any. But I hadn't thought about jumper rings. Michaels arts and crafts has some sterling silver jumper rings. I'm going to have to pick some up.
    17. FYI, Dollmore also has it. But if there are others that cheaper then go for it.
    18. I see a lot of BJD's with silver rings, and I'd love to know where to find some that would fit a Dollshe Saint. Thanks.